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60 percent keyboardWith so many different keyboard choices, it’s hard to say which type of keyboard is right for you — especially if you’re new to PC gaming. There has also been much speculation about 60 percent keyboard, so what are they, and you would consider picking up one?


IF you’re stuck between having something lightweight and retaining the unrivaled mechanical keyboard typing experience, a 60 percent mechanical keyboard may be right for you. 60 percent In terms of portability, comfort, flexibility, and durability, mechanical keyboards are excellent. They are incredibly lightweight and compact and deliver the same amount of main journeys.


The 60% keyboards are mechanical keyboards with 60% of the keys a typical full-size keyboard does. Using fewer keys means the user has less flexibility at hand than a user who owns a full-size keyboard. And if users lose features, what is the point then? The response to this question is simple: factor for small type.


A small form factor refers to the limited amount of space that can take up on a desk by any given item. A full-size keyboard, for example, takes up slightly more desk space than a tenkeyless keyboard, or 60 percent. The small form factor may also apply to headphones, mousepads, case sizes for P.C.s, or any other accessories a player can have on his desk.


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List of 60 Percent Keyboard

60 Percent KeyboardProduct DimensionsItem WeightPrice
1. Akko X Ducky One 2
13.4 x 6.1 x 2 inches 2.05 pounds
2.Obinslab Anne 2 Pro
11.2 x 3.8 x 0.8 inches 1.37 pounds
3.Happy Hacking Keyboard Professional2
12.80 x 5.80 x 2.20 inches 1.60 pounds
4.MOTOSPEED CK61 60% Mechanical Keyboard
11.4 x 3.9 x 1.8 inches 1.35 pounds
5. RK ROYAL KLUDGE RK61 Wireless 60% 11.5 x 4 x 1.5 inches 1.06 pounds

1. Akko X Ducky One 2 – 60 Percent RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Akko X Ducky One 2 – 60 Percent RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard


Ducky is a brand that does not need to be introduced to keyboard fans, but the brand does not ring any bells outside, given the fact that some very well-known gamers (such as the Overwatch League’s SoOn) are using their products. Widely praised as super-strong and no-nonsense (gaming) keyboards, Ducky has succeeded in captivating both gamers and enthusiasts across various iterations of their products.



  • A 60 percent size shorter Travel or Gaming keyboard unlocks more desk space for a larger mouse pad and movement area — best Mini Mechanical Gaming Keyboard by now.
  •  Colorways varieties Available Different RGB LED lighting modes which include brand new game modes. With function + alt + T., you can loop through 10 different ways, and you can also adjust speed and color to brightness. Quite cool.
  • We are providing 100 percent of Cherry MX switches for quality control to the Highest typing experience. Eighty-five percent PBT double-shot transparent shine-through Ducky keycaps with Brand new bezel style and Dual-layer PCB.
  • It offers users more comfort Fitted with a detachable USB type-c data cable. This can be modified into three angles of positioning, maximizing the ease of typing and visibility of the legend.
  • High quality with multifunction supports Ducky Macro V2.0 and Mouse control feature through hardware, customizing tasks as you want. For more info on macro, please feel free to buy one and review the manual. Warm Tips: This keyboard might be as the family’s Fun Surprise Present, relatives, colleagues, or anyone who wants a keyboard.


Features and build

The Ducky One 2 Mini is a 60 percent keyboard, which means it’s designed mainly for being lightweight. If you’re expecting a host of extra buttons and media switches, you’ll be out of luck with this one, but if you like, you can record macros directly from the keyboard with no software needed.


The keyboard also has n-key rollover (NKRO), meaning you can press as many keys as you want at the same time without having any problems with ghosting or other output killing nuisances. It’s pretty unlikely you would be pressing more than, say, ten keys at once at the same time, but the fact that the One 2 Mini has NKRO is a testament to how well it’s done.




  • Length: 30.2 cm
  • Width: 10.8 cm
  • Height: 4.0 cm
  • Case color: Thick plastic
  • Weight: 590 grams
  • Keys: 61
  • Cable Length: 1.4m, rubber, detachable


Build Quality & Design


60 Percent Keyboard

The Ducky One 2 Mini boasts a quintessential 60 percent design with just the basics; compared to a TKL, with its fn layer structure, you don’t lose all too much in terms of functionality. The case is made of plastic with a dual-tone black top and white backrest, the plastic and backplate are thick enough to make the Ducky relatively rigid with little to no flex.


The Ducky adds to their concept a little bit of flair while keeping it classy and straightforward, quite a fan of that style. The white backplate helps the RGB pop out of the keyboard, which Ducky’s great RGB modes further enhance. That is one of the market’s best-looking keyboards.




The Ducky One 2 Mini offers a bunch of Cherry MX options;

  • Blue
  • Red
  • Brown
  • Silent Red
  • Speed
  • Black




Ducky hits another out of the park, and the Ducky keycaps are double-shot PBT keycaps with laser-graved side labels, all of which means they won’t fade on the labels or get rusty anytime long. The keycap thickness is also much more generous than you’d find in other conventional boards.


The font on the keyboard is mature and clean, too, adding the overall font aesthetic of the keyboard.


In case you want any replacements, a wire keycap puller is also included, the keyboard has an entirely standard 60 percent row and should be compatible with any aftermarket keycap package you put on.



  • Fantastic compact 60% design
  • Standard bottom row
  • Programmable without software, with multiple layers
  • PBT keycaps
  • USB-c connection with removable cable
  • Clean, gorgeous design
  • Low rattle cherry stabilizers
  • Ducky build quality matches reputation
  • Extras: colored keycaps, themed spacebar and wire keycap puller


  • Pricey
  • Not as customizable as some other boards in this price range.


Value & Conclusion


The Ducky One 2 Mini is an excellent board with very few competitors. It packs up a lot of features and quality into a compact design, which makes it worth the high-end price. Once you have seen a board like the Ducky One 2 Mini, it is hard to go back on expenditure.


2. ANNE PRO 2 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

60 Percent Keyboard


PROLONGED BLUETOOTH USAGE: Anne 2 pro version uses 1900mah battery, which, under normal circumstances, offers up to 8 hours of wireless use, meaning a life cycle of a few days on one charge. There is also an on / off switch built in to conserve battery power during transportation or when not in use. Can use Bluetooth LE 4.0 wireless (Windows 8/10 Mac OS Linux Android 4.4 and above, IOS 7.0 and above).


MAGIC FN KEY: Although retaining the original CapsLock key feature, the magic key will copy the F.N. key element, which gives you quick access to your media player, custom function, etc. DOUBLE FN KEY which provides you with immediate access to a multimedia account, homepage, custom function.


ARROW KEYS ON KEYBOARD via tap mode. Possibly the first keyboard with back arrow keys of 60 percent. Tap key design allows keys to behave differently when taped or placed together. By contrast, Fn1, Fn2, and Right control act as arrow keys when pressed.


OFFLINE MACROS: Up to 16 macro groups that make it easier to work or play than before, Full RGB Backlit (customize any key)


SOFTWARE CONTROL CENTER: Multi-Platform software enables customization and produces the most complex lighting effects in seconds.




  • 60% is the best keyboard size.
  • Solid keyboard, Bluetooth works great, and the software to re-map keys is pretty easy to use.
  • Excellent community support on /r/AnnePro – though a lot of the wiki info is about the previous version


  • The backlighting wasn’t something I cared about, but I thought it would be cool to highlight active keys on the F1/F2 layers as they were active – but I couldn’t figure out how to do that.
  • The tap layer is cool, but in practice, not as useful as I thought – arrow keys aren’t much good there as the tap layer doesn’t work with ctrl/shift, etc. I ended up just mapping the arrow keys on the leading layer instead.


3. Happy Hacking Keyboard Professional2


happy hacking keyboard professional2


The HHKB was developed for programmers to ensure speed, precision, and reliability. The HHKB is a customized mechanical premium keyboard that is designed with high-end users in mind. Its attractive, space-saving, and minimalist style creates a unique user experience, while the smooth, silky key and smart layout ensure speed, efficiency, and comfort. The HHKB features Topre’s best-in-class capacitive electrostatic key switches to provide an unrivaled keying experience. This keyboard is great for programmers on Unix and Linux.


The sole authorized seller in the United States is Fujitsu Computer Products of America (FCPA). Keyboards obtained through FCPA include an Advanced Exchange 2 year warranty, U.S. customer service, and U.S. certifications. Please note that the Advanced Exchange 2-year warranty from FCPA is valid only for goods delivered to U.S. addresses.



  • Topre capacitive switches deliver the highest degree of precision and performance, which requires just a gentle press to record a keystroke.
  • Compact, near-symmetrical design condenses only 60 keys to a standard keyboard. Using key combos to get a faster experience of typing.
  • The contoured frame and keys allow smooth movement through keys, reducing fatigue in hand and the finger.
  • Keys are made with top quality PBT and printed with sublimation dye so that legends never wear off.
  • Dip switches allow users to allocate the keys to different functions.

60 percent keyboard

Made by Programmers for Programmers


The Happy Hacking Keyboard has an ultra-minimalist style and almost symmetrical layout, condensing a typical 101 keyboard into only 60 keys.


The Happy Hacking Keyboard uses the Topre electrostatic capacitive switch, which removes key chatter and offers maximum tactility, extra comfort, keystroke precision, and the popular ‘Thock’ Topre tone.

Ergonomic Design


The contoured frame and keys allow smooth movement across keys, reducing fatigue on both hands and fingers.

Intelligent Layout


Compact, almost symmetrical style condenses only 60 keys to a typical 101 keyboard. Using key combos to get a smoother experience of typing, and you never have to leave the home row.

Keys made of PBT


Keys for silky matte finish are made from top quality PBT. The letters on the keys are written with legends that are dye-sublimated to avoid fade.




  • Sturdy build quality.
  • Capacitive switches.
  • Unassuming, no-frills design.


  • Quite expensive considering feature set.
  • Steep learning curve.
  • No key backlighting or media controls (dedicated keys or shortcuts).
  • Won’t work with KVM switches or PS/2-to-USB adapters.


4. MOTOSPEED CK61 60% Mechanical Keyboard


60 Percent keyboard

This unique gaming keyboard is a perfect choice for game lovers. Advanced KAILH BOX SWITCH is superior to water-resistant, rustproof, and 80 million clicking life. The blue switch design can give you a high hand feel while playing games. Besides, the RGB function provides 16.8 million kinds of colors for you to DIY the backlight.



Advanced Kailh Box Switch


Ultra-lasting keys with 80 million keystrokes checked.


Five times that of your rubber dome life cycle.


Kailh Box mechanical switches are equipped with higher durability and responsiveness for longevity. For ultimate gaming output, the Mechanical Keys give medium resistance, audible click sound, and crisp, precise tactile feedback.


Double-Shot-Molded Keycaps & Easy to Clean


It is loaded with features including solid, durable top ABS content, and molded keycaps with double-shot injection.


Suspended and removable keycaps feel more relaxed, characters never fade, longevity is improved, and feedback is tactile. In addition, it can be easy to clean a keyboard because the keys are moving pieces separately.


Detachable Type-c USB


Cable Length (m): 1.5M, Five-core shielded magnetic tape loop, Can charge keyboard in wired mode


Dimension: 325*70*133 mm(12.8 x2.8 x 4.7inches)


Net Weight: 0.64kg


Adjust Different Lighting Modes


60 percent keyboard

  •  16.8 million kinds of color and customizable mode
  •  14 RGB Backlight effects for a fresh gaming experience
  • FN+Alt: Dynamic Effect Direction Switching.
  • FN+APP: Cyclic Switching of Lamp Effect Mode.
  • F.N. + Ctrl: Seven color cycles under the lamp effect.
  • FN+O/P =Speed increasing/decreasing.
  • FN+U/I = Brightness increasing/decreasing.


Space-Saving Design


The lightweight 61-key mechanical keyboard design saves more room, our 60 percent mechanical keyboard can be used at home, at the company, and on the journey, since its size is very convenient to hold, and the switches are of the highest quality, engineered for longevity with greater durability.


Full N-Key Rollover


61 Keys Conflict-free, allowing multi-keys to function concurrently, not a single missed or confused key-press in a stressful and exciting gameplay, exciting game, execute your orders correctly, limitless performance for fast styles and pro gamers.




  • Solid keyboard
  • Bluetooth works great
  • The software to re-map keys is pretty easy to use


  • Insane amount of rattle on the shift key, space, backspace, and right shift


5. RK ROYAL KLUDGE RK61 Wireless 60% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard


RK ROYAL KLUDGE RK61 Wireless 60% Mechanical Gaming KeyboardColor: Blue Backlit(Blue Switch)


Switch wired/Bluetooth mode


(Updated Version) Wired mode: Switch on the back of the keyboard needs to be OFF with cable connected


Bluetooth mode: Switch ON with the cable disconnected


(Old Version) Click FN+Tab to change into wired or Bluetooth mode


Bluetooth matching mode


(Updated Version) Long-press FN + Q/W/E to activate Bluetooth pairing mode, Q/W/E will be flickering when the keyboard can be paired, backlit will stop flickering when the pairing is complete


(Old Version) Long-press FN + P activate Bluetooth pairing mode.




  • Dual Modes with Reliable Connection: The advanced built-in chip, incredibly low latency in the absence of signal interference, allows the keystroke registration instantly. Easily switchable to 3 separate devices in wireless mode with F.N. + Q/W/E will excite you up and improve your productivity.
  • 60% Compact Minimalism Layout: Ultra-compact interface with 61 keys gives you a smooth desktop with your ordered gears on, even folks have little to do with Minimalist plunging into their tiny functional style. Hint you may want to know is that the non-Numpad keyboard is the option of most FPS gamers, more spaces left for mouse movements.
  • Original Flavour of Blue Switches: You may ask, “why the blue? “Sure, it’s a little clicky, but the most distinctive mechanical switches are genuine and original. With the first mechanical keyboard sensation, it will remind you of incomparable click feedback, and refreshing tactile sensation that will make you tap with BGM.
  • Long-lasting & Abundant Battery: The battery is the cornerstone of a wireless keyboard, RK61 fitted with 800mAh battery allows you to use at least 10 hours continuously. It will take 3 hours to recharge quickly online; it will never lie down even though you’re tired. Standby time of up to 360 hours decreases average recharging times and prolongs battery life.
  • Single Color Backlit But Not Dull: Even though RK61 doesn’t have multicolored RGB but just individual backlit LEDs, the 17 dynamic backlit modes keep the plain effect off. Using F.N. + \ to freely change your ideal mode, the brightness and glowing speed. Get some lights to take away your blues, and make your day.

RK ROYAL KLUDGE RK61 Wireless 60% Mechanical Keyboard


8°Ergonomic Designed Angle


Tested and convenient 8° standing angle that is compatible with everybody’s usual ergonomic everyday usage, saves you the money for another wrist help and gives you the most enjoyable typing experience with less exhaustion in hours.


Detachable Type-C Cable


1.5 m Type-C cable, which is commonly compatible with P.C. devices, a more general and convenient form of charging, more stable data transfer.

Mini Portable Size


11.5 X 4 inches small compact size and 0.5kg lightweight frame, easy to take outdoors for work or entertainment, not just indoors.




  • Multiple device connection — 1 USB + 3 bt.
  • Full-sized keys, for normal typing, feel.
  • Real switches (pick your desired kind), should last a long time.
  • Solid build, feels heavy like a metal baseplate, not cheap.
  • Compact form factor, easy to take with you, or use on small desk space.
  • Decent sized battery, lifetime, charging (on specs).
  • Detachable micro-USB cabling, with regular tip, so any cable can be used (high if you have preferred braided cables or something). Other models they make have USB-C if that’s a desire/need for you.
  •  Pretty configurable red LED backlight. Again, I didn’t need much. Their higher models have more control via PC software.



  • Larger and more massive than many-years-old travel bt keyboard. If you are throwing it into luggage, you’re fine, but might be more extensive than desired for carrying around in a backpack all day. 
  • The base is pretty, so you’ll likely want a wrist rest to raise your hand.
  •  No indication of an active device.


Some FAQs

What are 60% Keyboards?


Modern keyboards are usually between 87 and 104 keys. A 60 percent keyboard, however, differs from its full-size counterpart in that it typically has some 60 keys. Such keyboards do not lack any key size scale, but rather have slightly fewer keys than their full-size keyboards.


Traditionally, a 60 percent mechanical keyboard lacks the number pad and keys that the average user, such as the Back, Page Up, and Scroll Lock, don’t always use. Many of those small keyboards often lack arrow keys to be inserted.


How is 60% Keyboards Beneficial?


The differentiating factor of 60 percent of mechanical keyboards from other lightweight solutions is that you don’t lose the typing experience you get on a standard mechanical keyboard because of the lack of keys and not size. You also have access to an alphanumeric zone of maximum dimensions.


Most people particularly have a rough time adapting to the absence of arrow keys. This will take some to get used to, but in no time you’ll be back up to speed.


A little known aesthetic aspect of those keyboards is that they look fantastic when used in a minimalist setup.

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