Best Andis Master Clippers

Andis is an absolute giant when it comes to hair clipper brands. It is famous for its high-end barber hair cutters.

If you are planning to buy a hair clipper and start cutting your own hair instead of paying tons of rupees for regular haircuts – then congrats on taking matters into your own hands! When it comes to purchasing the right hair clippers, knowing which models are currently top-rated on the market is very helpful. Once again, we are here to help you choose the best hair clippers for your needs.

Although there are several hair clippers on the market to choose from, the Andis Master Clippers remain one of the most popular hair clippers used by the stylists and in the barbershop, recommended by many professional barbers.

The Andis clippers are designed for use as an all-round trimmer for outlining and fading. It is suitable for both professional and consumer alike through its robust, rugged casing would hint it’s aiming more at the everyday heavy use in a barbershop rather than the occasional home use.

Best Andis Master Clippers Used By Professionals

Andis Master Hair Clipper, Silver
Andis Professional Fade Master
14,000 SPM
Best for: Outlining and fading
14,000 SPM
Best for: Fading, and tapering

We present you Andis Master Clippers– our top pick that works like a charm for high-volume hair cutting.


Andis Master Hair Clipper, Silver – Best for Outlining and Fading

andis master clippers

Also available in Cordless: Andis Master Cordless Clipper

The Andis Master Clipper is rated 1 of the 10 best hair clippers for men. This professional clipper runs cool and quiet — best for All-around cutting and tapering.

In The Package

  • Clipper
  • Lubricant oil

The Andis Master hair clipper has a durable solid aluminum lightweight casing that is capable of withstanding everyday wear and tear. Despite this robust build, this product is elegant and designed to fit comfortably into either hand, though some have complained about its weight when trying to cut their own hair.


  • The Lithium battery affords over 100 mins of run time.  
  • The blade is adjustable from 000 to 1 and can be zero-gapped
  • The powerful, magnetic motor generates 14,000 cutting SPM
  • No stalling or dragging, constant speed technology
  • Convenient thumb-controlled side switch for one-hand on/off operation
  • Durable solid aluminum housing.
andis master clipper


The Andis does not come with any accessories as its blades are fully integrated and adjustable for rough or fine hair. There are guards available, but you must order those separately, though you have to check while ordering which ones are compatible with which model because they all look very similar some reports are that they do not always fit.


As with the other Andis product like the T-Outliner trimmer, the cutter is powered by a fast high-speed magnetic motor that may generate considerable heat if left running for a prolonged time. This is why you are advised to allow the cutting blades to cool between sessions. If you take their advice to work in short bursts, it’s a remarkable tool for fading and outlining as well as for dry cutting. 


Just like its brother, the Andis T-outliner, it also requires a little maintenance other than to ensure that its blades ate kept lubricated and well oiled. This is crucial as it runs very hot and generates a considerable amount of friction. You need to adjust the positions of the blades periodically, but that is through loosening the mounting screws and adjusting to suit. It’s a very intuitive and straightforward way to do it.


Andis Professional Fade Master – Best For extra-close cutting, fading, and tapering

Andis Professional Fade Master Hair Clipper

Andis Fade Master with an adjustable blade offers full control when cutting hair in a variety of different styles, and allowing users the possibility to save money on regular cutting and avoid frequent trips to the barber.

In The Package

  • Tube of Blade Oil
  • Blade Guard

This Professional Fade master is designed especially for an extra-close cut, fading, and tapering with the blade-control lever on the side. As it’s made of metal, the clipper is built to last, yet must be cleaned of hair after use.


  • An all-around tool for styling and barbering
  • Blade oil
  • Blade guard
  • Unbreakable, lightweight aluminum housing for years of dependable service
  • Convenient thumb controlled side switch 1-hand on/off operation
  • Fully adjustable lever adjusts clipper blades, no need for multiple blades, blade replacement model # 01591
  • The powerful magnetic motor generates 14,000 cutting strokes per minute
  • The magnetic motor stays quiet and cool. You need to tighten the screws before using the item, to prevent buzzing noise
  • Single lever adjusts blade
  • Item length:6 inch
  • 120v, 60hz

Other Andis Top Rated Clippers

Andis Professional T-Outliner – Best for outlining, dry shaving and fading

Andis Professional T-Outliner Beard/Hair Trimmer with T-Blade

The Andis Professional T-Outliner Trimmer is equipped with a close-cutting carbon-steel T-Blade that is perfect for all-around fading and outlining. Also, it’s ideal for trimming hard to get beards, mustaches, places, and edging around ears while maintaining speed, control, and versatility.

In The Package

  • Close-cutting, carbon-steel t-blade, hardened for long cutting life
  • Heavy-duty, 8-foot cord with hanger loop
  • Tube of Blade Oil

Its powerful magnetic high-speed motor runs cool. And a contoured-shaped housing fits comfortably in your hand.

You can adjust its blades for a more personalized shaving experience. You need to oil blade before every use, and the item is oiled from the factory too. Also, before they leave the factory, they are each tested with string for cutting ability.


  • Close Cutting T-Blade that can be zero-gaped
  • Corded T-Blade Trimmer
  • Powerful Magnetic Motor Runs Cool & Quiet
  • High-Quality T-Blades Specially Hardened for Long Cutting Life
  • Excellent for Dry Shaving
  • Contoured Housing with High-Speed Motor
  • Ideal for Trimming Beards, Mustaches, Necks & Edging Around Ears
  • Heavy Duty 8 foot Cord with Hanger Loop
  • Perfect for All-Around Outlining & Fading
andis professional t outliner beard/hair trimmer


  • You need to remove fragments of hair from the blade using a clipper cleaning brush after each cut. 
  • Properly disinfect to kill viruses and germs by using Cool Care Plus.
  • You need to lubricate your clipper and keep it running at top performance using a 5-point oiling system: 1 drop on each back rail and three drops across the teeth of the blade.
  • After cleaning & oiling your blade, if you notice a decrease in performance, replace the blade to maintain its peak cutting performance. If you have a detachable blade clipper, then replace the blade drive at this time.
  • Keep its cord well cared for and never wrap it around the clipper.
  • Must review the Use & Care instructions provided with the tool, as each one requires unique attention.

Andis UltraEdge Hair Clipper with Detachable BladeHeavy-duty for high-volume hair cutting

Andis UltraEdge Hair Clipper with Detachable Blade

It features a powerful, smooth, and quiet rotary motor that stays cool for a long period. It is lighter than the rest of the blade clippers and works with all other Andis Ceramic Edge and Ultra Edge blades.

In The Package

  • Clipper
  • Tube of Blade Oil

The Andis Ultra Edge BGRC Pro Detachable blade clipper rivals the famous clipper Oster Classic 76. It comes from the Andis family that is popular in making clippers and trimmers for almost a century now, so you know you are buying a high-quality product from a company that is trusted and reputable worldwide.


  • Equipped with Ultra Edge 000 blade
  • Powerful, rotary motor clipper with detachable blades for heavy-duty use, delivers power for removing weight and bulk.
  • Quiet, smooth-running motor stays cool.
  • Detachable blade clipper for easy changing, cleaning and style versatility
  • Lighter than comparable detachable blade clippers
  • 20% lighter, 10% smaller, and 15% faster than traditional clippers.
  • Convert to a cordless clipper by using the BGR+ battery pack and SensaCharge (Sold Separately)
  • Works with all Andis Ceramic Edge and Ultra Edge Blades (Sold Separately)
  • On/off switch with lock – for more convenient use
  • Model: BGRC
  • Compatible with Oster 76 Blades

andis ultra edge hair clipper

Powerful rotary motor 

We know that a rotary motor is an engine behind the powerful hair clippers, and here we’ve got a motor that is faster than its competition. It has 2900 SPM. The clipper comes with a two-speed rotary motor for sturdy performance. Therefore, you can easily make it fast or slow down for grooming.

It operates quietly 

Do not confuse noise with power. Some hair clippers/trimmers make a lot of noise, but that does not mean they are more effective. Andis Ultra Edge BGRC is quiet and powerful – the best of both worlds. You will be happy to know that this tool here is extremely quiet. Its motor is self-contained and permanently lubricated, so it produces a low humming sound. It’s also a fact that the motor uses lots of power to feed the blade; this feature is truly remarkable.

Ceramic edge blades 

Most hair clippers use stainless steel blades, but Andis Ultra Edge BGRC uses ceramic edge blades that stay sharper for a longer period. Ceramic is a way resilient material than stainless steel, plus, it is non-metallic, so it does not conduct heat or electricity. Unlike other hair clippers that produce a great deal of heat, with the blades of Andis BGRC, you will not have to worry about burning your skin.

14-Inch Heavy-Duty Corded Equipment

No more delay during work due to a shortage of power. You will get continues power by using a corded clipper. It will give good speed for cutting your or someone’s else hair. You will never run short of power like you do use a cordless clipper. But you need to become a bit careful about handing the device. 

Detachable Blade Design

Its detachable blade design is the best. You can easily clean and remove the blade because of the detachable choice. Moreover, you don’t need any tool or a special kit to remove the blade. Any time you can find a similar blade and change it! As a result, it will always boost your performance and keep your clipper hygiene.

Who can use Andis BGRC?

Andis Ultra Edge BGRC is for everyone! Whether you are a professional hairstylist or you are looking for a hair clipper for home use, this product is perfect for you.

Andis Professional Ceramic Hair Clipper with Detachable BladeHeavy duty for high-volume hair cutting

Andis Professional Ceramic Hair Clipper with Detachable Blade

A detachable blade clipper is perfect for professionals cutting a high volume of short styles, providing greater versatility with multiple blade options.

In The Package

  • Bottle of Blade Oil

Detachable blades change out easily and quickly, making cleaning simple. Andis detachable blades are crafted/designed in Wisconsin from US-made high-carbon steel.

They also provide a smooth cut finish compared to attachment combs.

You can choose from 5-speed, 2-speed, and single-speed options. For greater control, use a lower speed option, such as hair cutting on children. And use high speeds for thick, coarse hair.

Andis detachable blade clippers are compatible with all Andis Ultra Edge and Ceramic Edge blades. Over twenty blade sizes are available to create any style.


  • Rotary motor for heavy-duty use; perfect for removing weight and bulk.
  • The ceramic blade runs cooler and stays sharper.
  • Convertible to cordless using the BGR+ battery pack and charger.
  • High-quality stainless-steel blades have an Exclusive Comfort Edge finish that will not nick or scratch
  • 20% lighter, 10% smaller, and 15% faster than traditional clippers.
  • It works with all UltraEdge® and CeramicEdge® blades.

Andis Hair Clipper Blade Sizes

Check out the blade sizes of Andis hair clippers.

We recommend you to look at the official hair clipper chart if you own the adjustable Andis hair clipper rather than the one with detachable blades.

BladeSize (inches)Size (mm)Image
00000 1/125 0.17
0000 1/100 0.25
000 1/50 0.5
0A 3/64 1.2
Size 1 3/32 2.4
Size 1¼ 7/64 2.8
Size 1A 1/8 3.2
Size 1½ 5/32 4
Size 2 1/4 6.3
Size 2¾ 5/16 7.9
Size 3½ 3/8 9.5
5/8 HT 5/8 16

Andis Master Clippers Similarities & Differences

Similarities between Master and Fade Master

Both of them are the products of the top-notch company, “Andis,” which is a trusted company in providing quality and useful grooming products. The Andis master and fade master both are well known and excellent hair clippers. Despite being two different versions, both of these have got some notable similarities. 

So, here we are explaining it:

Strong Casing

Both the Andis master and fade master are made off the super strong and lightweight aluminum casing. The aluminum housing of these two machines makes you grip and move them comfortably while cutting and styling hairs. So, you don’t have to worry about any external damage for any of these two Andis models.

Ultra Durable Motors

It is evident that without a strong motor, your hair clipper does not have a chance to stand out in the competition. The engines impact the sound, speed, and plenty of other critical areas of your hair clipper. With the fade master and master model, you get a similar high speed powerful magnetic motor that is durable and stay calm and quiet while operating it.

Strokes Per Minute

If you want to measure how fast and smooth your hair clipper is? Then you need to check the number of strokes per minute. It impacts the overall cutting quality. Luckily both the Andis master and fade master model live up to the expectation in the aspect. Both of them provide 14,000 SPM that ensures a super fast and smooth cutting.


If you aren’t able to control your clipper smoothly during hair cutting, it’s difficult to execute the cut as you want. The more effort you will put on controlling the clipper, the more setbacks you will face while giving a good hair cut. But, both the master and fade master models have side switches that are thumb controlled. You can easily control (on/off) the device using this control.


Both of these two models come with a dedicated 1-Year warranty. If your product is damaged or you find any disruption for one year, you can use the warranty terms easily.

Key Differences Between Master and Fade Master

Andis is a globally recognized and trusted company for grooming products. So with no exception, both the Andis fade master and Andis master hair clippers have made their name in the market. However, these are two different models of Andis with some critical differences.

Below we will be listing and explaining them:

Blade Size

Both the Andis fade master and Andis master model have durable and robust blades. However, the size differs a lot. The Andis fade master model’s blade can be adjusted from 00000 to 000. Whereas, the master model has a single lever that adjusts the blade from 000 to 1. The size of the blade impacts on how close and smooth shave you can get.

Blade Depth

The master model has blades that are much easier to handle.

The Andis fade master, on the other hand, cuts too deep. If you apply more than necessary pressure on the clipper while cutting, you may mess up the cut. You may easily poke or nick your client’s scalp because it shaves too close. The fade master model is moreover suitable for expert hands.

Best Use

The Andis fade master and master model both are great in their own ways. There are some areas of hair cutting where each of these two is different from one to another. When it comes to all-around cutting and tapering, Andis master is a favorite choice. On the other hand, the fade master is famous for fading, cutting, and tapering.


While ordering a hair clipper, you may be expecting some necessary accessories with it. A critical difference here between the Andis fade master and master clipper in this area is:

The Andis master does not come with hair guards, comb and shears. But, the fade master model comes with necessary tools like blade guard, blade oil, and clippers.


The size of your clipper can impact the performance while you are cutting and styling hairs. The Andis fade master has a dimension of 2.5 x 7.8 x 10 inches, and the master model of Andis has a dimension of 2 x 1.8 x 6 inches. Although it is not massively different, but the size of a clipper does impact on your comfort level while using it.

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