Beard Trimmer Guard Sizes [Full Guide]

beard trimmer guard sizes

Crafting the stylish beard is not as simple as keeping a clean-shaven face with a razor. Perhaps surprisingly, keeping a beard for a long period is not that easy.

There are decisions you need to make, and factors you need to consider. And once you decide that, how long should you keep a beard? Then the next step is, what size clipper guard do you need to achieve the desired length?

Famous companies like Andis, Whal, and Oster claimed that they know the standard sizes very well. In this manual, we will go through all the beard trimmer guard sizes they offer.  

Typically, that equivalent length starts at 1/16 of an inch (1.5mm) and can go up to one inch or more. Once you figure out how long should you keep a beard, then figuring out what number guard size to use on your clippers is easy: you just look at what length it says on the guard size chart.

We compiled a full guide for you, including a concise infographic with guard lengths.

You will find anything from Andis detachable blades chart or Andis purple magnetic guard sizes to Wahl guides charts, and Oster guards/blades.

Andis Clipper Guards Sizes

Andis Magnetic guard size chart

Let’s start with Andis’s most popular accessory: the brand’s Nano-magnetic combs. The company divides them into two sets – four longer magnetic guards and five shorter. The reason these are so revered is their secure and tight fit, durability, and facilitation of more precise and easier haircuts.

Some people ask me about how securely these guards clip onto the blade. They worry that there is no clip or clasp that they could pop off mid haircut. We can assure you that these combs are not going anywhere. And whenever you need to remove them, you’ve to pull quite hard to get them off! It is insane how securely they fit on there from just a small magnet.

Besides, they’re also compatible with some other models of the hair clipper. For example, Andis magnetic guards can fit on Oster Fast Feed without any problem. Make sure to get the double magnetic guards. Here is the Andis magnetic guards size chart itself!

I use these with my Oster Classic 76 without any issues regarding clipper sizes or fit the blade.

Short Andis Magnetic Guard Set

Long Andis Magnetic Guard Set

Andis detachable blades chart

A few of Andis professional clippers and trimmers come with ceramic blades. What is great about them is their longevity, their cool operation mode, and, you know, their overall style. Andis clipper’s ceramic blades will net you up to 70% cool operation, which is great for heavy-duty haircuts. An alternative to ceramic would be the UltraEdge blades, which, however, are not made of this material.

The most popular CeramicEdge blade is Andis BGRc. Andis detachable blades also fit other top hair clippers like the Oster Classic 76. Here is the ceramic Andis clipper blades size chart to help you out.

These blades come in almost all the hair clipper sizes that you’d expect and are shaped exactly as the carbon steel ones. Warning: they are more fragile than the steel version. So, take a close look at the blade to make sure none of the teeth have been chipped or broken.

Andis CeramicEdge Blades Chart

Oster clipper sizes

Oster clipper blades chart

Oster detachable blades are made of high-carbon steel, they go through rigorous in-house testing and freezing cold conditions. As a result, they are hardened to the spectacular RC62-66 Rockwell Scale.

If that does not speak anything to you, let us put it this way: they are ultra-sharp, ultra-tough, and will last you a long, long time. That is how the Oster Cryogen X blades work. As Oster detachable blade clippers have hordes of fans, we’ve compiled all Oster clipper blade sizes for your convenience.

There is a version that allows air to flow over the blade and keep it cool. It is also less likely to drag on damp skin since there is less surface area touching the skin.

And if you are wondering: yes, this is a compatible Oster Classic 76 blades size chart too.

Oster clipper guards sizes

Oster’s adjustable hair clippers are amazing for shaping buzz cut lengths too. It would be unfair to skip a clipper guard size chart with Oster’s own combs. 

Here are different clipper guard sizes this brand offers you:

Wahl clipper sizes

Wahl guard sizes chart

The next member of the holy trinity of the most popular hair clipper and trimmer brands is Wahl. Wahl clippers and trimmers are very famous among stylists and professional barbers along with Andis and Oster products.

There are quite a few types of Wahl guards around. Let us first get to the clipper guard sizes and the chart. We will discuss the types afterward. Note: Wahl hair clipper sizes include the #10 and #12 comb too.

If you are looking for Wahl replacement guards or just something to style your haircut sizes with, you are in luck. There are three types of Wahl clipper guards the brand has in stock for you.

First, there are the colored plastic combs on Each color corresponds to a specific size. This is perfect if you are using a home hair clipper for all the family. If everybody’s haircut sizes differ, it would be quite the hassle, no? Hair clipper sizes can be confusing even to the professional barbers, so it’s a great deal to have it made easy for the DIYer.

Secondly, the Wahl black hair clipper guide combs from are your standard kit. They are not quite as sturdy as the Oster clippers version, but they are not too bad, either.

Things are a little different with the Wahl metal clipper guards from They are more expensive than standard combs, but also bring you a premium approach to hair clipper sizes. With the 1/2″ and 1 1/2″ Wahl guide with the metal clip, you will be achieving fades you would not get that easy with the simple plastic combs. This is a pure luxury and will complement any Professional Wahl 5 star clipper you have for all hair clipper sizes.

If you have any suggestions or you want to see us provide you with additional information, let us know in the comment section!

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