Astro Gaming Headset [Full Guide]

astro gaming headset

Are you a gamer, and a massive fan of helmets for Astro gaming? Looking for a new best Astro gaming headset to uninstall your old headset but overwhelmed by all the ones out there? You are in the right place instead. Astro insists that gaming is indeed social and not passive, and their main line of gaming headphones announce this to offer some of the best listening quality. Astro headphones come in different types, shapes, and sizes, and even specific versions are compatible with game consoles and PCs.


This guide helps you find the best headphone for playing to match your needs. This guide will also detail certain information you need to know on a gaming headset before zeroing in. This also analyzes Astro’s top 5 game headphones and takes a look at the devices commonly available to Astro headphones.

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Top 5 Astro Gaming Headset


1. ASTRO Gaming A40 TR Wired Headset


best astro gaming headsetThe Astro A40 TR is an open-back headset that provides excellent audio quality and also comes with user configuration options to match every climate. It also offers long-term support along with other simple features seen in most Astro gaming headsets, including adjustable mic precision and personalized speaker logos. Another great feature with the Astro TR is that you can quickly turn your A40 TR from an open-back headset into a closed-back headset. This transition can be easily achieved using the online Astro Mod kits, which are available separately.



This is entirely compatible with Mac, and with the older Xbox One and PS4 systems by directly plugging the 3.5 mm cable into the game controller. Both TR products are the Official Call of Duty Equipment: Black Ops 3, used by top Call of Duty Pro players such as Optic Gaming and Team Envyus.


Tuned for games, ASTRO Audio was created with game makers and pro gamers to offer clarification and accuracy at both frequency and volume levels. Astros are highly flexible with advanced materials and construction, and remarkably lightweight. Clamp them for days on your roof, or turn them flat around your face. Turn the A40 TR with swappable Mod Kit parts from an open-back to a closed-back noise canceling. Customize the headphones using our magnetic speaker tag system. Purchase limited editions or build your own using the Speaker Tag Customizer online.





Tuned according to ASTRO Audio V2 – Tuned for Gaming, ASTRO Audio V2 offers players with high-quality audio when they most need it, or live streaming or play in a competitive tournament’s pits.


Superior finish and build – The A40 TR features a lightweight and durable construction with superior components to maintain a pressure-free fit that does not overheat your skin. The ear cushions feature tissue for optimal support, backed by synthetic leather for optimum acoustic efficiency.


Swappable boom microphone — Highly sensitive uni-directional microphone that focuses on your voice and minimizes background noise.


Customizable Speaker Tags – Our proprietary Speaker Tag program lets you customize your headset-buy limited models or build your own using our Speaker Tag Customizer online.


Mod Kit Ready – Features black leather noise-canceling ear cushions, voice-insulating microphone, padded headband, and closed-back speaker tags (Sold Separately).




  • Comfortable for a long time.
  • Audio output leads to university.
  • Great options for customizability.
  • Additional MixAmp is running perfectly.


  • Style is not going to be for the tastes of everyone.
  • Relatively onerous.
  • Microphone a bit nasally.

2. ASTRO Gaming A40 Headset + MixAmp Pro TR

best astro gaming headset


For PS4, Laptop, and Mac, the ASTRO A40 TR Headset + MixAmp Pro TR is the leading audio system for sports players, content developers, and streamers. This follows the high requirements of visual quality, comfort, and endurance of the esports athletes. The MixAmp Pro TR supports Dolby Digital Surround Sound amplification, which allows the game sound which speech contact to be delivered late and without interruption. The A40 TR comes with an open-back headphone with a micro mic accuracy swappable and interchangeable Speaker Tags. Through the inclusion of a Mod Pack (sold separately) through enclosed Speaker Stickers, soft leather ear cushions, and a voice-insulating microphone, the headset turns into a closed-back, noise-isolating headset for noisy competition conditions.





Optimized with ASTRO Audio V2 — Optimized for Games, ASTRO Audio V2 offers players with high-quality audio when they need it most, or live streaming or participate in a high tournament’s pits.


ASTRO App Command Center – Redefine Gamers Pro Audio. The free ACC app allows players more control over their speech and audio settings. The A40 Headphone provides high-quality audio from the living-room to the main stage when combined with the MixAmp High TR.


Superior fit and finish – The A40 TR headset features a lightweight and durable construction with superior components to guarantee a pressure-free fit that does not overheat your head. For optimum comfort, the ear cushions use fabric, backed by synthetic leather for the best acoustic performance.


ASTRO MixAmp Pro TR – The MixAmp Pro TR is equipped with all the latest components for lag-free / interference-free operation and supports Dolby Optical Surround Sound amplification for severe live streamers.


Mod Kit Ready — Features premium leather noise-canceling ear cushions, voice-insulating amplifier, lined headband, and closed-back speaker tags.


Dolby Audio – Dolby Audio offers multimedia immersive, 3D game environment and streams Dolby to viewers watching.


USB sound card features – functionality of USB sound card with the game: audio synchronization, game, and speech sharing delivered to PC gamers. No requirement for an optical port.


Ready to 3D audio – Offer Windows Sonic or Dolby Atmos on Screen. Spatial audio provides you with full 3D spatial audio support for a strategic advantage without precedent.




  • The outstanding level of audio.
  • Lightweight, robust build sounds level.
  • A lot of options for audio customization via the Astro Command app.


  • Costly for a wired-only headset.
  • PS4 Slim users need a splitter from the HDMI.

3. ASTRO Gaming A50 Wireless + Base Station for PlayStation 4 & PC

best astro gaming headset


Discover legendary ASTRO Audio V2 output and music, with the ease and flexibility that comes without wires. The PlayStation 4/PC A50 Wireless + Base Station offers top-of-the-line acoustics, ergonomics, convenience, and reliability requested by the gamers. The all-new Base Station provides direct, low-latency voice communication while making linking and charging of headsets easy. The ASTRO Command Center app helps gamers and streamers to specifically fine-tune each A50 input and output parameter for their configuration. The optional A50 Mod Kit allows users to add silicone leather headband and ear cushions to maximize noise protection for even more flexibility. Using the A50 Wireless + Base Station to achieve full audio immersion.





ASTRO Audio V2: Immersive audio and sound experience which delivers text, music, and sound in the game.


Dolby Audio: Dolby Audio provides an immersive multimedia experience for high definition play.


Battery life: lithium-ion battery rechargeable for 15 + hours.


Game: Voice Balance: Gives complete user control over the game mix and the Audio chat.


ASTRO command center app: Free ASTRO command center app provides players with maximum control of their audio environment, including voice chat and game audio settings, available in windows 10, Xbox 1, and Mac.


USB Sound Card Functionality: USB Sound Card Functionality includes Game: Voice Balancing, Game, and Speech Streaming when using a PC; No optical cables needed.


Mod Kit Ready: The optional A50 Upgrade Package allows users to add a soft leather headband and ear cushions for better noise protection for even more customization, only compatible with the Gen 4 A50 Wireless Headset.




  • The sound level is fantastic.
  • Quite relaxed.
  • Thin, comfortable charging cradle.


  • Costly.
  • Bundle/cradle works only for PlayStation 4 or Xbox One.
  • No wired Mobile Devices choice.

4. ASTRO Gaming A10 Gaming Headset

astro gaming a10 gaming headset



The A10 Headset boasts long-lasting construction and improved support so you can play longer without downtime. A 3.5 mm jack makes it popular with almost every device, including most smartphones and tablets. For gaming with ASTRO Audio, the A10 headset is designed to ensure accuracy and precision when listening to your game and your teammates. You will have full control of your game audio experience with the omnidirectional mic, including flip-up silence features an inline Volume Control.





Durability: The A10 headset sports rugged anodized aluminum headband covered in a combination of damage-resistant polycarbonate so the headset can survive wins, losses, and all in between.


Comfort: Expanded memory foam ear cushions protect you from exhaustion, and you can play in full relaxation as long as you wish.


Communication: You and your teammates will still hear each other clearly and reliably with the omnidirectional mic incorporating flip-up silence features inline volume control.


Sound quality: Designed for games, the a10 features immersive and accurate audio as planned by the sound engineers. Low delay and clear contact with your voice ensure you are still in touch.




  • Spectacular output in film.
  • Comfortable build, robust.
  • The microphone is open.
  • Affordable.


  • No Surround Sound Simulated

5. ASTRO Gaming A20 Wireless Headset

best astro gaming headset


Unlock the gaming experience with PlayStation 4’s A20 wireless headset. Play free with clear, reliable ASTRO recording. Calibrated for gaming delivers stereo sound with 40 mm drivers providing specially calibrated audio quality for a competitive advantage. Broadcasting in 5GHZ wireless interference-free, enjoy the low latency audio gaming anywhere in the living room. No cables and no limits. Tune each input and output parameter, including mic level changes, and configure EQ modes with ASTRO Command Center tools. With pure, precise chat audio featuring flip-to-mute features, always keep your contact under the track. Response frequency 20 to 20,000 Hz.





  • Experience music just as engineers planned for Astro music, providing enhanced stereo sound and audio fidelity of 40 mm driver tuned, especially for a competitive advantage.
  • Durable construction built-in luxury materials, resistant to damage, offer you a wireless headset engineered to survive wins, losses, and everything in between.
  • With a battery life of up to 15 + hours, you can play safe, believing your kit will keep up with you on marathon gaming sessions.
  • Flexible, lightweight fabrics like fabric ear cushions and headband ensure you never have to think about exhaustion from headphones shutting down the game when you’re ready.
  • The Astro center command program helps you to change both input and output parameters




  • Clear, compelling, sculpted tone.
  • Fits well.


  • Slight hissing while lowering the microphone.
  • Any handling of adjacent in-headset.


Things to Consider before buying Astro Gaming Headset


Choosing a gaming headset is entirely different from choosing a standard headset. When you go for a regular headset, you only look with your headphones for the quality of the sound and the level of comfort. Yet when picking a gaming headset, you can need to weigh in several aspects like outstanding sound quality, maybe including surround sets, absolute comfort levels for long session play, noise cancellation microphones, micro tracking features, etc. A professional headset with the highest sound qualities can allow you to get an advantage over your enemies more in gaming. Only a small pause in gaming will lead to a life lost in many games, and therefore, if you can sense the opponent before you can see them, it can help you make immediate decisions.




If you’re a casual gamer and you’re used to playing long session games, then the first thing you need is a non-intrusive and supportive gaming headset. Support is certainly a crucial thing for a gaming headset because long session games will get you exhausted, and if the headset is banging on you, then it can get you all the exhausted and annoy you a lot in a significant way. Astro headsets have been checked manually and mechanically with different heads to provide each person wearing it with an optimal listening comfort level.


All Astro console headphones are constructed from lightweight materials, and you’ll concentrate on the game and not the headset during your games. You will understand the style of the headset when it comes to gaming headsets as to whether you need a lightweight and comfortable fit, or just a snug fit over the neck, or whether you should spend some money on it for maximum comfort.


Open Vs. Closed


If you’re looking for a gaming headset that won’t get you drenched in the game and won’t make you hear the noise from the environment, then you need to go for an open headset for gaming. But if you’re a casual gamer and you don’t need something to interrupt during your playing in this country, then you certainly need to go for a closed headset. These closed headphones curl securely over your ear so you’ll hear the echo from the game which contains surround sound technology, even if anyone shouts at you from behind, you won’t hear anything at all.




In multiplayer games, you need to connect with your fellow squad mates, and that can only be achieved easily if you have a headset with a professional microphone. Generally, most of the gaming headphones are connected to a receiver. However, one of the main aspects that need to be remembered is the “nose-cancel” function that can prevent transmitting internal or additional noise and only relay the speech to the other end. Look for headphones that will allow you to remove the microphones while not in use so that you can have any weight from them. It helps you to use your headphones as a regular headphone to play easily for longer hours.

Wired vs. Wireless


Another thing to remember before you buy a gaming headset is whether a wired headset or a wireless headphone is needed. Wireless headphones are typically marginally more expensive than wired ones. It depends on how you play games. When you’re playing games on your Mac, you’re probably playing right in front of your computer, and you don’t have to have a Bluetooth headphone. So if you’re using a game console such as an Xbox or Playstation, then your screen will be positioned near your TV so you might be seated at a distance on your sofa.


You can’t even opt with a wired headset, because you don’t drag wires on the concrete. So, the best alternative here could be a wireless headset. But one thing to note is that the portable ones are a little bigger and heavier than the wired ones because they come packed inside with internal batteries and other devices.



Gaming headphones are somewhat more costly than regular ears, so caution should be taken to purchase a long-lasting pair. Astro’s gaming headphones are precisely designed and constructed to have exceptional longevity utilizing high-quality components, so you should hope to keep your gaming headphones for several years. Attention to detail and construction consistency is a significant influence.


Sound Quality


A high-quality sound is a must-have option for any headphone that plays sports. Only the subtle noises like the feet of an enemy coming behind you need to be supported by gaming headphones so that you can take evasive action. A decent headset with excellent sound quality will make the adversary hear before you see them. Computer headphones have seen several changes integrating the new technologies to provide professional players with an unparalleled gameplay experience. If you can shell out some bucks, you should go for gaming headphones with Dolby sound features to hear the game sound’s original quality as it was made. With the Astro Audio headphones, you will enjoy a theater-like atmosphere that lets football, movies, and music sound at its best.


Tech enthusiasts and casual players would prefer to use any bit of flexibility to their flexibility. They would only invest in the right equipment in terms of gaming consoles, headphones, etc. These high-quality gaming headphones have every bit of sound in the game like an enemy vehicle coming from a distance or hearing gunshots from a distance from any enemy. But if you’re trying to pay less on gaming handsets, than you can still go with a stereo headset because these headphones always give you a fantastic quality of sound. But the only thing with stereo headphones is that you can’t detect ambient signals, so you can’t distinguish the incoming enemy signals.

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