Guards For Andis Master Clippers

Andis master clipper and fade master clipper are not designed to accept any guard set. The blades on Master clippers will not operate correctly with a wrong guard attached. Suitable guard adds cutting versatility to your Andis Master clippers. 

Andis attachment combs/guards extend the range of cut lengths your clipper can achieve.

Some best guards for Andis master clippers are

Best Guards For Andis

Andis Master Series Premium Comb Set

Master Premium Metal Clip Comb Set- attaches firmly to the blade of your Andis Master. Laser-etched plate for easy size identification. Adds cutting versatility to your Andis Master clipper. 

Best For: Safe, accurate clipper cutting

Andis Master Series Premium Metal Hair Clipper Attachment Comb 7 Piece Set


  • Premium metal clip attaches firmly to clipper blade
  • Laser-etched plate for easy size identification
  • Adds cutting versatility to your Andis Master clipper
  • Fit Models: ML, GC & MBA

Comb Sizes (#0-#8 sizes (#5 & #7 does not come included))

#0 – 1/16″, 1.5mm

#1 – 1/8″, 3mm

#2 – 1/4″, 6mm

#3 – 3/8″, 10mm

#4 – 1/2″, 13mm

#6 – 3/4″, 19mm

#8 – 1″, 25mm

Andis Master Dual Magnet Comb Set

Andis Master Dual Magnet Large 4-Comb Set


  • Fits clipper models: MBA, MC-2, ML, PM-1 and PM-2.
  • Rare earth magnets easily secure comb to clipper blades

Attachment Combs

When creating tapers and fades, use attachment combs to achieve a consistent cutting length.

Andis magnetic attachment combs hold securely and change out quickly.

A clipper with an attachment comb/guard is perfect for defining a beard shape.

Have a Master Clipper? Try our new premium attachment combs.

Comparison Chart

attachment comb and blade length comparison chart

Andis Master Premium Metal Clip Comb

Andis Master Premium Metal Clip Comb Size #1 1/8" Fits Model ML CL-33665

Premium Metal Clip Attaches Firmly to Blade. Andis Premium Cutting Clipper Guide With Metal Clip designed to give you the best styling results that you can ever imagine.

Best for: Safe, accurate clipper cutting


  • Premium Metal Clip Attaches Firmly To Clipper Blade For Most Secured Fit
  • Laser-etched Plate For Easy Size Identification 
  • Adds Cutting Versatility To Your Andis Master Clipper 
  • Fits Clipper Model ML


  • #1 comb cuts 1/8″ (3 mm) 

Andis Master Double Magnetic Comb Set

Andis Andismagnetic Comb Combo, Small and Large

Will fit on:


  • Two magnets for extra holding power
  • Fits clipper models: MBA, MBX, MC-2, ML, MA-1, RACA, PM-1, PM-2, PM-3 and PM-4,
  • No needs for clips that bend or break when you have Patented magnetic combs
  • Long-lasting, quality magnets will not wear out

Comb sizes: 

#0 – 1/16″-1.5mm

#1 – 1/8″-3mm

#2 – 1/4″-6mm

#3 – 3/8″-10mm

#4 – 1/2″-13mm 

#5 – 5/8″-16mm

#6 – 3/4″-19mm

#7 – 7/8″-22mm

#8 – 1″-25.5mm

Andis Master Dual Magnet Small 5-Comb Set

Long-lasting, a quality magnet will not wear out

Andis 01410 Master Dual Magnet Small 5-Comb Set designed for MBA, MC-2, ML, PM-1 and PM-4, Purple


  • Five pieces of a magnetic set
  • Magnetic comb
  • Easy attachable
  • Fits clipper models: MBA, MC-2, ML, PM-1 and PM-4
  • Sizes are 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 that is 1/16 inch, 1/8 inch, 1/4 inch, 3/8 inch, 1/2 inch
  • Body Material: Polymer

Comb Sizes: 

  • #0 – 1/16″, 1.5mm
  • #1 – 1/8″, 3mm
  • #2 – 1/4″, 6mm
  • #3 – 3/8″, 10mm
  • #4 – 1/2″, 13mm

What do Clipper guard numbers mean?

The numbers on your clipper guards/combs indicate how short your hair will be when you cut your hair. Most clipper guards run from length 1 or 1/2 to length 10 or greater. A length 1 or 1/2 guard will cut your hair very close to the skin of your head, while a guard with a higher number will leave your hair longer.

Guard Lengths

Guard lengths may vary slightly between different clipper brands, and a length 1 guard will cut your hair to about 1/8 of an inch, or about 3 millimeters. With each comb number, the length of your haircut will increase by 3 to 4 mm, depending on which clipper brand you are using. A 10th number guard will cut your hair to 1 1/4 inches or between 30 and 32 mm. A clipper with no guard is the same as you are shaving with a blade.

What size Clipper guard should I use?

guards for andis master clippers

Most men have their hair clipper at home, which they use for a general buzz cut, or the more adventurous, to style their hair cut. This requires a more sophisticated knowledge of the different clipper guard sizes, and it is essential to have the best guards for clippers for your needs.

The more seasoned users out there also know that they cannot just rely on the clipper guards that come with the hair clipper model. To get the perfect hair cut, they need the exact guard length.

To start off, however, if you are serious about cutting your own hair, it is important to get to know your clippers and choose the right one for your particular needs. If you are still in the process of buying hair clippers, then maybe you should check out our list of the best master clippers. You will get an explanation of the good and the bad of each clipper model.

Once you chose your clippers, the next step is to familiarize yourself with the different sized guards and to understand how hair clipper numbers work.

What Hair Clipper Size?

Understanding the size of the clipper guard will allow you to understand which size corresponds to the size of the hair cut you want to get and avoids unpleasant surprises.

Now it must be noted that whether you use a size comb attachment or not, it is important to align the blades every once in a while to keep them performing at their best and not disrupt the length settings. For this, you’ll need to remove the blades by loosening the screws slightly, shift the blades with your fingers, and then re-tighten the screws.

In most cases, apart from the guard number, you will also find two other length measurement units on each clipper guard. The metric unit will show you the hair cut size in mm, and on the other side, you will find the equivalent in the US imperial units, or in other words, length in inches.

As a quick guide, the following table shows the Hair Length chart of the Oster Hair Clippers brand range,

clipper guard numbers

Check Out:  Official Hair Clipper Chart of Andis

How do you clean Guard combs?


  1. Fill a container or sink with hot water.
  2. Then add a small amount of bleach or any soap.
  3. Soak the combs for 10-20 minutes in that water.
  4. Remove and let them air-dry or dry with a soft cloth.
  5. You can also use disinfectants and barbacides to disinfect combs. For that: Simply soak them in the liquid for the recommended amount of time.

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