Best Golf Rangefinder With Slope [New Update]

Golf is a great game, and we all enjoy playing the game. There is, therefore, a steep learning curve to play the game correctly, and knowing the distances and how to play the shots is very important.


best golf rangefinder with slope

As old gold fans who have been playing for many years, we can thoroughly understand the valuable realistic roll devices used in revolutionizing the game, like rangefinders. These resources encouraged and made the game more fun. Today, serious golfers are unlikely to be identified without a rangefinder because they have become an integral part of the golfing kit.


We’ve done some legwork of our own to help you discover the right golf rangefinders. Of course, the best rangefinder with slope are a fantastic find, and we’ve spent much time finding out about them. The journey was a fun one, and with the aid of analysts and some in-depth research, we found out the best options for you to pick from on the market today.


Are Rangefinders In Competition Play With Slope Legal?


The local law requires remote measurement instruments to be used. These include laser rangefinders, GPS watches for tennis, GPS mobile systems, or Smartphone Applications.


If your rangefinder system tests some other factors like slope, wind speed, or anything like that, these apps need to be switched off or deactivated to make them legal to play in the competition.


If you can’t uninstall these features, your rangefinder system is not legal to play in the competition. They’re completely legal for play in practice, however.

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Top 8 Golf Rangefinders with slope


Now that you have a bit more experience with the best golf rangefinders, it will be much simpler for you to choose the right one for your needs. We have picked from a whole bunch of the best golf rangefinders with slope and want to give you a brief rundown of each:

Golf RangefindersRangeMeasuring AccuracyPrice
TecTecTec VPRO500 Golf Rangefinder 540 yards +/- 1 yard
Precision Pro Golf, NX7 Pro Slope Golf Rangefinder 400 yards +/- 1 yard
Nikon Coolshot Pro Stabilized Golf Rangefinder 8-1200 yards 0.75 - 1.75 yards
Simmons Hunting Laser Rangefinder 10 to 600 yards +/- 1 yard
Bushnell Tour V4 JOLT Golf Laser Rangefinder 400 yards 1 yard
Bushnell Pro X2 Golf Laser Rangefinder 450 yards 0.50 yards
Leupold Gx 5I3 Golf Rangefinder 450 yards 0.50 yards
TecTecTec VPRODLX Golf Rangefinder 600 yards +/- 1 yard

1. TecTecTec VPRO500 Golf Rangefinder

Best Golf Rangefinders


Using the new technologies, the TecTecTec VPRO500 makes it more reliable and compact than any other measurement tool. It calculates distances quickly, perfectly allowing you to improve your game like a pro. Our laser rangefinder also has the capability of changing the diopters to have a direct vision. If you’re close or far-sighted, using our fast-measuring technology, you’ll be able to see the object you measure clearly and determine its size.


The VPRO500 has three separate scanning modes that are suitable for each situation. The sophisticated Pin-Sensor helps you to measure overlapping targets accurately and is ideal for measuring the distance to pin location and wooded areas! Its locking calculation feature will give you even more confidence!





Firstly, let’s continue with the most critical single attribute on every rangefinder: field! This is the rangefinder’s make or break, and you’ll certainly not be disappointed by the TecTecTec VPRO500.


The TecTecTec VPRO500 rangefinder with continuous scanning mode will estimate and up to 540 yards.


Not the best coverage in the country, but with most golfers on the course, we do feel this coverage is more than sufficient enough.


And beyond yarding, you’ll also be happy to hear that the TecTecTec VPRO500 won’t keep you waiting.


But does this rangefinder yield readings that are more or less instantaneous and, most importantly, exact?


Now let’s get to this.

Accuracy and Technology


When it comes to the rangefinder, accuracy is a significant aspect, and most specifically, your game. And there’s no shortage of the TecTecTec VPRO500 on that either.


Not only do you get fast readings thanks to Pinsensor Technology, but you also get a super accurate reading of up to + /- 1 meter and more than 5000 actuations!


And the hardware also improves the ability of the rangefinder to avoid obstacles, to add to both of these.


In other terms, it tests almost as accurately through simultaneous disturbances. Therefore, it’s very doubtful you’ll miss a sign or hazard.


Ironically enough, there are some very typical grievances and charges against the TecTecTec VPRO500. In reality, we have met several users, unhappy enough, who had a mouthful to tell about their accuracy.


Some users encounter a 30 yards give or take while others said the reading couldn’t get past a damn branch. 2 Sides of each drug so you may want to check this out.


View and Vision


Let’s get to the lenses right now, and see the light on this issue now.


The TecTecTec VPRO500 rangefinder uses multilayered, ultra-clear, high-grade optics. There are many, easy to use keys that not only make reading faster but also make the finder very flexible in itself.


Besides this, the one aspect that will please other consumers will be that you can read the yard in both meters and yards.


Nonetheless, one disturbing fact is that you would need very stable hands to learn from this precise reading.



The TecTecTec VPRO500 rangefinder is very lightweight and compact. Most golf rangefinders indicative of. This is 104 x 72 x 41 mm wide and weighs in at 185 g.


Not bad anyway.


What makes the TecTecTec VPRO500 favorite, however, is its holding bag.


You get to store it in a stable, durable carry bag. We are not going to forfeit and not get killed.



A bummer about this is that the TecTecTec VPRO500 has a propensity to fog up inside the building. After a while, the cloudy view may decrease, but it is still an issue.


The TecTecTec VPRO500 is, therefore, also very robust overall. Using it well, and it might last for years to come.



And the last comment about our analysis of TecTecTec VPRO500: WARRANTY!


Brace yourself, as the TecTecTec VPRO500 has a 2-year warranty!



  • The TecTecTec VPRO500 is small and lightweight.
  • It offers excellent yarding.
  • Uses technologies with Pinsensor, more or less precise.
  • Lenses allow high-quality vision.
  • Popular show.
  • It is a legal tournament.
  • Comes in with a pack.
  • Comprises a two-year warranty.



  • Needs steady hand, even.
  • At other conditions, maybe fog.

2. Precision Pro Golf, NX7 Pro Slope Golf Rangefinder

Best Golf Rangefinders


The Precision NX7 Pro Slope is currently one of the coolest looking rangefinders on the market. If you read my first post on laser golf rangefinders, you’ll probably know that these are my dream golf rangefinders ever.


This rangefinder’s design is genuinely refreshing. The bright green mask with black/gray finish is very retro. Precision took a chance and didn’t want to be predictable on this one.


It comes with a sturdy, strong carrying case, a hook for you to snap it onto your bag. This also includes a cold cloth that comes in handy.



PRO SLOPE GOLF RANGEFINDER: Precision Pro Golf NX7 Pro Slope is designed to offer accurate distances on smooth or sloped surfaces. Our Pro Slope technology makes it user friendly and can help you pick the best golf course.


ADAPTIVE SLOPE TECHNOLOGY: Our golf laser rangefinder NX7 Pro Slope is infused with Pro Slope technology, which provides a “play as” distance to make club selection easy. The slope function can be shut off quickly for play in a legal tournament.


CLEAR, SIMPLE, ACCURATE: Designed with crystal clear optics, 6X magnification, and precision technology, the NX7 Pro Slope Golf Rangefinder provides excellent yarding of a golf ball’s distance from the hole and is easy to use, even for weak handed golfers.


400 YARD RANGE: This golf rangefinder has a capacity range of 400 yards, shows dimensions of 1/10 yards, and can be adjusted to meters or yards. It’s accurate to one yard and offers a brief pulse when firing the target.

WATER-RESISTANT: Constructed to survive the storm, meaning you can play in less than optimal weather. No need for a cumbersome rubber sleeve, keep your rangefinder’s form factor in anything short of torrential rain.

PULSE VIBRATION TECHNOLOGY: Trust in pulse vibration technology to realize that you’ve met the desired target. After successfully measuring the distance, the rangefinder gives a short pulse to let you know the number on the map is the right one.


FREE LIFETIME BATTERY REPLACEMENT: This golf rangefinder comes with battery maintenance facilities and device registration during life. Often included in the service plan is a two-year guarantee, trade-in bonus, industry-leading assistance, and much more.



  • Great value for money.
  • 6x magnification.
  • Pulse Processing Pulse.
  • Warranty of 2 years.
  • Replacements of the battery life are.



Difficult to find the flag if there are trees or broad slopes are blocking you out.

3. Nikon Coolshot Pro Stabilized Golf Rangefinder

Best Golf Rangefinders


The COOLSHOT Pro Stabilized succeeds the COOLSHOT 80i VR retired and other older slope measuring tools from the Nikon rangefinder series such as the COOLSHOT AS.


It’s been just a recent development that the USGA has approved the use of slope rangefinders in tournaments. It is not how it looks. The slope feature needs to be switched off during play, but it was too hard to know if the feature was really off only a couple of years ago.


Some designers were dreaming about ways around this by using colored faceplates to differentiate between measures about distance only and slope. Yet, Nikon took the stuff up a notch. The rangefinder of Coolshot Pro Balanced does not allow you to adjust faceplates and risk missing or disqualifying them tediously. The rangefinder’s exterior has a Real Distance Tracker instead.


When the Slope ID is switched off, a green LED light in between the laser, and the target lens will pulse and light up. All should be able to see and check that you are in mode just in the distance. This feature makes having one rangefinder for all golfing activities and competitions convenient.



Knowing the distance to the slope allows you to pick the correct game


Nikon’s ID (Incline / Decline) technology prevents second-guessing about how well a shot will play ascending or descending. When choosing ID Development mode, COOLSHOT PRO STABILIZED shows the slope-adjusted distance (Horizontal distance ± Height), which becomes your guide on how far you can move the ball.


Real Distance Measure – Proof of Competitiveness


COOLSHOT PRO STABILIZED features an Actual Distance Indicator, which signals to observers that the measurement mechanism Incline / Decline (ID Technology) is not in operation. The green LED light blinks as long as there is power on. The Efficient Validation indicator is shut off simultaneously, while the Slope (ID) function is turned off. Confirms appreciation for tournament play with USGA Local Law 14-3.


Locked On Hardware Supports Flagstick estimation


You’re on a target path to a lawn with trees behind them. Are you sure the distance estimated is to the flagstick, and not the trees behind it? Nikon’s Locked On Technology green circle informs you visually that the range is to the nearest subject, the flagstick.


Bright, 6x High Visibility Monocular OLED Monitor and Wide View Area


Integral monocular features Nikon’s multi-purpose optics for vivid, direct vision, and a rear diopter ring for natural exposure to the eyesight of each user. Red OLED monitor provides automated adjustment of the brightness for optimum viewing in varying lighting conditions.


8 Second Continuous Calculation renders it more clear


Click and hold the control button, then test the rangefinder for eight seconds continuously. This is helpful when you’re attempting to locate dimensions of several or very small or thin objects, helping you to know the distances within seconds of all threats, sticks, mounds, and trees. With this feature, when you enter the green, you have the opportunity to learn what you need to learn and aim the cup.



  • Nice optics.
  • Accurate 150 yards from close.
  • Efficient battery life.
  • Weatherproof



  • Glitchy
  • Price

4. Simmons Hunting Laser Rangefinder; Volt & Venture Models

Best golf rangefinders


This is an outstanding choice to seek for a powerful and accurate long range finder. The range finder is simple to use because it features an LCD monitor with an in-view, which helps to provide the optimal distance from the target. It works within 10 yards to 600 yards.


Apart from this, the range finder’s robust construction offers a long-term operation. To deliver an unmatched simple carriage, it has a sleek vertical configuration with weather-resistant housing.



  • An LCD with in-view.
  • Range: 10-6000 yards.
  • Weatherproof housing.



  • Every year for years.
  • Ideal for a broad range of applications.
  • The only natural to bear.



Breakdown is possibly

5. Bushnell Tour V4 JOLT Golf Laser Rangefinder

Best golf Rangefinders


The Bushnell Tour V4, one of the best deals from Bushnell and is also putting them on the map as the industry norm. Bushnell has been a dominant brand in the market for a golf laser rangefinder, and the Bushnell Tour V4 is one of their latest deals.


Today, many golfers are considering adding a golf rangefinder system to their bags. They differ from rangefinders, mobile GPS units, GPS applications, and the increasing trend of Golf GPS watches, of course.


The Bushnell Tour V4 is the perfect blend of scale, pace, precision, and JOLT.


Anyone has used a Bushnell before would quickly note the change in size and the Tour V4 JOLT’s interface changes.


Bushnell says it’s 30 percent cheaper than the standard Tour V3. The latest ergonomic style suits exceptionally well into the hands of golfers.


It has a comfortable grip that cups your hand to rest your thumb, and a slight notch at the edge.

Does The Bushnell V4 Have JOLT?


You might wonder what does JOLT does? It’s pretty good indeed; perhaps the most impressive aspect the Tour V4 model provides.


Looking through the window getting the pin’s yardage, it can be challenging for specific versions because behind the green are trees and banks.


Often even triple checks need to be repeated just to make sure that the yard is right (usually when you play well). 


The Tour V4 Pin Seeker and JOLT Technologies can give you some feedback when you buy the ‘JOLT’ flag handle.


The JOLT technology, paired with an outstanding 5x magnification scope, offers golfers a crystal-clear image of the flagstick and confidence each time they seek their yard.


Using your index finger, you will quickly refocus the scope using the magnification knob at the side of the range. This also compliments the Bushnell Tour V4’s ergonomic architecture once more.



  • The Patriot package includes safe clothing, battery CR2, and case carriage.
  • See field at 1000 yards 368 feet; varying range to 1 yard.
  • Multi-coated coatings. Extra-long 21 milliliters eye relief.
  • Class 1 laser has an average power consumption of less than 0.5 mW.



  • Big range to 1000 yds.
  • Precise up to 1 yd.
  • 5x magnification.
  • Pin-Seeker Control & JOLT.
  • Authorized USGA.
  • 2 Year Garantie.



  • No help at the hill.
  • Unable to quantify rpm. 
  • Battery non-rechargeable. 
  • Expensive.

6. Bushnell Pro X2 Golf Laser Rangefinder

Best golf rangefinder


Bushnell has been working for more than sixty-five years to produce the world’s most effective, best quality, and inexpensive sports optics products. Their new golf product-the Pro X2 Rangefinder-confirms their dedication in a significant way. The X2 bundles all the industry-leading features of Bushnell into one package.


Any golfer who’s ever used GPS or a rangefinder on the course appreciates their ability to save shots in one way or another. Course yard markers have the distance to the middle of the green and finish at 100 yards back. The eye often plays tricks, especially from shorter distances or when hitting up or downhill. A decent portable GPS, GPS watch, or even a free GPS device have fairly precise front, middle, and back measurements of the green. Some rangefinders boast an accuracy of up to four inches from as much as 300 yards away and can also compensate for both pin height and size.


GPS has an advantage in that it can tell a player precisely how they connect to the green. It may also give the length of the green by subtracting quantities at the front and back. The downside is that regular updates are needed for portable GPS systems and watches, and most golf applications do not provide much assistance with pin placements. GPS units have often been known to give inaccurate readings.


Rangefinders have the advantage of having an almost perfect distance to the target, a bunker, over a flood hazard, or something else that a player points to. The downside is that despite the green scale or pin positioning, rangefinders display nothing.



Slope-The Bushnell rangefinders “slope” feature takes into account how high up or down the pin lies relative to the user and offers a real “hit to” position. Nonetheless, USGA rules forbid functionality. So Bushnell has introduced “Slope-Switch Technology” for the X2 that allows golfers to turn the slope feature on or off when desired.


PinSeeker with Jolt-As with many previous versions, the X2 also uses Bushnell’s patented platform dubbed “PinSeeker with Jolt.” PinSeeker weeds out surrounding items such as trees or flagpoles and locks onto the pin quickly and reliably. If the X2 acquires the target, Jolt sends out short vibrating bursts.


Dual Display Technology-Dual Display Technology from Bushnell includes a convenient button on the side of the screen. It lets users select between a dark black display or a bright red, vibrant display based on personal choice and conditions of lighting.


Extreme Speed and Precision — Another patented Bushnell system — the 2nd generation ESP of the Pro X2 (excessive speed and precision) — offers measurements from 125 yards at five times the pace of most rangefinders to 18 inches apart.


Fast Focus and 6x Magnification-A fast focus ring on the X2’s eyepiece allows simple and easy focus correction, and 6x magnification offers a direct picture of the target and its surroundings.


Highly robust — A fully waterproof housing (most rangefinders say water resistance) and secure-grip protection (a rubber grip on a metal casing) complete the secure features of the Bushnell X2 Pro.



  • Simple to read monitor – The X2 provides two screens for users, based on personal preference and general lighting conditions.
  • Slope mode – Allows a more considerable distance to reach.
  • 6X Magnification – Since objects with a high magnification appear up to 6X closer, users will get a much more unimpeded view of the target.
  • Precise – Accurate to within 1 yard from 1000 yards out.
  • Comfortable – It quickly sets in goals and holds questions about the speed of play to a minimum.
  • Waterproof – The bulk of rangefinders are waterproof only.
  • Will not need to recharge – The built-in CR2 battery lasts a long time and can be quickly replaced.



  • No choice to install – Must be handheld. Players with shaky hands can find it much more difficult to use.
  • Pricey – Like all decent rangefinders, some could find a budget breaker with an estimated price of about $450.

7. Leupold Gx 5I3 Golf Rangefinder

Best golf rangefinder


You need to get your hands on Leupold GX-5i3 if you’re a pro golfer and aren’t on a budget. It is beyond compare. Rapid, fast, accurate, and easy to use.


The TGR and Club selection feature for this premium golf rangefinder is focused on the slope allowance, the hitting ability and weather conditions.


The TGR and Club selection technology also measure the distance to the target correctly and up to it.


The insurance feature for the slope can be turned off quickly, making it a legal tournament.


With PinHunter 3 Laser Technology, even though the flag is floating around, you can promptly detect the flag with high accuracy. The Prism Lock Technology also uses highly reflective prisms that ensure high precision.



  • It comes with a 6x magnification, which makes it incredibly easy and comfortable to see the next flag on a golf course.
  • The Leupold GX 5i3 also determines which golf club to use to hit the ball depending on the angle, the impact intensity, and the appropriate environmental conditions. This function can, however, be turned off conveniently to be used in any golf tournament.
  • It comes with the PinHunter 3 Laser Technology, which is very simple to use and gives you accurate and fast performance.
  • Also, the Prism Lock Technology helps you to receive an audible confirmation as it locks to a mark. It utilizes prisms of high quality to help you get correct readings.
  • The Leupold GX 5i3 also comes with a DNA or Digitally Improved Precision engine and specialized lasers to maintain the system get quicker readings with 1/10 of a yard precision.
  • The Fog Mode also allows the system to cut down on incorrect translations, which is particularly helpful on days where the golf course is in thick fog.
  • It has a capacity range of 450 yards to the next target and represents 800 yards.
  • It uses the lithium battery CR2, and the lens is fully multi-coated.
  • It has a single-touch scan mode, so it can quickly fold down the rubber eyecups.



  • In the Prism Lock Technology, using high-quality prisms is very helpful in providing correct readings.
  • The Leupold GX 5i3 also offers a 6x magnification and advises that the right club uses it to accurately aim a shot depending on the weather conditions, slope, and power of the strike.
  • Lightweight.
  • Quick and user friendly.
  • Completely waterproof.
  • Warranty of 2 years.
  • Legal Tournament.



  • For many consumers, the price may be a problem.
  • The time it takes to click into the pin will take longer than most other industry rangefinders.

8. TecTecTec VPRODLX Golf Rangefinder

Best golf rangefinder


While the VPRO DLX has only been on the market for a couple of months, its success is gradually growing. It builds on the VPRO 500 success that came before it, but it does have a few different features that make it better than its predecessor.


Some people might say that it hasn’t been used long enough to assess it, but I can guarantee that it’s a top-notch rangefinder having used it for a couple of rounds now. The calculation and precision of the long-range would inspire any golfer, and the Flag Seeker is also good because it is more precise than most rangefinders. Certain positive things about it include the structure that is durable and long battery life.



Range: This luxury rangefinder has an extended measuring range, and can precisely assess anything from 5 to 600 yards.


Flag Seeker: Using a susceptible PinSensor device, you can measure overlapping objects to find the pin and send you accurate distances.


Waterproof: The waterproof structure helps to keep water out of the system so you can use it even in wet weather conditions.


6X Magnifier: Objects appear up to six times closer than when using this rangefinder because they have a monocular 6X magnification lens.


Multilayer Coating: It has a multilayer coating that gives you transparent, bright pictures.



Battery: You can use it for many rounds of golf using the longer-lasting juice from CR2.



  • On the side, it feels pleasant and relaxed.
  • This rangefinder is one of the most user friendly on the market because it has just two clicks.
  • The items seem much better and more reliable when using this tool than when using others.
  • The lenses are super transparent and make it look sleek as well.
  • In whatever weather, you can use it, since it has a waterproof shell.



  • Players have difficulty when looping because they must try to turn to the Flag Seeker mode.
  • Even if it’s cheaper than other brands, other players may still find it pricey, because you can find some rangefinders at half their size.
  • If you don’t have steady hands, you might have trouble concentrating on the goal.

Best Golf Rangefinder With Slope – Key Features


With some tips, it can be much easier to find the best golf rangefinders on the market, and here are the key features that will help you do this: 




The most critical aspect is the rangefinder’s precision, and the rangefinder has to be precise to make sure you’re making a long shot. The rangefinder will be worthless without precise accuracy, and you will have been wasting your time. Nevertheless, the majority of rangefinders from the top manufacturers are reliable, and while contemplating this feature, there is no clear standard to look for.


It does, however, lead you to choose a premium brand that is trustworthy and has a reputation for being correct when making your choice.




You will want to see plainly from the other hand what is going from, and schedule your shots accordingly. 


If it comes to a great rangefinder, you’ll need one with magnification, which is at least 4X. 


Having an 8X magnification, though, can also be considered incredibly helpful and encourage you to see exactly what’s happening. 


This is also worth noting that it comes at a higher price for greater magnification. 


The 4X magnification will be more than enough for newcomers to see what’s going on. 




Are you going to play several par-five holes? 


It is a question that needs to be answered and with the total distance of the course, you can calculate the appropriate length. Most golf shots are under 400 yards, and there’s nothing you’ll need to see anymore. With a golf rangefinder, the minimum range is 400-yards, but 500-yards may also be a significant advantage.


Style Rangefinder


For general, when looking at rangefinders, you’ll see that they come in either horizontal or vertical configurations. Both of these are useful in finding the goal, and when making a choice, you would need to pick. Vertical rangefinders are a bit more compact and offer up accuracy, but they are a little more versatile and easy to use. Here’s a summary of the two:


– Vertical rangefinder: This rangefinder is more prominent and bulkier, as described above. The prototypes, though, are much sleeker and are also compact. They’re also much easier to use and are recommended for golf players.


– Horizontal rangefinder: It is the more costly rangefinder variant, and it also has a much higher magnification. Yet handling and correct usage can be a little more complicated. This rangefinder is recommended mainly for long-distance shooting.




You can wonder if the pace can play a role in picking a rangefinder, and since golf is a game for gentlemen, what is the rush? OK, you need an excellent rangefinder to help get the measurements completed fast. This will help you to prepare all your moves and how to hit the green most effectively. We suggest a rangefinder that can send out a laser beam to make the measurements in just a few seconds.




Durability plays a vital role even when it comes to a basic game like golf, and because something will fall and crack, you also need to remember the components that are still being used. Rubber coatings are standard and provide maximum overall longevity, but aluminum can also help protect the rangefinder. Inevitably the safest substance is rubber.


The invention of pin scanning


For so many fantastic brands, it can be challenging to say that one brand is better than the other, but that involves this sort of product is the critical factor. Pin scanning apps can strip away the need for a steady hand, which will make it much easier for you to locate which keep track of the ball. As we have stated, with this technology, various companies should have different names.


Calculation of the Slope


The essential aspect is the estimation of the slope, and you must have one for this function. Yeah, they may be a little more costly, but it will be worth the price when you play the game. The measurement of the slope should do all the work for you when it comes to slopes of incline and drops; you just have to follow the prescribed shots and the goal areas.




It’s no wonder these items are incredibly costly, and having a warranty will mean that you’re shielded from any bugs or defects with the product. The warranty is certainly something worth considering, and we agree that you have the peace of mind. This might even cost you a little extra to have it included.

Some Frequently Asked Questions


What is a rangefinder?


A rangefinder is a tool that looks like a binocular, but it’s only supposed to be one-eye-held. Most have a button at the top that releases a laser beam that fires at the target and bounces under your eyepiece to the sensor. It uses the laser sensor to calculate the distance to the destination you fired, whether it was a flagstick, a rock, a bunker nose, or something else.

Why Should I Use a Rangefinder In Golf?


You need to train because you want to change. If you choose to practice and improve at the same time, a rangefinder may be used to promote this. There’s no negative to using a rangefinder (unless you’re keeping up play fumbling around with it), and if the cost weren’t a consideration, everybody would have one. The specialized knowledge that they offer is beneficial irrespective of the level of ability. This material will be of use in:


Learn Your Club Ranges


A few yards over here, a few yards over there. When your distance calculation is a few yards off, and your club distance is unclear, it’s easy to overdo it or undershoots it. You will check where your shots end up with a rangefinder to see what the range is for each club, and you know what to pick from.


Learn Courses


There is an explanation of why, before tournaments, the amateur golfers have practice sessions. Knowing what to get out of a hole will change the strategy entirely. You can conveniently map every hole with a GPS rangefinder so that any time you make the correct shot.


Choose the Right Club always – If you use a seven iron but use a nine iron, you are going to have a tough time. Use a rangefinder to identify your club ranges helps you to make sure you select the correct club depending on the distance that the app can offer you: any more flood threats or sand traps.


Lower Scores and Build Confidence


Let’s be real; we all love golf until things go south. One or two bad shots or harmful decisions will destroy faith. You play well when you’re comfortable, so you’re going to make fewer errors with a rangefinder, take fewer strokes, so increase your scores to build morale.


Speed Up Play


Whether you’ve just been hunting around for a yard marker, odds are your friends weren’t happy that much. You don’t have to time the way the ball drops off the yard line; you can just take the rangefinder out and see how hard you need to reach it. You’ve measured the gap within 30 seconds, picked the correct club, and sent the ball to the flag.


Anyone will benefit from the versatility of a rangefinder, whether you’re a beginner or a pro. Besides making your caddy, it’s the second-best thing, and they also use a rangefinder to map the course before a tournament!

How do I use a rangefinder on the golf course or driving range?


The rangefinder is useful for figuring out more than just the distance to the flagstick. You may want to use it to hit a pond bank to ensure you’ve got enough club to hold it or the tree on the other side of a dogleg, so you don’t smash the ball into the fairway.


A rangefinder will also help you dial in the distances at the driving range. This is especially helpful for shoots with 3⁄4 and 1⁄2 wedge.


Take out your wedge of sand and take a pair of half-wedge shots, taking care of where they strike. When you have a bright landing spot, you can fire a target near that spot and voila with your rangefinder! You now know just how far your 1⁄2 sand wedge is going (hot tip: it’s not as easy as “half a complete shot’s distance”).


You should also use a rangefinder to figure out exactly how fast your driver should travel. Shoot a target well outside the limit, and see if your driver can go past it. When you are trying to cut off a dogleg or taking an offensive line over a threat, this could come in handy.

Why should I buy a rangefinder with slope calculation?


OK, we are approaching a bit of a grey field now. Slope estimates (that is, a rangefinder which also informs you how many yards of elevation there is between you and the target) are not legal to use in either recreational golf or tournament play.


However, as play partners used to have a “gentlemen’s agreement” that using rangefinders was OK before the USGA legalized them, so many amateur or recreational players choose to use slope measurement rangefinders anyway.


Many slope-enabled rangefinders have a “tournament mode,” and they can be used for distance-only when you are playing in official competitions or when you don’t want to use slope measurements from your match partners.


During practice rounds for tournaments, slope measurements can come in very handy. Just take a sloped yard on some big hills and write it down in your yardage book — that will give you a leg up on the guy who’s just wondering.

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