Essential Garmin GPS Accessories

Garmin GPS Accessories


Garmin GPS AccessoriesGarmin portable systems allow the consumer to walk away everywhere without losing anxiety. In addition to the increasing demand for these devices, the Garmin GPS accessories have also proved to be a vital component in improving the performance of these GPS Devices. Some of the essential Garmin GPS accessories are outlined below:



Some Essential Garmin GPS Accessories are

1. Garmin Portable Friction Mount

There are four arms on the Garmin Portable Friction Mount that spread out to cover a large area. This device works on friction, as the name suggests, by having a rubber bottom. It also has padding to make it more substantial and more stable on each of the weapons.


Garmin GPS accessories

An extended arm with a ball mount is at the center of the mount, where you can attach your existing GPS cradle. With dimensions of 275.59x 216.54x 84.65 in, it is relatively big, totaling at 11.2 ounces in weight. The base cloth is black, and the arm where you can mount the cradle is black, too, giving the piece a sleek finish.


You have to install your existing cradle on the ball mount at the end of the plastic arm to use it, and you can place it on your dashboard anywhere. Also, the ball mount allows you to update the GPS device to realign it to your field of vision.


Furthermore, it has a mounting bar that helps you to move the arm around or hold it in one position. Readjusting the GPS would mean turning the whole mount around if you clamp it down. If you chose not to lock it, if you just the GPS unit, only the arm will turn around.

2. Garmin Cadence Sensor 2, Bike Sensor to Monitor Pedaling Cadence


The magnetic speed sensor has a bit of a party trick: it can record rides even if you don’t have an app or device that is actively connected to it. Yup, the little pod has gained a brain and can now remember any rides you complete without GPS, subsequently transferring them to Garmin Connect (or Strava)–perfect for motorcycle switches.


Garmin GPS accessories

In total, the sensor can support three concurrent connections:

  1.  ANT+: it can accept an infinite number of contacts with ANT+ 
  2. Bluetooth Smart # 1: The first Bluetooth Smart link channel available.
  3.  Bluetooth Smart # 2: Bluetooth Smart link channel second available


Of course, the main reason that you would use this sensor is to display speed and distance, most likely off-road, on your bike computer. For most bikes, GPS is nowadays more than reliable and secure enough on-road. While mountain biking off-road in dense forest or with switchbacks is where you would probably want a speed sensor to give you better distance accuracy and better speed stability.


Yet Garmin decided to add a unique feature to this new speed sensor, which gives on-road cyclists ‘ money ‘ for it: offline caching of your workouts.


This feature ensures that each time you start pedaling, the sensor will automatically activate a new workout (sans-GPS). And then it’ll finish the session a few minutes after the bike stops moving. This is super interesting for bike commuters who may not even know about beginning a GPS session for their regular runs but are interested in accounting for the numbers.

3. Garmin Friction Mount

Garmin friction mountIt provides stability and mobility


Pliable base molds to fit any dash


Secures to dashboard with a non-skid bottom


The integrated arm can be folded down for easy storage in an automobile or luggage


Integrated arm folds down for storage


Easily transferable from car to car


New design is lighter weight, more flexible and more compact.


4. GPS Car Mount Cup Holder with Adjustable Arm for Garmin

Garmin GPS accessories

The sturdy, 8-inch adjustable arm makes your GPS close to you for smooth operation and perfect view. Flexible ball head joint construction enables 360-degree adjustment of the GPS.


It offers free installation of tools, Expandable base fits most cars, SUVs, trucks, and other vehicles with standard round cup holders.


This Garmin GPS accessory is an alternative to GPS cd slot mount holder, GPS air vent mount holder, GPS friction beanbag mount holder, GPS suction cup mount, GPS dashboard mount, GPS windshield mount, and GPS dash pad.

5. Garmin USB Cables

Garmin GPS accessories

Such cables are only used to link computers to other peripheral devices, which include cameras, scanners, and printers. Garmin’s USB cables are fast and can transfer data and information at varying speeds. These cables are designed with different types of connectors, making it easy to recognize which plug to put into the computer and which plug to insert into the peripheral devices.




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What is Real Time GPS Tracking [Full Guide]

real time GPS tracking

real time GPS tracking

Real-time GPS tracking technology allows companies and people to locate any asset remotely within seconds. Such live surveillance data can be used to improve child safety, control vehicle fleets, protect assets, and more. GPS Tracker Shop offers a small number of high-performance live GPS tracking tools for vehicles or specific trackers tailored to any company’s needs, government agency, or consumer car tracking applications.


Real-time GPS tracking devices use the same satellite technology as passive GPS products (car trackers with no monthly fees), but with one specific feature in the hardware unit: a module for cellular data. This one aspect is crucial because it allows GPS to transfer recorded location data quickly and send it to off-site servers in real-time. When distributed with the aid of cellular networks, the real-time GPS data hits off-site repositories where it can be viewed via an online platform. This allows the user to log into a website and see their car(s) or asset(s) live while moving! Since all of this is web-based, real-time GPS data can be viewed from a smartphone, computer, or any device with an Internet connection.


Live GPS Tracking For Cars

GPS Tracker Shop offers only a select and exclusive line of real-time tracking devices designed to give users instant access to personal and mobile assets. GPS enthusiasts and industry experts broadly regard these professional-grade vehicle management solutions as the most efficient and reliable devices on the market today!


  • Company Vehicle 
  • Asset Protection 
  • Elderly Driving Safety
  •  Fuel Consumption Control 
  • Teenage Driving Monitoring 
  • Auto-Theft Security

Benefits of Real-time GPS Tracking

Really-time GPS, often widely referred to as mobile devices, allows each user the opportunity to immediately identify and track objects that are relevant to them. With many different alert options, including high-speed warnings and virtual fencing alerts, real-time GPS is now being used to help families with dementia-stricken loved ones, special needs children with wandering frequencies, companies with small/large transport fleets, those seeking to protect watercraft, and many, many more. When any asset is fitted with a real-time GPS, consumers should rest assured that they have the most advanced tracking systems to manage their land, valuables, and loves others.


GPS Trackers in real time In the business world


The real-time GPS technology is widely used in the business world because it is capable of improving vehicle performance, delivering auto-theft coverage, and reducing costs associated with a lack of responsibility. Adverse route selection, personal use of company vehicles, aggressive driving behavior, and several other things related to vehicle management can all hurt profits. Although a monthly service contract is required for any real-time GPS to cover the costs of data transmission over cellular networks, the prices of not working for staff lost equipment, and reduced personal security are all far more costly. Not to mention, certain inefficiencies can even damage the name and prestige of the product.


Real-time GPS Alerts


Live GPS Tracking: Nothing beats the capabilities provided by real-time GPS tracking devices when it comes to collecting the most real-time vehicle or personal location data. This is because real-time GPS devices not only give users the ability to locate a person, car, or object 24/7, but live GPS tracking technology is also programmed to alert a company or parent when a potential problem occurs. This is because the GPS trackers offer velocity alerts and safety zone alerts in real-time.


Parents can use speed alerts to determine whether a teen driver operates a vehicle at unsafe speeds and helps businesses learn more about any potential liabilities that may exist when employees misuse cars in the industry. This is essential real-time knowledge as excessive speed can not only bring additional wear and tear to a car but also increase a driver’s likelihood of getting involved in an accident involving a motor vehicle. Speed warnings can, therefore, not only be effective in encouraging safe driving habits in the home or business setting but can also save lives.


Security zone warnings are another of the popular features provided by real-time GPS devices and can be used to enhance home and business safety and security. Health zones, also known as Geo-fences, require virtual boundaries to be established for users. This is achieved using an electronic tool, the same web-based solution that was used to monitor personal data monitoring from GPS. When a car approaches or leaves this boundary, a warning will be sent to one or more users indicating that the vehicle has crossed the perimeter of the established safe zone. Users will then receive notifications via email, text message or both avenues.

This can be very beneficial in business applications, since it will allow fleet managers to know when workers arrive or leave a job site or when they use company vehicles for personal use. In consumer applications, the safety zones are also significant because they can alert parents if a child arrives home from school or notify family members if a senior loved one battling memory illness wanders off.

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Real-Time GPS Tracker FAQs

  • How Can I Track My GPS Car? You can then use your computer or mobile phone to track a car by putting a real-time GPS tracker inside or outside the vehicle. GPS tracking data is superimposed over a satellite mapping program like Google Earth, where you can see where a vehicle is situated, how fast it is moving, and other driver-centered detail.


  • What’s A Good GPS Car Tracker? The best GPS tracker cars are waterproof, surface magnet engineered, offer a consecutive tracking time of at least 25 hours and are supported with free technical assistance. According to online reviews, the Live Spytec GL300MA is one of the most popular real-time GPS trackers.


  • Can GPS Tracking be False? Hey. Nonetheless, most free GPS tracker applications for iPhone and android are highly inaccurate because they use cell towers to triangulate the much more precise location versus GPS satellite technology. Therefore it is advisable to use a GPS tracking device in real-time instead of a mobile app. A GPS tracker that calls on satellite technology in real-time, however, is rarely ever wrong and accurate up to 6 feet.


  • How accurate is a tracker for GPS? If a GPS tracker is equipped to a car in real-time and the GPS has a clean line of view to the sky, then the GPS tracker is accurate within approximately 2 meters. That’s precise enough to determine which parking space a vehicle has been parked in!


  • What is a GPS Tracker on Real-Time? Real-time GPS tracking acquires satellite GPS signals that are used to determine speed, location, altitude, and a vast amount of other data. This information is transmitted to servers over the cell phone towers where a person can see where a vehicle is located in real-time. You can update data from a real-time GPS tracker as quickly as every 3 seconds!

Best Truck GPS Tracking Systems [Updated]

garmin gps for trucks

The Garmin GPS is the best GPS for truckers on the market today. It will make life easier for both commercial truck drivers and semi-truck operators alike.

Like many GPS systems for vehicles, many of the new truck GPS units have systems that warn traffic drivers to help them avoid expensive traffic connections as well as get to their destination on time. Just as in the trucking business where the “time is gold” concept is invaluable, these new truck GPS units make this a reality. 

Truck-specific map data isn’t sparse anymore. GPS systems now have data that warns truckers of physical and legal limits prohibiting trucks and other overweight vehicles from traveling on certain highways.

A trucker’s GPS software should provide routes for 18-Wheeler and the like, which take into account physical and legal restrictions. Highways, tunnels, bridges, and narrow roads can be challenging to drive your rig, and sometimes costly.

Restrictions on the truck route should include:

  • Steep grades
  • Low clearances (height)
  • Weight limitations
  • Restrictions on a wide range
  • Length restrictions
  • Truck speed limits 
  • Turn restrictions 
  • Dangerous bends
  • HAZMAT routing
  • Loading and unloading limits

And the desire to:

  •  the truck’s input weight
  • volume, width, and height
  • find truck facilities and services
  • suggest routes at the state level

The portable GPS unit should also come with remote control-if your window is far away, it’s convenient.

Many companies are manufacturing top GPS devices for trucks, but the leading one is Garmin, here we are going to review the top 5 Garmin GPS for trucks, check out our top picks below.

List of Best Garmin GPS for trucks

Garmin GPSSize of a GPS DeviceMaps IncludedPrice
Garmin dezl 770LMTHD 7 inches USA, CAN, MEX
Garmin DezlCam LMTHD 6 inches USA, CAN, MEX
Garmin dezl 580 LMT-S 5 inches North America
Garmin Nuvi 57LM 5 inches U.S. States
Garmin Drive 50 USA LM 5 inches or 6 inches USA or USA+CAN


1. Garmin dezl 770LMTHD 

The Garmin Dezl 770LMTHD GPS is arguably the best GPS truck Garmin has ever done. The good thing about advancing technology is it’s only confined to the niche. If there are people in their daily lives who need technological support, they’re truckers.

Garmin GPS for trucks

Accidents and other related issues do occur, and your insurance policy doesn’t reflect well. Second, by making good use of technical devices like the Garmin Dezl 770LMT, when you go for renewal, your auto insurance policy is guaranteed to get you some discounts.

Now, what are the features integrated into the Garmin Dezl 770LMT that have won it a high level of recognition? The Dezl 770LMT is the perfect Garmin GPS for trucks who want a network that has not only basic GPS functionality but also shows the truck-specific route, truck speed limits, and fascinating trucking points.

One exciting thing about the dezl 770 is that it allows for the driver to be provided with accurate video views of junctions approaching. This is very important as the majority of accidents happen at the intersections. You will be guided rightly, so you choose the right lane at the right time. Also, the dezl 770LMT is designed to assist truckers with load-carrying constraints in the US and Canada. All you need to do is join the load restrictions to experience this activity in both countries, and the dezl 770LMT will handle it from there.

The Garmin Dezl 770LMT GPS Truck incorporates a large 5-inch display unit for a brilliant, clear photograph. For ease of recognition, you’ll always have your truck’s specific route highlighted. If you want to make an emergency call while driving for any reason, the dezl 770 LMT is also a source of help with Bluetooth wireless technology with a built-in microphone and speaker in that regard. It has an impressive touchscreen so you can dial the number you want to call and talk so that due to divided attention, you don’t get into an accident.

The Garmin Dezl 770 is beautifully designed to give you knowledge about potential opportunities from anywhere. It also has advanced navigation systems to help you test the speed limit, so you don’t get tickets either.

Since it is difficult for you to predict what might be ahead of you, the dezl 770 LMT can help you determine possible areas of ascent and descent so you can make your driving as safe as possible. With the introduction of nüRoute technologies, together with the vital developments in traffic and myTrends, truckers are also bound to make their career a safe and well-decorated one.

While trends allow you to save your popular destinations, allowing dezl 770LMT to determine possible areas of traffic, the traffic trends help the Garmin Dezl 770 to understand daytime traffic flow trends so that you can predict your ETA (estimated arrival time).

The Garmin Dezl 770 is a GPS that is specially designed for truckers. The device allows truckload, restrictions, and classification based navigation. The GPS comes with maps of Canada, the US, and Mexico at street level.

The Garmin Dezl 770LMT will tell the name of the street, so you can get specific directions on where to turn. This GPS truck also has Lane Assist guides that help truckers stay in the proper lane.

There’s also a traffic monitor included, so you’ll be informed if you’re building ahead or building a road. The 770LMT also comes with a microphone/speaker and hands-free call.


Truck constraints are assisted by routing, from the height, weight, to the goods that it is holding. The panel measures 8.60 x 6.00 x 3.40 Inches (W x H x D) long. The resolution is a 7′′ glass panel with a touchscreen. This weighs 15.4 ounces (438.0 g).

Battery life is suitable for an unplugged time of up to 1 hour. The points of interest include Breakdown Directory for National Truck and Trailer Services (NTTS). This is a guide to repairing semi-truck shops. This Garmin GPS truck supports multiple routing and can notify you of any sharp curves upfront.

The Garmin Dezl 770LMT is the vision of a lorry driver. Companies developing GPS units have sought, on several occasions, to create a better navigation device to support truckers, in particular long-haul truckers, not only to navigate the highways but also to provide warnings of road accidents or obstructions that they need to avoid.


  • Hands-free, voice-activated navigation (Tell Garmin what you need instead of pressing the display)
  • Guides use landmarks wherever possible to stop searching for small road signs
  • Bluetooth messaging
  • Incorporation of Garmin fleet management for low carriers



  • Plenty of the Dezl770’s best features are spotty. For example, Garmin claims that you can enter custom information about your truck to get rerouting and alerts about weight and height limits. Nevertheless, other truckers consider the Garmin merely telling them “Truck Accessibility Unknown.” Many truckers have also claimed that Garmin is unreasonably redirecting them from the fastest or most successful routes.

2. Garmin DezlCam LMTHD 6-Inch Truck Navigator

It can be a rather tricky proposition to operate a diesel rig. Alone the interstate highway system contains almost 47,000 miles of pavement containing more than a few less than comfortable interchanges. The millions of cars crowding all those thoroughfares are making things even more difficult. Digital technology can manage all of this, but only if it’s presented in a secure, natural way.

Garmin GPS for trucks



Our picks are listed below for the most critical specifications on the DezlCam LMTHD.

  • Display size: 6.1 inches
  • Dimensions: 7.2 inches x 3.7 inches x .6 inches
  • Weight: 11.3 oz.
  • Battery Life: 30 minutes
  • Screen resolution: 800 x 480 pixels


This GPS device weights out of the packaging just 11.3 ounces and has a 6.1-inch touchscreen. The LMTHD dezlCam magnetically attaches for quick removal on an adjustable mount. In turn, the mount is secured by suction to the windshield. It can be easily accessed at this location while serving as a dashcam simultaneously. The machine usually runs off a 12-volt power supply, but it has a rechargeable battery that stores up to half an hour of fuel.

The interactive screen can handle multiple contact points, so drawing two fingers together or apart will reduce or widen the current image. As it isn’t always a good idea to run a touchscreen, this GPS navigator provides an audio alternative. The Garmin dezlCam LMTHD has the potential for speech recognition as well as speech synthesis. Verbally, the device can be given predetermined commands along with the addresses. Also, the strong built-in speaker delivers the spoken directions on moving to the desired location.


The Garmin dezlCam LMTHD derives much of its ability to pull information from external sources. Of course, it can keep a continuous track of your location as a GPS device.

Bluetooth compatibility is also included in the package. With this, it is possible to bypass the microphone and speaker of the dezlCam with a wireless headset for improved communication. Bluetooth makes up-to-the-minute data available when coupled with a smartphone that uses the Smartphone Link app.

Garmin’s own HD Digital Traffic technology, of course, uses the unit’s GTM60 HD receiver to capture updates of traffic conditions twice a minute and display them alongside the onscreen map. Finally, a 20-inch USB cord allows data transfer to any computer running Windows or Mac.


It’s easy to discern onscreen images due to a resolution of 800 by 480 pixels using thin-film transistor or TFT technology that guarantees super-sharp focus. Even at bright daylight, an extra-bright white back light retains vision. Map views are straightforward with a forward-facing viewpoint view with both the typical road atlas view, the photo-real junction map, which emulates what one sees through the windshield. The Garmin dezlCam LMTHD shows feature markers to show the directions needed along the road, with a destination reached. The unit also shows the vehicle’s location on the map using GPS data in real-time, with one of 14 different symbols.

The app features a complete set of NAVTEQ City Navigator maps, which provides full coverage of the US and its dependencies, as well as of Mexico and Canada. The plans contain points of interest, such as restaurants, gas stations, ATMs, or WiFi hot spots. No problem without date charts since the package includes a lifetime supply of free updated maps. The map upgrades take place several times a year and are obtained via online downloads.


The Dashcam is a critical component of the dezlCam LMTHD. There are two available settings. The video camera works in high-resolution mode at 2.1 megapixels to achieve sharpness in 1920 by 1080. Setting the camera to its 1-megapixel mode produces 1280 by 720 videos, which consumes less memory storage.

For carry video footage, the device comes with an 8 GB micro-SD slot, but it can be expanded to a 64 GB card. Using the G-sensor of the dezlCam, when triggered by a crash, the Dashcam will automatically start recording. Another alternative that can be chosen through the touchscreen is to provide video rather than blurred images with sound. Concurrent data such as time, date, position, and speed of the vehicle can also be appended to the recording. As the GPS device is also magnetically attached to the frame, it can be quickly removed and used as a hand-held camera for hand-held shooting. The system can connect with the Garmin BC30 wireless backup camera if more excellent coverage is needed. 


The first thing anyone wants is to show them the most efficient path from A to B to a system like this. The dezlCam goes a step further by taking into account the characteristics of the car itself. Routes are determined based on whether you are a sedan or an 18-wheeler, thereby minimizing lane restrictions. For further route changes, finer details such as precise weight or type of container may also be used. The unit can also keep tabs on hours-of-service aspects, such as driving time, on-duty time, and sleeper time, for truckers.


  • Crystal Clear 6-inch Touch-Screen Monitor
  • Free Lifetime Map Updates
  • Free Lifetime Traffic Alerts
  • Unlimited Lifetime Radar Updates
  • Limited Lifetime Traffic Alerts



  • Large Unit and Pretty Heavy
  • Expensive
  • No Dash Board Options

3. Garmin dezl 580 LMT-S

You will benefit from having a decent GPS navigation device in the cab if driving is the way you make your living. You should count on Garmin to get you wherever you go. Garmin has been selling GPS products for years and, for a good reason, has become an industry leader. The deal 580 truck navigation system is designed for experienced truckers and provides all the features that you might be looking for.

Garmin GPS for trucks



It is similar in size to other GPS devices at about 6′′x 4′′x 1′′ and weighs about one pound, which, considering the measurements, is still pretty solid. This uses an 820 mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery that is sufficient for up to two hours, but this is disconnected. Using it on a cell inside your cab will last as long as you need it. It has a glossy black cover and a bright 5′′ WQVGA touchscreen display at 480 x 272 pixels high-resistance. The 580 dezl also has 16 GB of memory and a card slot that can be used to add more. It also offers voice-recognition features so that you can use it without letting the key go.

Custom Truck Routing

In North America, the dezl 580 comes preloaded with detailed maps and lifetime updates. Such plans offer truck-related advice for most highways and major roads, such as bridge heights, weight limits, dangerous bends, school zones, and more. To build a vehicle profile, all you need to do is input the details, and the 580 will map the best route for the size and load of your truck.

It will direct you along the way with voice prompts and vibrant onscreen arrows based on real-life landmarks, rather than just street signs and intersections. If required, you can also tap into a bird’s eye view from above.

Through merely touching the screen, the Trip Planner helps you to change directions, and save them for future trips. It also comes with a feature that allows you to change trailers with a single button to schedule your next path.

Break Planning

Often, you should schedule breaks along the way. The 580 helps you to plan stops for snacks, gasoline, rest stops, parking spots, and ATMs, just to list a few facilities, with timely reminders to prevent you from skipping them.

This helps with incorporation with TripAdvisor, so you can also find exciting destinations such as suggested hotels, dining, shopping, national monuments, historical sites, amusement parks, and other points of interest that you may want to explore. These are all searchable through the FourSquare app included.

Through automatic monitoring and digital recording, you can also combine the dezl 580 with Garmin’s eLog ELD for compliance with DOT. Additionally, this Garmin platform is fully compatible with a range of backup cameras made by Garmin. The dezl 580 also comes with pre-installed software for dispatchers and supervisors to organize and track multiple vehicles.

Directory of Services

Garmin also offers an integrated directory to find truck and trailer facilities along the route. It covers truck stops, hotels, measuring stations, outdoor WiFi hotspots, a car park, and more. The brand name or the services they provide, such as showers or truck cleaning, can also be used to check or sort truck stops. Garmin now lists more than 30 000 repair facilities across the US and Canada, including those with after-hours assistance. The dezl 580 also has a Service History Record to keep track of any repairs or servicing and check the strength and mileage of the tires.

Hands-Free Calling

The dezl 580 can conveniently pair up with your Bluetooth mobile. This operates with both mobile devices running the Android and iPhone. The 580 has an integrated microphone and volume-adjustable speakers that are loud enough to allow you to engage in serious conversations about traffic noise. You can also read text messages directly from the show at the dezl 580 without taking your phone from your coat. You can also get the latest local traffic and weather alerts over your GPS with the built-in WiFi anytime you want.


  • This mapping device can work even in the most urban area you can imagine.
  • That is pretty accurate. There will be hardly any instances where the device is going to take you in the wrong direction.
  • Comparison to other similar devices, the Garmin Dezl 580 LMT-S, Truck GPS Navigator, does not drain the battery quickly.



  • The screen size of this GPS should have been a bit bigger, given the price point.

4. Garmin Nuvi 57LM GPS Navigator System

The Nuvi 57 is a sound navigation system despite those shortcomings. You get Garmin’s navigation app, which helps you to create multiple waypoints along the way to a specific destination. It then routes you along the most effective way of getting to your destination without passing every point of the way.

Garmin GPS for trucks

It also indicates the speed limit, which informs you both your current speed and the speed limit of the road you are driving. If you’re driving in a new way, this can help you avoid a speeding ticket.

The Nuvi 57 has a 480 x 272 pixel, resistive touchscreen. It, like the TomTom GO 500, is on board with other GPS units in the price range. It also features a rechargeable battery, so you can use the GPS without plugging in. The battery lasts around 1 to 2 hours.

Like all other Nuvi units, the Nuvi 57 can be portrait or landscape-oriented, whatever you prefer. Portrait orientation is particularly useful to help make the device feel more like a native built-in panel interface for your car.

Without the luxurious accessories, including voice control and a high-definition, capacitive touchscreen, the Garmin Nuvi 57 is a barebone navigation tool. Nevertheless, it performs mapping tasks just as well as the most costly GPS car systems do, although you need to spend extra to keep the maps updated.


Garmin Real Directions

Spoken Garmin Real Directions lead you like a relative, make use of recognizable landmarks, buildings, and lights.

Up Ahead

Easily find places Up Ahead, including gas stations and groceries, without leaving the map.

Foursquare Data

Preloaded Foursquare Data adds millions of more search results, new and fashionable.

Direct access

This simplifies travel to pick diverse destinations, including malls and airports.

Lane Assist with Junction View

Shows future junctions and uses brightly colored arrows to show the correct course.

School Zone Warnings

Issues and audible warnings and show a message onscreen every time you enter a school zone. The speed limit displayed sometimes adjusts to indicate the speed limit for the school zone.



  • It directs you “like a friend,” Garmin says that and that’s what it does
  • This model comes with maps of a lifespan
  • You also get updates for free
  • It has a 5-inch widescreen that is easy to read. It does make a big difference.
  • Easy installation
  • Has a 2-hour battery life. A lot longer than using a GPS function on your mobile phone
  • Garmin Real Directions & Foursquare details to get the latest info



  • As with any navigator, it gets very lost when it passes through large unfamiliar cities and countries with a lot of buildings and detours. It’s nothing drastic, and luckily, it still got out of those problems way faster compared to Google Navigation Maps.

5. Garmin Drive 50 USA LM GPS Navigator System

Garmin GPS for trucks

When you’re on a deficit and need an appropriate Garmin GPS Tracker, then a reasonable starting point would be the Garmin 50LM model. It does not have additional features such as alarms, whistles, or Bluetooth but offers a 5 “monitor, which is a significant choice for RV owners and car owners.

For the RVs, while on an elevated bench, it would be better for the driver to see the screen. The touch-sensitive GUI is more available for the car owners, and the map graphics are better.



Map and Directions Features

How quick it is to follow directions is what’s most apparent about the Garmin Drive 50 USA LM GPS Navigator feature. The interface is transparent, and the instructions are incredibly succinct. The app gets rid of any unnecessary details so that you can concentrate more effectively on the road. If you don’t want the phone to serve as a distraction, there are speech instructions too.

What makes the Garmin Drive 50 USA LM GPS Navigator Program so user-friendly is how it uses traffic signs and landmarks to give you a glimpse into where you are and where you need to go. So the feature comes in handy if you are not used to general directions.

The navigation system matches the average consumer well. The Garmin Drive 50 USA LM renders preloaded and modified maps compliant with Foursquare. But you won’t have any trouble locating famous hangouts at all.

The app Direct Access also ensures a secure location of the airports and shopping malls in your city. The navigator device, though, has been criticized in the past because it has to be updated for longer routes, as it often gets confused during driving hours.


The display’s joystick responds to your orders promptly. A dual, split-screen display also has the added benefit. The dual-screen provides a way to see where you are right now simultaneously as well as the paths that await your destination.

Driver Alerts

With the Garmin Drive 50 USA LM, there are plenty of driver warnings available. You are given notice when there are tight curves ahead, when you are moving into a region with a different speed limit, and when there are red-light cameras.

Additional Feature

The maps on the GPS offer various warnings for having the most accurate route information. Some of these upgrades, however, are considered to miss essential updates in lesser-visited, more remote areas.



  • Lots of steering apps to improve navigation
  • Clear instructions for graphics and audio 
  • For better navigation, dual screen
  • Alerts to many different drivers
  • Can get frequently updated



  • Often longer roads need to renew themselves
  • Updates for more rural areas are not always complete

Where Are GPS Tracking Devices Placed On Cars?

Where are GPS tracking devices placed on cars?

GPS tracking devices are grown so powerful and so affordable that they became surprisingly common parts of our daily lives. Suspicious people use it to spy on their vulnerable and over-protective parents trying to keep tabs on their young sons and daughters whereabouts, everyone has their motives, and there is a GPS tracker ready for that. 


Where are GPS tracking devices placed on cars?

Are you curious about where are GPS tracking devices placed on cars? There are countless ways to watch someone’s every move, a GPS tracker is by far the most flexible and practical method. Check out this full guide, and we are sure that you’ll find the best place to hide a GPS tracking device.


So, let’s start.


All car GPS trackers fall into two basic categories of active and passive. Active trackers use GPS to discover the location and transmit that location over a cellular connection, meantime passive trackers record and store location data.


It means that if someone installs an active GPS tracker in your car, they will be able to use a PC, cellphone, or tablet to see your location in real-time. They may also be able to view and trace the record of where you have been in the past and how fast you drive, depending on the device.


But if someone hides a passive GPS tracker on your car, they won’t have access to any real-time information. The only way out of a passive tracker to get any information is to get it and then show the data that was collected while it was on activation.


Some of the hidden GPS trackers are designed to draw power from the electrical system of a vehicle. However, others are powered by batteries, which can make them extremely difficult to detect. Most are still detectable, with the right tools, but others will require a professional visit.


Just locating and removing a secret GPS tracker on your car as it installs one first is a simple matter. All it takes is for you to learn a little bit more about the places these trackers are most likely to be in to start with. Yes, if you were 100% positive someone had a tracker mounted on your vehicle, you could probably find it in just a few minutes with little more than a flashlight if you knew where to start your search.


Where do we can place GPS Tracking Devices 

You might be interested in:How to install a tracking device in a car – Full Guide here


The first spot you can look for is the car interior, which is a secret GPS tracker. Most plug-in and play trackers are attached in the car’s OBD II port (On-board diagnostics II ). Typically such ports are around the Dashboard or under it. If you don’t know where exactly you are of this port in your car, you should head over to the Car Manual Guide, where they have a nifty feature that gives the location of OBD ports of a different vehicle, makes and models.


However, it is the perfect location for such a hidden device, because it’s already loaded with so many wires and parts that you can hardly keep track of everything, and People rarely first take a closer look at that part of their car.


To be entirely sure that no one has installed a secret GPS tracking system in this place, note that all the wires you see should be connected in groups. If you see a wire or cable which is entirely separate from all else, doesn’t suit all the other wires ‘ current color scheme, or looks like it doesn’t belong, you may be on something worthwhile looking closer.

Brake Lights And Headlights

Light assemblies have ample spaces for placing a tracking device behind them without letting anyone know. Be careful when disassembling, so that the wiring is not messed up. Before dismantling, you can take a photo of the installation set up to ensure that you fit everything in place later.


Front Bumper

While it is undoubtedly true that the front bumper is less than suitable for a secret GPS tracking device as it often houses much wiring for items like the lighting system in your vehicle, the temperature sensor, and more. Installing such an object at this location is not difficult and should, therefore, be one of the first places you search.


Sadly, this also includes some bad news because this area appears to be on the problematic side; you might not be able to check yourself for a tacking tool here. Even if you have the expertise to tear your car away from such a critical component and put it back together again, you still don’t have the equipment you need to do that. That’s why you are probably will want to call your trustworthy mechanic to make sure the job is done correctly.


Check for a little black box or a set of wires that don’t belong until you take the front bumper apart. If a tracker is mounted here, it is probably connected to your car’s power supply, which means that it can transmit from almost any place for a very long time.


Rear Bumper

This situation is very similar to your front bumper and is not the best place in the world to mount a secret GPS tracker for a variety of reasons. Your rear bumper once again houses many critical wires for the electrical systems of your vehicle, primarily those that control your lights and the other external sensors that your car’s computer uses to help you out while driving.


To complicate matters a little more, if your car has a Backup Camera and if it has been purchased in the last few years, there will probably be additional cables dedicated to that device at that venue. Once, you’ll probably want to call your local mechanic to help you out if you think that a secret GPS device might be in your rear bumper.


If you choose to go it yourself, take a look at the cable diagrams and get out your car’s instruction manual. Compare the manual with what you see, and look for something added after the fact. But do not remove any wires under any circumstances, unless you are sure you know what they are doing. Making the wrong move at this moment in the game could lead to a car you won’t be able to use for some time.

Wheel Wells

Putting hidden tracking devices into any of the four wheels of your vehicle is a bit unlikely to a human. Still, look for tiny boxes, containers, or any unusual objects. The sole objective behind the wheels should be your brakes. If you want to test it all, you might even like to temporarily take the curb out to take a clean look inside. If you see the metal in the spiral form above the spokes, overlook it, it’s not a GPS device. You may want to test your wheel’s metal part; the magnetic tracking device will likely be connected to it.


Consoles and More

For vehicles with sunroof or convertible models, your car provides more hang-out spots for GPS trackers. To be sure, remove the covers and find strange wires inside the cover, under the carpets, or under and in between seats. If you encounter one, trace its source. Remember to avoid forcing anything to ruin parts of your car.

What else to do next?

If you still sense in your gut that someone or something is tailing you after investigating both inside and outside of your vehicle, then you have at least two options left. When you know someone who knows what part of a car isn’t, ask someone else to scan your vehicle, they are car alarm installers. If you don’t know anybody, then ask for suggestions from your family and friends. Take your car to the store or let them arrive in your driveway. Unless they know where to put it, so they know just where to get it.


How To Put A Tracking Device On A Car?

how to put a tracking device on a car

In this article, we will guide you on how to put a tracking device on a car and about multiple locations of a vehicle where you can place a GPS tracking device to track someone’s every move. First, let us know you why it is necessary to install a tracking device on a vehicle.

how to put a tracking device on a car


There are several reasons why installing a tracking system on your vehicle might be necessary. You can also use it as an anti-theft tool, in addition to the usual monitoring purposes. GPS tracking devices are used in a fleet management company to monitor drivers and their driving abilities and behaviors. GPS devices also have several professional uses, such as these devices are indispensable for companies such as car rentals, ambulance services, etc.


If you aim to use the GPS tracking system, however, it works flawlessly and is very easy to install. When mounted, the tracking devices work in conjunction with the sophisticated global positioning system (GPS) to provide the object’s location in real-time. It gives directions, movement, speed, and location information remotely — a GPS severely stores all data for future reference in a centralized database that can be assessed.


Additionally, advancing GPS technology can also reveal the amount of time spent stopping at multiple locations. Often, you can choose to do Geo fencing where the warning comes in when the car changes its direction outside the predefined routes.


The installation process of a GPS tracking system

Step 1:

When it comes to installing your vehicle with GPS tracking, the first thing you’ll need is to find a power source for it. There are two common ways a tracking device can be driven in. You can power it with dedicated batteries, or use your vehicle’s battery to make it functional. 


Step 2:

After you’ve chosen to go to power the GPS tracking system with dedicated batteries, use the battery cell to pump the energy into it. Now insert the active device into the case. Choose the spot you want to put the device inside your car in such a way that no one is likely to be exposed.


Step 3:

The third step is to check the system it has mounted. Take it out for a short drive after you have placed the case in a secure and hidden area of your car. Note down yourself the pace, position, and stop timing. Now test that the situation is safely set where you would have put it. Use your computer or mobile phone after the test drive to check the data the GPS tracking device collects. Compare the data against the manually compiled notes. If both the data matches, you have built yourself a GPS device with success.


You can increase the protection of your vehicle dramatically by adding a GPS tracker on your car. Even if your car is stolen, you will be able to track its movements in real-time and warn authorities to retrieve it safely and as quickly as possible.

Where is the best place to put a tracking device in a car?

Placing a GPS tracker below a vehicle is suitable for covert applications, but leaving a GPS exposed to the elements and other external variables can cause potential problems. Hence, people who want to know the best place to put a GPS tracker on a car would need to research tracking devices that connect to the OBDii port. The reason the OBDii port is often described as the best place to set up a GPS tracker is that this location allows a user never to worry about battery life. That is because GPS trackers pull power directly from the vehicle plugged into the OBDii port! Not to mention, both OBDii port tracking devices are cost-effective and not easily visible by a driver, making them ideal for small businesses.


What’s the Cost of GPS Tracking?

The first question several fleet managers and owners have is, “What is the cost of the program to track GPS?” When they start to research that technology. There are required costs to remember to address the issue of pricing GPS, and then there are specific add-ons that, more than likely, come at an additional cost.

GPS Tracking Costs:


– Purchase or Rental

First, you’ll have to determine whether to buy or rent the units. Either option has advantages, and it depends on the preferences of your businesses that work best. Renting devices will eliminate the more significant upfront costs from a cost perspective by bundling the equipment and monthly service fees. Furthermore, equipment and sometimes service can be subsidized based on volume (the more you purchase, the less per vehicle or asset the unit / monthly service cost is).


– Type of GPS tracking device

The variety of GPS tracking devices you need will change the cost, too. If you buy a necessary vehicle or asset tracking device, the price is about the same, but the monthly service fee varies greatly from one vehicle to the next. In most cases, it costs more per month to track vehicles than to track assets.


Here is a rundown of what you can expect to start at the cost of the GPS tracking service:


Vehicle tracking pricing varies from $19.95-$ 29.95 per month, depending on the difficulty level of your monitoring requirements.


Asset tracking commences at $14.95 a month.


Some service providers may offer service at a lower cost, but it’s essential to bear in mind that with GPS tracking, you get what you pay for. When implementing any business software, you want to make sure it solves your challenges and provides the most accurate and reliable information. To never pick a device is strongly recommended just because it’s the cheapest.


Update Frequency: The monthly cost of your service may also vary depending on how often you need to update your GPS tracking device (update the location of the vehicle or asset on a map or alert/report). Industry-standard update intervals are usually every two to five minutes for cars. It is much less frequent for assets that drive down the monthly cost. Modified asset levels are calculated as pings (on-demand communication), rather than by time, e.g., two minutes — the more sounds you wish per day, the higher the monthly cost.


– Installation

Most GPS tracking companies use an installation network to complete GPS tracking device installations for consumers, and installation costs the customer additional. Average per vehicle installation ranges from $75-$100 depending on the type of vehicle, how concealed the GPS device needs to be, and when there are additional add-ons to install, such as ELD.


Some companies will provide installation guides and support/troubleshooting of installations for those who want to manage the facilities on their own. Self-installation is something worth considering to save your fleet on the upfront costs of rolling out the GPS tracking. Using the professional installation network used by the GPS fleet tracking company is a best practice so that no problems arise from a poor installation job in the future.


Keep in mind that compared to the savings the company would earn from GPS fleet tracking software, such extra costs are minimal.

Top 5 Best Hidden GPS Tracker For Car

Best hidden GPS trackers for car

Best hidden GPS tracker for car

No matter where you are, modern GPS technology has made it easier to keep track of your vehicle. 


Besides preventing a vehicle’s permanent theft, GPS trackers come in handy when you have multiple drivers with employees in a family or for business purposes. In particular, hidden GPS trackers are great for keeping your vehicle secure, always knowing its location, and tracking the behavior of different drivers.Look at some of the best trackers we’ve found on your car to be using.


In this guide we will go through the top 5 best hidden GPS tracker for car but first let us explain the important factors you should consider before buying a secret GPS tracker for your vehicle.


Things to consider before buying a secret GPS tracker 


Here is the stuff you should think about before you buy a hidden tracker for your car:




Once you buy a GPS tracker, you need to be specific about why you need it. For example, if you need the tracking device of business purposes, you would consider getting one that is explicitly for purposes of fleet management. Fleet management program, usually listed in their sales brief.


If you need the tool for personal use, such as tracking a senior or teen driving instructor program, it is better to choose trackers that focus on providing family care in their description — so you don’t end up having the wrong product.


Battery life


First of all, the GPS tracker is a hidden tool to save you the hassle of recharging the battery now and then – so you should find versions that have good battery life. To individuals who intend to use their devices in covert operations, this aspect is most significant.


Hidden Upgrade


Many GPS trackers have a subtle print on them. Make sure you read it before you buy one because most systems usually come with standard update warnings of 60 seconds. When you can’t find a beautiful print, you can choose to change your notification times to either 10 or 30 seconds, because you may not know which notification is optimal.


You should also check that if you decide to migrate to a shorter period, the system doesn’t have any hidden update costs. The same goes for cancelation fees — sure the cancelation of the program is free — so you don’t end up with unwanted long-term surprises.


Easy-to-use Applications


Not everyone is buying the concept to find a way around sophisticated technology. So if you’re a member of this group, you can opt for GPS trackers with secure, attractive, and transparent apps— because the app is where you’ll spend most of your time tracking your vehicle.


Magnetic Power


If you intend to use your tracker on the outside of your vehicle, factoring the local climate and day-to-day routes will be crucial.


But if your terrain is potholes-free, you don’t have to worry that the magnetic box of your tracker is ultra-powerful.


Delayed Time or Real-Time


If you want to know your car’s exact location, considering GPS trackers with real-time tracking is essential, as they provide more accurate results compared to the delayed time.


List of Best Hidden GPS Tracker For Car

GPS trackersAuto RefreshBattery LifePrice
Spytec GL300MA
# 1 Best Seller
5 seconds 2.5 week
GPS Tracker for Vehicles Vyncs 3 minutes (60/30/15 seconds update upgrades available) No battery needed
GPS Tracker - Optimus 2.0 30 seconds One to two weeks.
Bouncie GPS Tracker 13 seconds No battery needed
LandAirSea 54 GPS Tracker 60 second One to two weeks (depending on use)

1. Spytec GL300MA


SpyTecGPS only made it even better by re-engineering a longstanding supervisory industry favorite. The newly refurbished Spytec STI GL300MA 4 G LTE Mini Real-Time GPS Tracker has near-perfect 4 G coverage and now boasts an outstanding battery life of 2.5 weeks while retaining the small size and reliability associated with SpyTecGPS. 

Best hidden GPS tracker for car


SpyTecGPS is leading the market for GPS technology. The SpyTecGPS Network innovation sets new standards in global positioning technology by providing military-grade software and accuracy on a commercial platform.


SpyTecGPS operates a satellite network that enables coverage of the Spytec STI GL300MA 4G LTE Mini Real-Time GPS Tracker. Users experience unprecedented access from nearly every corner of the globe and the ability to monitor the tracker. That’s why it’s the top pick in the best hidden GPS tracker for car.


See for sure, be smart and be constructive. Keep things secure with the STI GL300 Real-Time GPS Tracker.


Protect your assets from theft and monitor those you care most about using live GPS tracking with satellite coverage around the globe. Monitor cars, valuables, and individuals with real-time location data accurately.


If that is important to you, don’t you have to know where it is? The Spytec STI GL300MA 4 G LTE Mini Real-Time GPS Tracker eliminates all confusion, fear, and doubt. For real-time alerts, you can quickly connect the tracker to a vehicle, truck, or toolbox and know every turn it takes. It is small enough to fit unobtrusively in a bag or backpack so that you can be confident that the elderly or young people are comfortable in your life.


The STI GL300MA’s value is contained in its compact size, measuring in at only 3 inches tall and 1 inch thick. Without detection, the easily concealed device can be tucked away from sight and tracked.


Track the car of a child, the elderly parents, or valuable property accurately. Peace of mind comes from always knowing where everything is.


Improve your tracker’s durability and flexibility with a waterproof magnetic case, belt pouch, hardwire package and extended battery packs that can provide up to 6 months of continuous usage.


Robust real-time tracking + visualization: 


A stealthy and straightforward way of tracking cars, children, families, pets, seniors, luggage, and all kinds of valuable belongings. Only slip it in a backpack or hide it under a car seat to track movements in real-time remotely using data from Google Maps. This smart and easy-to-use software can be transferred to your handset, tablet, or computer, providing you with a one-stop-shop for all the tracking data you need.


Durability, Connectivity, Versatility: 


The unit itself has the best-in-class battery life (up to 2.5 weeks), elegant, lightweight design, and robust 4G LTE coverage. Set it on a person or car/truck and forget it— this device can perform reliably and discreetly over long periods, minimizing the need for tinkering and keeping detection chances low. This tracker is sufficiently advanced for private investigators and experts but easy enough to set up.


Precision Insights, Custom Alerts, & Geo-Fencing: 


Using state-of-the-art GPS technology to get alerts whenever the tracker enters or exits a zone you identify. Customize your settings to receive critical alerts such as proximity alert and tracker movement notifications via text, push information, or e-mail. You can even generate summary data reports recording movement over time and providing valuable information about the tracker, such as travel speed, total distance, and more.


Affordable Mind Peace: 


Data plan needed for use, starting at only $24.95 a month with no cancellation fees. It is a month-to-month monitoring service so you can cancel and reactivate at any time. With SpyTec GPS, you get high-quality hardware and advanced features at an unsurpassable price based on your use and our value


  • Reliable and easy to use
  • Rechargeable Battery Life of up to 2.5 Weeks
  • Full Geo-Fence Functionality
  • Receive Location and Speed Alerts by E-mail & Text Message


  • Monthly charges

2. GPS Tracker for Vehicles Vyncs

Vyncs is a real-time GPS tracking system that includes a full suite of connected car services, including location tracking, journeys, driver monitoring, vehicle diagnostics, fuel reports, pollution reports, emergency roadside services, and more. As the vehicle is driven, your account updates data in real-time. Such details can be browsed using your desktop computer or a mobile Android / iOS.


The Vyncs Connect OBD-II device uses US wireless network AT&T and T-Mobile. Vyncs makes use of Canada’s Bell and Telus wireless networks. This works seamlessly in 177+ countries, including the United States, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and others.


Best hidden GPS tracker for car


Real-Time Location


Check Locations: Check the location of your family. Just use the web app or the smartphone.


GPS Tracking: Automatically monitoring every journey. Vyncs tracks time, mileage, maximum speed, unsafe driving incidents, idle time, and cost of fuel.


Trip Categorization: Categorize corporate travel and tax deductions.


Area Alerts: Alert yourself when family members come and go from popular places such as school, home, or work.


Towing Alert: Receive real-time warnings should your car be driven on when you’re away from it without the engine.


Stolen Vehicle Recovery: Help the police locate it with Vyncs ‘ vehicle tracking feature if your vehicle is ever stolen or mistakenly towed away. Retrace the path the car was driving, and eventually where it was left.




Tax savings: Vyncs keep track of your journeys automatically. In case you drive for work, you can benefit from tax savings.

Vyncs standard comes with a one year past. VyncsFleet also helps you to download data about the trip to your device.




Stolen Vehicle Recovery: Help the police locate it with Vyncs ‘ vehicle tracking feature if your car is ever stolen or mistakenly towed away. Retrace the path the vehicle was driving, and eventually where it was left.


Accessible anywhere: On-the-go power of Vyncs with our mobile apps (Android, iOS) and your Vyncs web page.


Vehicle Monitoring


Maintenance Alerts: Vyncs triggers oil change warnings, tire replacement, brake pads, and other maintenance needs, based on actual mileage and defined service intervals.


Engine Diagnostics: Vyncs keeps an eye on your car’s subsystems so that you know when there’s trouble brewing. Vyncs reported codes of fault.


Recall: Receive notes from the manufacturer.


Low Battery Alert: Vyncs tracks the battery state of your vehicle, and informs if the condition of the battery deteriorates.


Reports: Access information on fuel and maintenance. You will get plenty of actionable information to reduce the fuel and maintenance costs for your car.




Driving Feedbacks: Through tracking and enhancing driving habits by providing recommended tips based on their driving ratings, keeping teens safe at home is encouraged.


Alerts: Receive real-time alerts when there are undesirable driving habits, such as excessive hard braking, quick turns, and speed. Signals can be received according to the thresholds you set.


Tournaments: compare your score with your mates, and test your score anonymously with the user community of Vyncs. It helps you to win the monthly contests.


Towing Alert: Receive real-time alerts should your car be moved on when you’re away from it without the engine.


Stolen Vehicle Recovery: Help the authorities locate it with Vyncs ‘ vehicle tracking feature if your vehicle is ever stolen or inadvertently towed away. Retrace the path the car was driving, and eventually where it was left.


Roadside Assistance: All licensed Vyncs Premium customers receive roadside assistance in the USA and Canada with up to 3 claims each year. This concerns the vehicle which is registered with the Vyncs device:


Qualified Vehicles: Consumer vehicles, including cars, trucks, and SUVs, licensed and owned by an eligible member with a weight level of up to 1 ton and used for road transport. Under this Roadside Assistance Program, no off-road vehicles (i.e., tractors, ATVs, etc.) are sponsored. Services will only be available for the car, which was initially purchased from the Vyncs Roadside Assistance company. That is, once you buy a vehicle plan, you will not be able to transfer the program to another vehicle. This package of operation is non-refundable and non-transferable.


Plan Benefits: All roadside assistance services provided at a maximum benefit of USD 100 to authorized customers below.


Towing Assistance: When a subscriber vehicle is deactivated due to a covered breakdown, we will arrange for it to be towed to the nearest qualified service location.


Flat Tire Assistance: If the used vehicle has an inflated spare tire, a flat tire patch will be fitted. If the car has two or more flat tires, or if it does not have an inflated spare, the vehicle shall be towed according to the towing value.


  • No monthly charges
  • Easy installment
  • Notify you, whenever the tracker enters or exits a zone you identify.
  • It gathers data on your trips, driving, and vehicle health.


  • Do costs activation fee.
  • After a year, you have to pay again to continue services for another year, almost the same price you previously bought it on.
  • It sends updates to the server every 3 minutes.

3. GPS Tracker – Optimus 2.0 – 4G LTE Tracking Device


This GPS tracker can be used to track objects, vehicles, or even people. It also has an Android and iPhone app for quick and straightforward monitoring. Furthermore, it provides SOS button text message and email alerts, low power, leaves, or enter areas, speed, and movement. It also has a super-strength magnet built-in, 100 percent waterproof, and ultra-compact construction.

Best hidden GPS tracker for car



Powerful App


You’ll love the App. It is super easy to use GPS Tracking App. No ambiguity and straight forward. Build Alerts, Geofences, and Driving Reports all within the App. Displayed on iPhone and Android Phones.




Enjoy the peace of mind you’ll be informed when an event takes place.


Our App and website will allow you to receive Push Notifications, Text Messages, or Emails when one of the following events is triggered: 

  • Tracker Begins Moving 
  • Speeding 
  • Low Battery 
  • SOS Click
  •  Geofence (When the tracker leaves or reaches a predefined area).




One full charge lasts about one to two weeks.


Consumption of battery charging is directly influenced by how much the tracker records its position. The more the machine runs in a day, the more energy it consumes. In the Tracking App and Website, you can configure the notification frequency from the preset times available.


Position Report Frequency


  • Customization posts of frequencies available to you.
  • Change how often at any given time, your GPS tracker reports.
  • More reports conserve batteries.
  • More reports will give more detailed tracking.


Website for device monitoring 


The Optimus GPS Tracking System also helps you to track your machine. You can also get a view of the streets where your tracker is situated, using Google Maps as your base map.


  • Easy to set up and use. 
  • No contract.
  • No hidden fees.
  • Customization position report frequency from 30 Seconds while moving.


  • Only works with a subscription ($20/month)

4. Bouncie GPS Tracker


Bouncie Connected Car OBD2 Adapter is a resource for enterprise and personal users to keep up on GPS. Using this tracking device, you can tap it into the control of your connected car and display vital details such as driving habits, travel history, maintenance reminders, vehicle location, and more.


Best hidden GPS tracker for car

We will walk you through the Bouncie GPS car tracker characteristics, architecture as well as performance features. Keep on reading. It is perhaps the device you were looking for.




Bouncie makes entry somewhere at any time.


Use a web page, app, or digital home assistants such as Google Home or Alexa to check in with your car. In less than 5 minutes, the Bouncie car GPS tracker turns your vehicle into a smart car with no tools or hardwires needed.


The device only works with AT&T throughout the US.  


While driving, you get Bouncie updates on your vehicle’s location in real-time. It also tracks the location of the vehicle when they are

stopped. It makes it perfect for rides for teenagers and the elderly.


This smart device car GPS tracker is compatible with virtually all cars produced since 1996.


It features a smartphone app compatible with both devices running Android and iOS. The app is available for use in your device marketplaces.


Bouncie is a GPS car tracking system from Tail Light LLC, a technology firm based in Dallas that has been known for its high-quality, revolutionary application and products for the automotive industry for almost 20 years.


  • Vehicle Location
  • Driving alerts
  • Geo-Circles
  • Speed Bands
  • Driving Alerts
  • Multiple Logins
  • Vehicle Health


Vehicle Location


Bouncie records data while driving after every 5 seconds. The data recorded is then moved from the computer to servers, and the app automatically upgrades with the latest data. Bouncie will give the location to your car tracker while the vehicle is moving, and then provide a summary of its final position when it is stopped and switched off. Updates stop while the car is stopped to conserve battery life on the vehicle. When the vehicle is parked, it sends a notification and only starts when the car drives again to save battery.


Driving Alerts


The app sends updates to your phone automatically so that you can access them with just one click. Alternatively, with only one touch, you can access and review an entire history of each alert. You can also set vehicle speed alerts, hard braking, quick acceleration, idle time, miles were driven, and others. Real-time driving insights make it possible to make better choices while making you a better driver on the road.




You can now get updates for Geo-circle whenever the car arrives, or when they depart. Geo-Circles allow you to drop a circle on a map anywhere, e.g., at school, a friend’s house, at the mall, or home.


Speed Bands


Bouncie Connected Car OBDii GPS Adapter features speed bands that display color on your drives. For each fixed speed range, it uniquely paints the journey.


Vehicle Health


It allows for easy monitoring of little issues like the safety of the car before they become big problems. If there’s something that needs your attention, you get alerts.


Access for everyone


You will swap the keys with everyone in Bouncie. It helps other users to use the app so they can keep checking on the safety and whereabouts of the vehicles. There’s no restriction on the number of people you can share your keys with.


  • One-minute position refresh 
  • Quick download 
  • No batteries needed 
  • Geo-fencing warnings
  •  Alexa, Google and IFTTT support


  • Delayed alerts 
  • No warning of collisions

5. LandAirSea 54 Waterproof Magnet Mount Real-Time 4G LTE GPS Tracker


Monitoring in real-time, across any device that you own! Developed and assembled in the United States by LandAirSea, a specialist in consumer and business GPS tracking devices since 1994, the 54 helps you to track your loved ones and valuables when you’re not there. Whether it’s your kid from school, a juvenile driver, or essential business assets, the 54 keeps you up-to-date in real-time. Because the 54 provides location warnings as often as every 3 seconds, you can easily track people, objects, and vehicles who are moving fast.


Best hidden GPS tracker for car


Furthermore, the LandAirSea SilverCloud program included helps you to establish geographical boundaries around locations (Geofencing) and to be alerted anytime someone or something travels outside these zones. Of starters, you can build a geofence around your child’s school walk home so that you can be informed of any unplanned stops.


You can also geofence your house, which warns you when a loved one leaves or comes back. You should geofence the home of your elderly mother so that when she wanders too far, you can be alerted.


For boost battery life and tracking accuracy, the 54 features an integrated accelerometer that will detect motion and turn the device on / off based on whether the sensor travels. Whatever the need for monitoring, the groundbreaking LandAirSea 54 GPS tracker has the apps you need to keep your loved ones safe and updated at an unsurpassed price.



Tracking anytime anywhere


Designed and manufactured in the USA, LandAirSea 54 utilizes GPS and cellular technology to detect anything or anyone in real-time with extreme precision. This magnetic and waterproof system, built to withstand extreme conditions, gives you the ability to discreetly conceal it under a car or on any other object that needs monitoring.


Peace Of Mind 


Watch your child and ensure that he/she returns from school safely. Display a map of your teen driver’s driving position and how. Track the spouse or partner to see where they are when they once again ‘ work late. ‘ Receive a text if your elderly father wanders too far from home and into a potentially dangerous circumstance. Keep real-time eyes on company vehicles. Even if one of your valuable items travels out of your home or office, get informed. Whatever the situation you have protected, The 54!


Discreet And Durable


The 54 offers you peace of mind by making you watch something or anyone’s location, 24 hours a day. The lightweight and discrete 54 can be conveniently placed into a bag, coat pocket, suitcase, or connected to the underside of a car with its built-in super strength magnet at around the size of a small roll of scotch tape.


Furthermore, since the sensor is triggered by motion, in most situations, the battery can last for a week or longer. This ensures you don’t have to use it and refresh it as often as you like. Whatever you need to map, The 54 is a perfect choice!


Easy To Use Software


The system is incredibly easy to use apart from the essential elements of The 54. With the web-based software platform from LandAirSea, you can tailor the features of The 54 to best suit your needs. The device can also be monitored in real-time through the free mobile app LandAirSea (Android and iOS).


The device and app apps include Historical backup, geofence and address proximity alerting, arrival and exit updates, text messages (SMS) or email alerts, ShareSpot: a shareable connection to the live GPS location, InstaFence: generates immediate geofence around the target, and free printable files.




Introducing a more modern network, this has been eliminated by major carriers such as AT&T and Verizon. The LandAirSea 54 uses the latest cellular 4 G LTE technologies to provide accurate real-time capabilities and ultra-pinpoint accuracy (within 6 feet of the target).


  • The tracker is Google Maps compliant 
  • The fully magnetic tracker can be quickly transfixed to a frame 
  • Lightweight and lightweight 
  • Gives you a precise location in real-time 
  • The battery lasts around 4-5 days.


  • Does not display the pace of the vehicle 
  • SIM card to be bought separately

Best GPS For Car

best gps for car

Are you looking for the best GPS for car? Check out our top pick and buying guide below.


Today’s mobile devices integrate talented and a lot of times, free navigation apps, but not everyone wants to use a smartphone or a tablet for driving directions. With a standalone GPS, you can just leave it in a car and forget about it, until, of course, you are lost in an unfamiliar place. Or you are on a road trip, it’s late night, or you want to avoid sitting in hours of traffic. With goodies like lifetime map updates, local search and free traffic reporting now commonplace, today’s GPS devices do a lot more than they ever have, and they have never been more affordable, thanks in part to stiff competition from those aforementioned nav-enabled smartphones and tablets.


Nowadays the car GPS system is a must. There’re many reasons as to why you would end up using a separate GPS unit and not your smartphone. Any GPS application such as Google Maps, Waze GPS Device or Apple Maps, will end up eating up so much more battery, date and will bog down the performance of your phone during the whole process. While convenient this proves to be a frustrating thing in some cases, making you wish that there was a dedicated GPS navigation system.


GPS manufacturers with millions of real-world test miles and with years of experience now offer an advanced driver assistance features, geo-based recommendations, voice commands, Bluetooth connectivity and much more on a large HD display.


Further for many smartphone users, day-to-day life includes watching their weekly/monthly data allotment dwindle, but modern GPS unit operates independently of Wi-Fi and your data plan. If you are looking for a way to make all this travel more manageable, you will probably love using a proper navigation system. And a navigation system for your car can help you to optimize your route for better driving, travel safely and avoid traffic.


Whether you are upgrading your older car with new technology or just looking for a high-quality navigation partner, our list of best in-car GPS devices is sure to have something to meet your needs. Simply plug yours into a cigarette lighter, adjust your settings, enter your desired destination and you are ready to go.


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List Of Best GPS For Car

GPS DeviceProduct DimensionCheck Price
1. Garmin nuviCam LMTHD 0.6 x 7.2 x 3.7 inches
2. Garmin DriveSmart 60 6.6 x 6.5 x 3.3 inches
3. TomTom VIA 1605TM 6.2 x 1.4 x 4.2 inches
4. Garmin DriveSmart 51 LMT-S 0.6 x 5.6 x 3.2 inches
5. Garmin DriveSmart 61 LMT-S 0.7 x 6.8 x 3.9 inches

1. Garmin nuviCam LMTHD – Best Garmin Handheld GPS

Garmin naviCam LMTHD - best gps for cartech of era

Complete with a built-in dash cam, the Garmin nuviCam LMTHD offers an incredible overall user experience and comes with great features to help you drive safer.


A built-in dash cam continuously records your drive, nüviCam LMTHD takes GPS auto navigation to a whole new level, plus features that enhance driver awareness.


The device comes with a magnetic windshield mount which automatically charges your navigation system.



Garmin nüviCam: Guides. Alerts. Records

  • Detailed maps of North America with free lifetime map updates and HD Digital Traffic, the best traffic avoidance solution available from Garmin
  • All-in-one 6.0-inch premium navigator with a built-in dash cam and driver awareness features
  • Forward Collision Warning alerts if you drive too close to the car ahead
  • Integrated dash cam continuously records your drive and automatically saves files on impact
  • Lane Departure Warning alerts if you drift off the road or into oncoming traffic
  • Garmin Real Vision displays camera view when approaching select destinations

Innovative Design

  • Want to take a closer look at your route? The high-resolution 6-inch glass display on your nüviCam LMTHD offers pinch-to-zoom capability. The product design also features a powered magnetic mount that securely charges and holds nüviCam as you drive.

Detailed Maps with Free Updates

  • nüviCam LMTHD comes preloaded with detailed maps of North America. With free lifetime updates of a map, your routes are sure to reflect the most up-to-date maps, navigation information and points of interest(POI) available. New maps are available for download for the useful life of your GPS device — no subscriptions; no fees.

Built-in Dash Cam

  • Offering the protection of “an eyewitness that never blinks,” Garmin nüviCam LMTHD comes with a built-in, high-definition dash cam that records while you drive. If a collision occurs, the G-sensor (device’s incident detection) will automatically save files on impact. GPS records exactly when and where events occurred. And the device’s swivel lens lets you adjust nüviCam’s camera angle for better recording from your device windshield or dashboard mounting location.
  • Also, you can play back the video on your large, 6-inch display — and even view an exact map of where you were, at the time of the incident. And you can even watch the video later on your computer using Dash Cam Player. There is also a Snapshot feature on the nüviCam LMTHD that allows you to capture still images — you can even remove the unit from your car(vehicle) to take pictures of any collision damage. A microSD card is included with your device for storage of your recorded video data.

Get a Clear View of Your Destination

  • Thanks to Garmin Real Vision(GRV), hard-to-read house numbers are a thing of the past. Now when approaching select destinations, your nüviCam display will switch to camera view and an arrow( usually bright in color) will point to where you want to go.

Talk to Your nüviCam

  • Garmin nüviCam LMTHD offers you the option of convenient voice-activated navigation. Speak, and your device intelligently responds, while your hands can remain safely on the wheel.

Bluetooth Compatible

  • Sync a Bluetooth enabled device, like a smartphone, to your nüviCam LMTHD for hands-free calling through its integrated microphone. Safely stow your phone in a protection box, purse or pocket and still dial, answer and take calls without moving your eyes from the road or your hands from the steering wheel.

Smartphone Link Compatible

  • Smartphone Link is a free mobile app that connects nüviCam LMTHD with your compatible iPhone or Android smartphone. When paired, your nüviCam can use your phone’s existing data plan to share information — such as where you parked, your destination and point of interests.
  • With the Smartphone Link app, you can send addresses and locations from your phone straight to your nüviCam LMTHD. Smartphone Link also gives you access to useful real-time information(such as weather) and Garmin Live Services too.

Find Exactly Where You Need to Go

  • Direct Access simplifies navigating select complex destinations, like shopping malls and airports, by finding a place within a larger location. When navigating to the mall, Direct Access gives you additional location information for specific retail stores inside (for example, “Arriving at Woodfield Mall. Anthropologie is inside on the upper level. etc.”). Direct Access even navigates through parking lots to find an entrance nearest your destination.

School Zone Warnings

  • Good driving is a cautious driving. Especially when children are around. To help, your nüviCam issues an audible alert and displays an onscreen warning whenever you approach a school zone. The displayed speed limit also changes to reflect the school zone speed limit.

More Information At-a-glance

  • Garmin nüviCam LMTHD keeps your driving map onscreen at all times, and additional information appears alongside. For details, touch the screen. As you drive your route, and Up Ahead constantly informs you of nearby services, including food, fuel, and ATMs. Other good-to-know information, displayed on your nüviCam LMTHD, includes speed limit, current speed, current street and arrival time at your destination.

Add a Wireless Backup Camera

  • For a complete navigation solution, nüviCam LMTHD pairs with the BC™ 30 wireless backup camera (sold separately. Professional installation recommended). Once connected, you can easily see vehicles, pedestrians, and other obstacles right on the nüviCam display, as you move in reverse.





Maps & Memory


Navigation Features





  • Six-inch screen with high resolution
  • Pinch-to-zoom technology
  • HD traffic updates every thirty seconds
  • Free maps for the device’s lifetime
  • Voice commands for hands-free navigation
  • Bluetooth capability for hands-free calling


  • View-obstructing camera position
  • Hard to access video


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2. Garmin DriveSmart 60 NA LMT GPS – Best GPS For Car Over All

Garmin DriveSmart 60tech of era


Enjoy turn-by-turn directions throughout North America, a 6-inch pinch-to-zoom screen, and hands-free calling with the Garmin DriveSmart 60 LMT Navigation System, comes with numerous features to make driving more comfortable for you, including easy-to-understand directions using landmarks and businesses, alerts for road hazards (or your own fatigue), directions within complex locations like malls and airport parking lots, and comprehensive search.


Also can sync a Bluetooth-enabled device, such as your smartphone, for receiving smart notifications, hands-free calling, calendar reminders, and text messages without taking your hands off the wheel.


You can also get directions by talking to Garmin DriveSmart instead of touching, thanks to its voice-activated navigation capability.


Along with map data, the DriveSmart 60LMT is populated with information from Foursquare on millions of destinations(local destinations) and points of interest. You can also customize your device with up to 1,000 destinations of your choosing.


Active lane assists with voice command and junction view ensure that you’re in the right lane of travel, while route shaping helps to pick the most efficient way to get where you are going.


The system is compatible with backseat cameras and user-supplied Garmin backup.


  • Displays current street, speed limit, current speed and arrival time
  • Junction views of interchanges
  • Route shaping through preferred cities/streets
  • Active lane guidance with voice prompts
  • Up Ahead feature with milestones

Driver Alerts

  • Garmin DriveSmart 60 LMT GPS navigator provides driver alerts and increases situational awareness to encourage safer driving. Warnings include alerts for sharp curves, railroad crossings, animal crossings, speed changes and more.
  • Additionally, Garmin DriveSmart 60 LMT notifies you when driving the wrong way on a one-way street and also sends warnings for nearby school zones. Receive alerts for speed cameras and nearby red light and be prepared for sudden halts in traffic with upcoming traffic jam alerts.
  • For longer drives, a fatigue warning suggests break times and potential rest areas after hours of driving. Up Ahead feature lets you easily see places up ahead and milestones along your way, without leaving the map view.

Hands-Free Calling

  • Synch a Bluetooth-enabled device, such as your smartphone, for hands-free calling and calendar reminders and receive text messages without taking your hands off the wheel. Customizable smart notifications appear on the navigation display.

Points of Interest

  • DriveSmart 60 is capable of searching millions of locations and providing exact directions by entering a term (like “pizza”), the full address of a business or name.

Camera Compatibility

  • Improve your view while backing up and keep tabs on back seat passengers without turning your head with babyCam backseat camera and Garmin’s BC 30 backup camera, both sold separately. Images from the cameras show on demand on the DriveSmart’s display.

Talk to Garmin DriveSmart

  • Garmin DriveSmart 60 NA offers you the option of convenient voice-activated navigation. Control your Garmin DriveSmart with a voice, while your hands remain safely on the wheel.

Extensive Smart Features

  • Sync a Bluetooth-enabled device, such as a smartphone, to Garmin DriveSmart NA 60 for receiving smart notifications on your Garmin DriveSmart display and for hands-free calling. Receive calls, calendar reminders and text messages without ever removing your hands from the steering wheel. Stay focused on your drive ahead while staying connected with customizable smart notifications that conveniently appear right on your navigation display.

Navigate Complex Intersections with Ease

  • Active Lane Guidance(ALG) with voice prompts prepares you to drive through interchange or an exit with confidence. As you approach, an animated model uses arrows(usually brightly colored) to indicate the proper lane needed for your route. PhotoReal Junction View realistically displays interchanges and junctions along your route, including the surrounding landscape. And, Bird’s Eye junction view offers a detailed view of interchanges, looking down as if from overhead.

Free Lifetime Traffic Avoidance

  • Garmin Lifetime Traffic feature can give details about the situation, such as how many minutes of delay to expect and if there’re any possible detours. It can even confirm whether or not you’re on the fastest route. Lifetime traffic entitles your Garmin DriveSmart 60 to receive free traffic alerts for its useful life, with no subscription fees and no ads. Garmin Traffic information is delivered straight to your Garmin DriveSmart — no smartphone needed.

Guidance Using Recognizable Landmarks

  • Garmin DriveSmart 60 redefines “spoken turn-by-turn directions” with Garmin Real Directions, you will get easy-to-understand driving directions that guide you like a friend, using recognizable buildings, landmarks and traffic lights (e.g., “Turn left after the QT” or “Turn right after the red building”). It’s preloaded with millions more popular and new places, thanks to Foursquare.

Find Exactly Where You Need to Go

  • The Direct Access feature simplifies navigating for you to select complex destinations, like shopping malls and airports, by finding a place within a larger and multiple locations. Direct Access even navigates through parking lots to find the entrance nearest your destination. When navigating to the mall, Direct Access gives additional location information for specific retail stores inside. For example, “Arriving at Woodfield Mall. Anthropologie is inside, on the upper level.”



Maps & Memory


Navigation Features




  • Voice and touch responsiveness
  • Dual orientation
  • Bright and clear picture
  • Capacity for add-on storage
  • The accurate voice command system
  • Bluetooth capability


  • Smaller screen than the nüviCam LMTHD
  • Reflective glass


3. TomTom VIA 1605TM – Best GPS Navigator by TomTom

TomTom VIA 1605 TMtech of era


The TomTom VIA 1605TM is a top-notch budget GPS device, thanks to its sharp 6-inch screen, solid feature set, and fair price.


Still not convinced smart-phones are as good as GPS devices? You are not alone. The TomTom VIA 1605TM features the largest screen TomTom has ever used for a GPS device 6 inches, and it’s sharp. And now Magellan has been rocking 7-Inch panels on its RV-focused RoadMate series for a while. But most of those devices are much heavier and larger.


Apart from the compelling design, the TomTom VIA 1605TM Best Price at Amazon is a solid performer with a newly refined user interface and accurate routing. Combined with an affordable price, this makes it our new Editors’ Choice for budget stand-alone GPS devices.









  • Accurate routing
  • Massive, sharp screen
  • 3D lane assistance looks great
  • No Ads


  • No Bluetooth hands-free support
  • No HD Traffic plug-in support


4. Garmin DriveSmart 51 LMT-S – Best Car Navigation

garmin drivesmart 51 lm tech of era


Enjoy spoken turn-by-turn directions throughout the US and a 5-inch color touchscreen display with the Garmin Drive 51 LM Navigation System. Along with free lifetime map updates, this system comes with numerous features to make driving safer and more comfortable.


Garmin Drive 51 comes with TripAdvisor points of interest(POI) such as hotels, attractions, and restaurants near your destination and along the way, and info from Foursquare on millions of local destinations.


Further, you can also customize the device with up to 1000 destinations of your choosing. Junction view and lane assist ensure that you’re in the right lane of travel, while route shaping helps you pick the most efficient way to get where you are going. The system is compatible with user-supplied Garmin smartwatches and backup cameras.


As you drive, you can glimpse at the Garmin DriveLuxe 51 to see navigation info such as nearby upcoming turns, landmarks or lane changes as well as the current speed limit.


You can view incoming traffic alerts if you pair your smartphone to the device via Bluetooth such as those for construction, traffic cameras or accidents – through the companion mobile app.


It can even help you find parking or allow you to share your location with your friends.


Pairing your smartphone to the DriveLuxe 51 also means that you can read a text message, view calendar notifications or see incoming calls at a glance while keeping your hands on the wheel.


Also has a microSD slot in case if you want to download additional maps for other regions.



Driver Alerts

  • Sharp curves, speed limit changes, school zones, railroad crossings, and animal crossings.
  • Fatigue alerts and rest area suggestions.
  • Wrong-way warning on one-way roads.
  • Red-light and speed camera warnings in jurisdictions where permitted.

Real Directions

  • Uses recognizable landmarks, intersections, and buildings to let you know when and where to turn.

Voice-activated Navigation

  • Need directions? Just say the word. Garmin DriveSmart features voice-activated navigation that responds to your commands and then navigates to where you need to go.

Points of Interest

  • TripAdvisor info on hotels, restaurants, and attractions on your journey and your destination.
  • Foursquare info on millions of restaurants, shops, entertainment venues, and other points of interest.

Smartwatch & Camera Compatibility

  • Pair with a user-supplied backup camera for dramatically improved safety.
  • Also, Pair with compatible Garmin smartwatches (sold separately) for driver alerts on your wrist and compass guidance to find your car

Navigation Features

  • Displays current street, speed limit, current speed, and arrival time.
  • Route shaping through preferred cities/streets.
  • Lifetime U.S. map and traffic updates.
  • Up Ahead feature with milestones.
  • Lane guidance.
  • Junction views of interchanges.

High-quality Maps

  • The quality of map data can make all the difference between finding your destination and getting lost.
  • High-quality HERE map data enables your device(Garmin Device) to provide you with the info you need, when you need it most — reducing the frustrations of driving by avoiding delays and cutting down the time you spend in your car.



Maps & Memory


Navigation Features


Additional Features




  • Has voice-activated navigation features
  • Has real-time traffic, parking and map information
  • The fast processor keeps up with you


  • Standalone battery life only lasts up to one hour
  • Screen isn’t full high definition
  • Notifications stay on-screen for too long


5. Garmin DriveSmart 61 LMT-S – Best GPS For Your Car

garmin drivesmart 61 lm tech of era


Enjoy spoken turn-by-turn directions throughout North America, a 7-inch pinch-to-zoom screen, parking info and live traffic updates, and hands-free calling with the DriveSmart 61 LMT-S Navigation System by Garmin. This system comes with numerous features to make driving more comfortable and safer, including alerts for Road hazards (or your fatigue), easy-to-understand directions using businesses and landmarks, and routes within complex locations like mall and airports parking lots.


Sync a Bluetooth-enabled device, such as your phone/smartphone, for hands-free calling, text messages, receiving smart notifications, and calendar reminders without taking your hands off the wheel. Also, you can get directions by talking instead of touching, thanks to Garmin for the unit’s voice-activated navigation capability. When a software or map update is available, you will be notified, and the DriveSmart will download the update automatically for you using your home WiFi network.


Along with map data, this navigator is populated with TripAdvisor points of interest(POT) such as restaurants, hotels, and attractions near your destination and along the way, and info from Foursquare on millions of local destinations.


Also, you can customize the device with up to one thousand destinations of your choosing. Junction view and active lane assist with voice prompt ensure that you’re in the right lane of travel at tricky interchanges, and route shaping helps you pick the most efficient way to get where you are going. The system is compatible with BC30 Wireless Backup Camera and the Garmin smartwatches; both sold separately.



Live Traffic and Parking Info

  • Pair the navigator with your compatible smartphone using the free Smartphone Link app, and you will have traffic alerts, relevant rerouting suggestions, availability trends for on-street public parking, and pricing for parking facilities.
  • The app also enables LiveTrack, which lets you share your exact location with family or friends.

Driver Alerts

  • The DriveSmart will alert you to speed limit changes, sharp curves, animal crossings, school zones, railroad crossings, and will warn you if you end up going the wrong way on a one-way road, or if you have been driving for too long without a break. In jurisdictions where it’s permitted, it’ll warn you about red-light and speed cameras.

Hands-Free Calling

  • Synch a Bluetooth-enabled device, such as your smartphone, for hands-free calling, calendar reminders and receive text messages without taking your hands off the wheel.
  • Customizable smart notifications appear on the navigation display.

Real Directions

  • Garmin’s Real Directions feature uses recognizable landmarks, intersections, and buildings to let you know when and where to turn.

Points of Interest

  • The DriveSmart provides info from TripAdvisor on restaurants, hotels, and attractions on your journey and your destination, along with Foursquare data on millions of entertainment venues, restaurants, shops and other points of interest.

Smartwatch & Camera Compatibility

  • Pair this device with compatible Garmin smartwatches for driver alerts on your wrist and compass guidance to find your vehicle, and with Garmin’s BC 30 Backup Camera for dramatically improved safety (backup camera and smartwatches sold separately).

Navigation Features

  • Displays current street, speed limit, current speed, and arrival time.
  • Route shaping through preferred cities/streets.
  • Junction views of interchanges.
  • Up Ahead feature with milestones.
  • Active lane guidance with voice prompts.



Maps & Memory


Navigation Features


Additional Features




  • Has a large 6.95-inch capacitive touchscreen display
  • Provides real-time traffic, map, and parking updates
  • Extremely easy-to-use interface


  • Powers off/on with a vehicle
  • Mount is snap-in, not magnetic
  • Alerts stay on-screen for too long


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Car GPS Buying Guide

Here are some of the most important aspect that may influence your decision to buy the best GPS for your car:


Budgeting for Car GPS
Unless money is no object, it is a good idea to start off by setting a general price range. If you are looking to spend less than a hundred dollars, you are probably going to scrimp a little on the features and have to settle for a small screen. You can also look for a bargain on an old model, but make sure that you do not end up with outdated maps that are impossible to update or either costly.


Your budget will also inform your decision to go for an integrated GPS or a standalone device. Head units that include built-in GPS navigation are usually quite expensive, so you may want to drive away from them unless your existing head unit is begging for an upgrade. In such a case, there are some head units, which include integrated GPS navigation that can boast some pretty impressive features.


Core GPS Navigation Features
There are a handful of GPS features that you should look before buying a GPS for your car, but here we listed down the most important ones are:


i. Screen size and resolution – Though larger screens are more accessible to see at a glance, which is important since you do not have to take your eyes off the road too much. Here resolution is also important since low-resolution images can be tough to read at a distance.


ii. Audible directions – Text-to-speech, or spoken direction is tremendously important from a safety perspective. Most of GPS unit offer this, but some are difficult to understand. And you absolutely want to be able to understand your GPS unit from a safety perspective first.


iii. Type of receiver – This is not an exciting feature, but the overall quality of a GPS is highly depended on how well its receiver works. If a GPS unit has poor sensitivity, it would not accurately show the position of your vehicle on the road.


iv. Automatic routing – Automatic routing will automatically recalculate your route if you deviate from it. This feature is extremely important since reality includes things like accidents and construction that you may need to drive around.


Other less important aspects that can come in handy include:


i. Traffic – Some of GPS units and apps are capable of displaying traffic data also, which can help you gets where you are going without getting stuck in traffic jams.


ii. 3D map view – This feature allows you to view a 3D map of the location, which can help you orientate yourself in different/unfamiliar place.


iii. Lane assist – This feature shows some infographic every time you approach interchange or an exit on a freeway. This is tremendously useful when driving in an unfamiliar place/area since it can help you avoid dangerously late lane changes.


iv. Points of interest – This feature is useful on road trips, and when driving in an unfamiliar place, since it can help you locate restaurants, gas stations, motels, parks, rest stops, and other local businesses and landmarks.


v. Voice input – Some GPS units and apps allow you to set your route, and make alterations, with your voice command. This is useful if you do not have a co-pilot and need to make changes to your route on the fly.


vi. Map AvailabilityBefore you buy a GPS unit for your car, you should also look into availability and timeliness of map updates.


This is important especially if you are buying a discounted unit that is a little long in the tooth. While it is possible to find some incredible deals by shopping for old stock and factory refurbished car GPS units, it is vital to make sure that you do not get stuck with old map data.


If the map updates are expensive — or the company is not putting out updates anymore — then it might be wise to take a pass.


How Does GPS Technology Work?

How GPS Technology Work? Every aspect will be discussed about a GPS technology, let’s start:


Global Positioning Systems is one of the most essential and crucial inventions, providing effortless navigation. Means of these systems, every geographic location on earth, can be scanned at any time of day. Also, these systems offer the users with precise directions for reaching the destination in an agile approach. 


The (GPS) Global Positioning System is a technical marvel made possible by a group of satellites rotating in Earth’s orbit. It transmits precise signals, allowing GPS receivers to calculate and display accurate location, time information to the user and speed. GPS is owned by the U.S.


By capturing the signals from satellites, Global Positioning System receivers can use the mathematical principle of trilateration to pinpoint your current location. With the addition of computing power and data stored in memory such as points of interest, topographic information, road maps, and much more, GPS receivers can convert speed, location, and time information into a useful display format.


how gps technology workInvention and Evolution of GPS
GPS was created by the U.S Department of Defense (DOD) as a military application. This system has been active since the early 1980s and began to become useful to civilian people in the late 1990s with the advent of devices used by people that support it. Consumer Global Positioning System has since become a multi-billion dollar industry with a wide array of services, products, and internet-based utilities. As with most technology, its development is ongoing; while it is a true modern marvel, engineers recognize its limitations and continuously working to overcome them.


GPS Capabilities

  • In all weather conditions, GPS works accurately, around the clock, and all around the globe.
  • There are no subscription charges to use GPS signals.
  • GPS receivers generally work well within 15 meters, and newer models that use (WAAS) Wide Area Augmentation System signals are accurate within 3 meters.


GPS Limitations

  • GPS signals may be blocked by skyscrapers, dense forest, canyon walls, walls, bridges, and the like, making accurate GPS navigation difficult or impossible.
  • Likewise, GPS does not work well in indoor and underground spaces.
  • Radio interference, satellite maintenance, and solar storms can cause coverage gaps.


An International Effort
The United State.-owned And -operated GPS is the world’s most widely used space-based satellite navigation system, but Russian GLONASS satellite constellation also provides such global service. Some consumer GPS devices use both systems to increase the likelihood of capturing sufficient position data and improvement of accuracy.


GPS systems work in 5 simple steps

  • GPS is based on the “Trilateration Principle.”
  • To trilateration, a GPS receiver measures the distance through the travel time of radio signals.
  • Along with distance, GPS can locate the exact position of the satellites in space.
  • GPS uses very accurate timing to measure the travel time.
  • Finally, this system can correct for any delays that signal experiences as it travels throughout the atmosphere.


Trilateration Principle
Trilateration Principle is used to find the exact location of something or someone. It compares a person’s exact location from three or more places to determine a person’s exact location. Let us say there is a GPS unit located 600 miles away from Minneapolis. This means that it must be some point on a circle with a 600-mile radius around Minneapolis. If it is also 450-miles away from Boise, the GPS unit must be located at one of the two points where these two circles intersect. If we add a third measurement, like 700-miles from Tucson, we find that the three circles intersect in Denver. The GPS unit is therefore located in Denver.


Interesting Facts About GPS

The working of GPS is a mystery to many of the people who use it regularly. These factoids might surprise you:

  • Civilian GPS uses one frequency, while the military uses two frequencies. This increases accuracy. Dual-frequency GPS devices are available to civilians, but their size and cost make them impractical.
  • The United State’s government is engaged in an ongoing, modernization program and multibillion-dollar improvement.
  • U.S. taxpayers fund the world’s GPS services, through the Department of Defense. The 2017 budget was about 900 million dollars.
  • An American joint military/civil body, the National Executive Committee for Space-Based Positioning, Timing, and Navigation oversees the GPS. The U.S. Air Force maintains and operates it.
  • As of 2017, 24 GPS satellites circle the Earth.
  • GPS is essential to devices, services, conveniences we take for granted every day, such as cell phones, computers, watches, weather forecasting, navigation, energy delivery, and emergency/disaster response.
  • GPS is crucial to national security. All new military equipment is GPS-equipped.
  • Industries from banking, aviation, construction, and shipping to financial markets, farming, and so many more rely on the accuracy of GPS.
  • GPS informs the world’s sea, air, and road transportation systems.


GPS has many real-world applications. It is used by farmers, pilots, delivery drivers, sailors, scientists, soldiers, and many other professionals. The applications for GPS, however, fall into five broad categories:

  • Mapping
  • Location
  • Tracking
  • Navigation
  • Timing