Best Cordless Trimmers For Barbers [Full Guide]

best cordless trimmers for barbersIn this article, we will review the best cordless trimmers for barbers and home use, and we will discuss ways to extend the life of a cordless trimmer. Go ahead and check out our top picks.


As a professional barber, you are always on the lookout for the most efficient products you can get your hands on, Nowadays, cordless hair trimmers are very versatile and have the power to get the job done on any hairs that come your way.


As a stylist or someone who loves to try new hairstyles, your creativity would need some edging too. So, getting the best hair trimmers are the only way to keep up well with the changing trends. Because the better quality it provides, the more variety of looks you would try.


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Top 2 Cordless Trimmers Every Barber Should Have

1. Andis Cordless T-Outliner Trimmer

Andis is a well-known brand in the hair clipper industry. They have been in the business for almost 100 years, so they know what they are doing. This trimmer is the wireless version of the well sought after corded version of T-Outliner.




Battery Life

Andis T-Outliner has a lithium-ion battery that has a non-stop prolonge run time of over 100 mins and can be fully charged in just an hour. You can also use it while plugged in, and you can indicate the battery power level by a small LED light.



T-Outliner has a close-cutting carbon-steel T-blade that can be zero-gapped.



A powerful, high-speed rotary motor that produces blade speeds of over 7200 SPM.


What’s in the Package?

  • Clipper
  • Tube of Blade Oil
  • Charging stand
  • Four attachment combs (1/16″, 1/8″, 1/4″, 3/8″)
  • Maintenance Blade Brush by BeauWis


Customer Impressions

When we compared it to the popular corded T-Outliner, people who used the wired version of T-Outliner said that after a few blade adjustments, it worked just as well, if not even better.


It works great for edging and lining, it is sturdy and feels well built but light in your hands—a must-have for any barber and stylist.


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2. Wahl Professional 5-Star Cordless Magic Clip – Great for Barbers and Stylists

The Wahl 5-Star Cordless Magic Clip has become the top pick among stylists and professional barbers everywhere, and it combines the precision, speed, and versatility that stylists crave. Great for barbers, beginners, and stylists alike. Wahl takes the prize when it comes to trustable commercial-grade products used by professionals.



The most significant advantage with this cordless clipper is that it features high precision zero-overlap 2161 blades that offer superior speed and wase of use—similarly, a convenient taper lever for smooth fading and blending.


Built with a high-performance rotary motor, you will be able to cut through curly, thick, and coarse hair types without issues. Also comes with a lithium-ion battery that offers 90+ mins of run-time, a set of 8 attachment combs, and a cord/cordless cutting capability, this clipper is the total package.


The Wahl Professional 5-Star Cordless Magic Clip is a feature-rich clipper that is a step above the competition, and it’s very much worth the investment!


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Best Cordless Trimmers For Barbers Buying Guide

Things to consider when buying a cordless hair trimmer:


Motor Speed:

The functionality of a clipper depends on the efficiency of its motor power. A powerful hair clipper works well on thick chunks of hair and wet condition. The motor that gives 10,000 rpm shows the best results. The magnetic, rotary, and pivot motor show special features, such as better functionality, high efficiency, and powerful, respectively.



The sleek built and ergonomic design of the clipper is noticed beforehand. This feature allows you to perform the clipping task for an extended period, holding the trimmer comfortably in hand.


Blade Material:

Superior quality blades offer durability and heavy-duty, where stainless steel blades are sharp enough to work well. The Carbon coated blades show a speedy performance, letting you use them on wet hair along with dry hair. The Ceramic blades do not get heated up even after a prolonged period of working.



The run-time of a cordless trimmer must be known before buying so that it doesn’t stop in between during work.



A cordless hair trimmer is easy to carry from one place to another and works perfectly if charged fully. A trimmer that is sleek in design and light in weight makes it worth buying.



The price tag of a clipper is the most important factor, and the low prices should not carry you away. You must consider the quality, functionality, and performance of the trimmer to get effective results.

Ways To Extend The Life Of a Cordless Hair Trimmer

A new clipper in the collection demands maintenance and regular cleaning to prolong its life span. With water-resistant technology and self-sharpening blades, a trimmer shows better performance. Well, there are certain precautions that you can do to ensure proper cleaning of a high-tech model.


  • After every use, it’s mandatory to remove the blade guards and hair that are trapped inside.
  • In case if there is rusting on its parts, you can use a cleaning solution here.
  • A soft cleaning brush is used to remove hair from the clipper and blades; you can use a soft cleaning brush.
  • Proper storage of its attachments at a dry place is a must-do.

Corded V/S Cordless Hair Trimmers

Whenever a person decides to buy a trimmer, the first thing that strikes the mind is – What to choose? A corded or a cordless model?


Well, the performance of the motor, price, and weight are the three main factors you should take into consideration before buying a hair trimmer.


  • It is believed that a corded model of a trimmer offers higher performance and a more reliable motor than a cordless trimmer. However, today there are battery-run trimmers that give the equivalent performance and work for a long time. 
  • Holding a trimmer in hand that can work from all angles is a blessing. A clipper that does not need to be plugged in is an advantage in itself and gives you the full freedom to carry it wherever you go or do the clipping wherever you want.
  • There is no risk of tangling up the cord/wire in case of cordless models. It becomes easier to keep them anywhere in the drawer, cupboard, or bathroom than dealing with a long cord.
  • A cordless trimmer is a travel companion because of its portability. Once the trimmer is charged fully, you can take it along with you anywhere.
  • However, a cordless trimmer needs to be charged from time to time, and it’s a daunting task for some professional barbers. It’s the only reason when some prefer corded trimmers in place of the cordless models.

Cord or Cordless Clipper?

It depends on your needs and preference to decide which version goes well with you. If you’re someone who needs to have the freedom of traveling or moving easily with it, then a cordless version is what you should get.


But, if you do not want to depend on the battery and avoid power shortage issues, then a corded version will keep your clipper running for a prolonged period. Both are good in their own way. Just focus on your needs.


Such factors are taken into consideration before buying a new trimmer. The choice is yours now!


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