Essential Garmin GPS Accessories


Garmin GPS AccessoriesGarmin portable systems allow the consumer to walk away everywhere without losing anxiety. In addition to the increasing demand for these devices, the Garmin GPS accessories have also proved to be a vital component in improving the performance of these GPS Devices. Some of the essential Garmin GPS accessories are outlined below:



Some Essential Garmin GPS Accessories are

1. Garmin Portable Friction Mount

There are four arms on the Garmin Portable Friction Mount that spread out to cover a large area. This device works on friction, as the name suggests, by having a rubber bottom. It also has padding to make it more substantial and more stable on each of the weapons.


Garmin GPS accessories

An extended arm with a ball mount is at the center of the mount, where you can attach your existing GPS cradle. With dimensions of 275.59x 216.54x 84.65 in, it is relatively big, totaling at 11.2 ounces in weight. The base cloth is black, and the arm where you can mount the cradle is black, too, giving the piece a sleek finish.


You have to install your existing cradle on the ball mount at the end of the plastic arm to use it, and you can place it on your dashboard anywhere. Also, the ball mount allows you to update the GPS device to realign it to your field of vision.


Furthermore, it has a mounting bar that helps you to move the arm around or hold it in one position. Readjusting the GPS would mean turning the whole mount around if you clamp it down. If you chose not to lock it, if you just the GPS unit, only the arm will turn around.

2. Garmin Cadence Sensor 2, Bike Sensor to Monitor Pedaling Cadence


The magnetic speed sensor has a bit of a party trick: it can record rides even if you don’t have an app or device that is actively connected to it. Yup, the little pod has gained a brain and can now remember any rides you complete without GPS, subsequently transferring them to Garmin Connect (or Strava)–perfect for motorcycle switches.


Garmin GPS accessories

In total, the sensor can support three concurrent connections:

  1.  ANT+: it can accept an infinite number of contacts with ANT+ 
  2. Bluetooth Smart # 1: The first Bluetooth Smart link channel available.
  3.  Bluetooth Smart # 2: Bluetooth Smart link channel second available


Of course, the main reason that you would use this sensor is to display speed and distance, most likely off-road, on your bike computer. For most bikes, GPS is nowadays more than reliable and secure enough on-road. While mountain biking off-road in dense forest or with switchbacks is where you would probably want a speed sensor to give you better distance accuracy and better speed stability.


Yet Garmin decided to add a unique feature to this new speed sensor, which gives on-road cyclists ‘ money ‘ for it: offline caching of your workouts.


This feature ensures that each time you start pedaling, the sensor will automatically activate a new workout (sans-GPS). And then it’ll finish the session a few minutes after the bike stops moving. This is super interesting for bike commuters who may not even know about beginning a GPS session for their regular runs but are interested in accounting for the numbers.

3. Garmin Friction Mount

Garmin friction mountIt provides stability and mobility


Pliable base molds to fit any dash


Secures to dashboard with a non-skid bottom


The integrated arm can be folded down for easy storage in an automobile or luggage


Integrated arm folds down for storage


Easily transferable from car to car


New design is lighter weight, more flexible and more compact.


4. GPS Car Mount Cup Holder with Adjustable Arm for Garmin

Garmin GPS accessories

The sturdy, 8-inch adjustable arm makes your GPS close to you for smooth operation and perfect view. Flexible ball head joint construction enables 360-degree adjustment of the GPS.


It offers free installation of tools, Expandable base fits most cars, SUVs, trucks, and other vehicles with standard round cup holders.


This Garmin GPS accessory is an alternative to GPS cd slot mount holder, GPS air vent mount holder, GPS friction beanbag mount holder, GPS suction cup mount, GPS dashboard mount, GPS windshield mount, and GPS dash pad.

5. Garmin USB Cables

Garmin GPS accessories

Such cables are only used to link computers to other peripheral devices, which include cameras, scanners, and printers. Garmin’s USB cables are fast and can transfer data and information at varying speeds. These cables are designed with different types of connectors, making it easy to recognize which plug to put into the computer and which plug to insert into the peripheral devices.




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