What is Real Time GPS Tracking [Full Guide]

real time GPS tracking

Real-time GPS tracking technology allows companies and people to locate any asset remotely within seconds. Such live surveillance data can be used to improve child safety, control vehicle fleets, protect assets, and more. GPS Tracker Shop offers a small number of high-performance live GPS tracking tools for vehicles or specific trackers tailored to any company’s needs, government agency, or consumer car tracking applications.


Real-time GPS tracking devices use the same satellite technology as passive GPS products (car trackers with no monthly fees), but with one specific feature in the hardware unit: a module for cellular data. This one aspect is crucial because it allows GPS to transfer recorded location data quickly and send it to off-site servers in real-time. When distributed with the aid of cellular networks, the real-time GPS data hits off-site repositories where it can be viewed via an online platform. This allows the user to log into a website and see their car(s) or asset(s) live while moving! Since all of this is web-based, real-time GPS data can be viewed from a smartphone, computer, or any device with an Internet connection.


Live GPS Tracking For Cars

GPS Tracker Shop offers only a select and exclusive line of real-time tracking devices designed to give users instant access to personal and mobile assets. GPS enthusiasts and industry experts broadly regard these professional-grade vehicle management solutions as the most efficient and reliable devices on the market today!


  • Company Vehicle 
  • Asset Protection 
  • Elderly Driving Safety
  •  Fuel Consumption Control 
  • Teenage Driving Monitoring 
  • Auto-Theft Security

Benefits of Real-time GPS Tracking

Really-time GPS, often widely referred to as mobile devices, allows each user the opportunity to immediately identify and track objects that are relevant to them. With many different alert options, including high-speed warnings and virtual fencing alerts, real-time GPS is now being used to help families with dementia-stricken loved ones, special needs children with wandering frequencies, companies with small/large transport fleets, those seeking to protect watercraft, and many, many more. When any asset is fitted with a real-time GPS, consumers should rest assured that they have the most advanced tracking systems to manage their land, valuables, and loves others.


GPS Trackers in real time In the business world


The real-time GPS technology is widely used in the business world because it is capable of improving vehicle performance, delivering auto-theft coverage, and reducing costs associated with a lack of responsibility. Adverse route selection, personal use of company vehicles, aggressive driving behavior, and several other things related to vehicle management can all hurt profits. Although a monthly service contract is required for any real-time GPS to cover the costs of data transmission over cellular networks, the prices of not working for staff lost equipment, and reduced personal security are all far more costly. Not to mention, certain inefficiencies can even damage the name and prestige of the product.


Real-time GPS Alerts


Live GPS Tracking: Nothing beats the capabilities provided by real-time GPS tracking devices when it comes to collecting the most real-time vehicle or personal location data. This is because real-time GPS devices not only give users the ability to locate a person, car, or object 24/7, but live GPS tracking technology is also programmed to alert a company or parent when a potential problem occurs. This is because the GPS trackers offer velocity alerts and safety zone alerts in real-time.


Parents can use speed alerts to determine whether a teen driver operates a vehicle at unsafe speeds and helps businesses learn more about any potential liabilities that may exist when employees misuse cars in the industry. This is essential real-time knowledge as excessive speed can not only bring additional wear and tear to a car but also increase a driver’s likelihood of getting involved in an accident involving a motor vehicle. Speed warnings can, therefore, not only be effective in encouraging safe driving habits in the home or business setting but can also save lives.


Security zone warnings are another of the popular features provided by real-time GPS devices and can be used to enhance home and business safety and security. Health zones, also known as Geo-fences, require virtual boundaries to be established for users. This is achieved using an electronic tool, the same web-based solution that was used to monitor personal data monitoring from GPS. When a car approaches or leaves this boundary, a warning will be sent to one or more users indicating that the vehicle has crossed the perimeter of the established safe zone. Users will then receive notifications via email, text message or both avenues.

This can be very beneficial in business applications, since it will allow fleet managers to know when workers arrive or leave a job site or when they use company vehicles for personal use. In consumer applications, the safety zones are also significant because they can alert parents if a child arrives home from school or notify family members if a senior loved one battling memory illness wanders off.

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Real-Time GPS Tracker FAQs

  • How Can I Track My GPS Car? You can then use your computer or mobile phone to track a car by putting a real-time GPS tracker inside or outside the vehicle. GPS tracking data is superimposed over a satellite mapping program like Google Earth, where you can see where a vehicle is situated, how fast it is moving, and other driver-centered detail.


  • What’s A Good GPS Car Tracker? The best GPS tracker cars are waterproof, surface magnet engineered, offer a consecutive tracking time of at least 25 hours and are supported with free technical assistance. According to online reviews, the Live Spytec GL300MA is one of the most popular real-time GPS trackers.


  • Can GPS Tracking be False? Hey. Nonetheless, most free GPS tracker applications for iPhone and android are highly inaccurate because they use cell towers to triangulate the much more precise location versus GPS satellite technology. Therefore it is advisable to use a GPS tracking device in real-time instead of a mobile app. A GPS tracker that calls on satellite technology in real-time, however, is rarely ever wrong and accurate up to 6 feet.


  • How accurate is a tracker for GPS? If a GPS tracker is equipped to a car in real-time and the GPS has a clean line of view to the sky, then the GPS tracker is accurate within approximately 2 meters. That’s precise enough to determine which parking space a vehicle has been parked in!


  • What is a GPS Tracker on Real-Time? Real-time GPS tracking acquires satellite GPS signals that are used to determine speed, location, altitude, and a vast amount of other data. This information is transmitted to servers over the cell phone towers where a person can see where a vehicle is located in real-time. You can update data from a real-time GPS tracker as quickly as every 3 seconds!

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