What Clippers Do Barbers Use [Full Guide]

The best professional hair clippers/trimmers for barbers and stylists include some key features. 


  • You will want a powerful motor. 
  • It is essential to have the kit of the right accessories. 
  • You want a clipper with a sharp blade.

Most of the barbers need more than one set of clippers to get them through the whole day. Because every customer has unique hair, it might be thin and fine, thick and curly, or balding. Whether it is a blend, fades, or balding cuts, there is a set of clippers that will work in that situation.


what clippers do barbers use

Top professional hair clippers are made by companies like Wahl, Andis, and Oster. Professional barber clippers come with sharp blades, powerful motors, a complete set of quality attachments, sturdy designs, and affordable prices.


These top-rated, commercial-grade clippers are designed to deliver a close, smooth cut every time, whether you are trimming hair on top, outlining a hairline or neckline, or fading the sides.


So if you are a barber, a novice stylist, or just someone searching for what clippers do barbers use? Check out this article before making your purchase.


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Top Clippers Used by Professional Barbers

How Professionals Keep Clippers in a Good Shape for Years

Maintain Regularly

It is obvious, professional set of clippers can be a bit expensive than the cheaper home use ones because a professional clipper lasts a long time with regular maintenance. It would be best if you made time for routine tasks that will extend the clipper’s life.


Blade Cleaning

For hygiene reasons, you will want to remove dirt and hair from the blades of the clippers after each use. The clipper kit that you choose will likely have a cleaning kit, and a stiff brush included. If not, you have to purchase your own kit for keeping the blades clean and fresh.


Hair, oil and dirt can become gritty. That grittiness can actually damage the life of blades. At the very least, it will dull the blades. Dull blades can become a considerable problem for your customers.


Blade Alignment

Before each day, it is good to check the alignment of the blades of a clipper. A crooked blade can cause cuts and damage the skin of your customers. They will not come back to you if they are in pain from the clipper.


How to check the blade alignment?

Hold the blade and look down the length to ensure it is straight. Also, look for parts of the clipper blade that stick out from the rest. And if you see any parts that need alignment, loosen the screws with a screwdriver and align the blade, it’s easy.


Attachment Washing

Attachments like guards and combs, attached to your clipper’s kit can become dirty and oily. You must clean each guard after use. You do not want to transfer oil or dirt from one person to the next. It is unhygienic.


The only thing you need to remove the oils to clean the attachments is a soap. Once they are clean, lay them out to dry, or you can use a clean, soft cloth to remove the water.


Oiling the Clippers

After cleaning, you need to oil the blades. Proper oiling keeps the blades working beautifully.


After the use of the clippers, they should be oiled. If the oil isn’t included in the kit, you have to purchase separately. Even if your clippers do not come with oil, that does not mean it is not required. Place oil in the middle and on each end of the blade. Start the clippers and spread the oil throughout the blade. Remove extra oil with a clean cloth.


Keeping the Motor Cool

Professional barber shops should be keeping spray to cool down the motor of the clippers. That will prolong the life of the clippers. It will also keep your customers from getting burnt.


The spray will keep your hand cool as well as protecting the clippers from rust. Overall, the life of your clippers requires you to spray regularly to maintain them.


New Blades

New, replacement blades are not regular maintenance, but it is vital for a great haircut. If you are washing and oiling your clippers, you will not need to worry about replacements for a long time. Still, you will need to change the blades when they are not cutting as well as before.


Best Professional Hair Clipper Buying Guide

You must consider these features while buying a hair clipper


You are going to invest in a professional hair clipper; it should not be the least expensive clipper, and it does not have to be the most costly clipper, either. The cost should be comparable to other professional clippers.


Weight and Ergonomics

If you do not select a lightweight, ergonomic clipper, then you may find yourself with hand cramps and pain at the end. Either you are a professional barber or stylist, you need a lightweight device, so it should fit comfortably in your hand.


Power (significant consideration)

A professional stylist needs a sturdy pair of clippers for a better cutting overall, cleaner cut, and faster styles.



There are options like ceramic blades or stainless steel for clippers. 


Ceramic is amazingly sharp, but need to be maintained regularly. Stainless steel blades are mostly self-sharpening and last a long time.



Rotary motors are the best kinds of motors for clippers; these motors work slow but provide incredible power. The motor you choose for your clipper should provide power without overheating. There are pivot and magnetic motors, too, but they are not as good for professional clippers. 



Guards and comb attachments are two of the accessories you might need for your clippers. If you do not purchase them with your clippers, you will likely have to buy them separately.


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