Best Sennheiser Wireless Microphone

Sennheiser Wireless microphone

Sennheiser has been a pioneer in wireless microphone technology for decades, and there are best  Sennheiser wireless microphones , which is ideal for nearly every use. This guide will help you recognize each microphone’s strengths and determine which wireless Sennheiser mic is right for you, whether you’re a solo performing artist or a sound tech who wants a wireless network for your theater productions.

This buyer’s guide seeks to give you confidence and help make your decision simpler. We’ve collected the best Sennheiser wireless microphones list here. You should be assured after reading these reviews that you have found the microphone for your needs and your budget.

We’ll click over every wireless microphone’s top features, costs, and ratings. The real news? Quick all these portable microphones from Sennheiser come in at less than $500. Nothing may be better than consistency and affordability.

Top 5 Sennheiser Wireless Microphones

Sennheiser E835 Dynamic Cardioid Vocal Microphone
Sennheiser e945 Supercardioid Dynamic Handheld Mic
Sennheiser Pro Audio (XSW 2-ME2-A)
Sennheiser e865 Lead Vocal Condenser Microphone
Sennheiser E 835 Dynamic Vocal Microphone Stand Cable Pouch Bundle
40 - 16000 Hz
40 - 18000 Hz
30 - 20,000 Hz
40 –20000 Hz
40 - 16000 Hz

Sennheiser E835 Dynamic Cardioid Vocal Microphone

Sennheiser Wireless microphone

The E835 is a fantastic performing microphone from the house of Sennheiser, who has almost 70 years of experience in manufacturing sound pieces of equipment.

If lead singing is your key forte, then a decent microphone that can bring out the best of your voice is of utmost importance. The Sennheiser E835 Dynamic Cardioid Vocal Microphone is explicitly engineered for vocal on-stage use with singers like you in mind.

The E835 is a lightweight cardioid device, suitable for the replication of fantastic and human voices. And as singers shift on and off-axis, the standard cardioid picking pattern preserves the sound level, which essentially filters out all external noise or feedback. Both these features and much more make the E835 one of the best vocal microphones out there.

Our analysis of the Sennheiser e835 attempts to give you an in-depth understanding of the microphone output and to help you determine if this is the correct microphone for you.


Sound Quality

E835 has a bright response and provides a definite presence in your face, which makes it very easy to break through and yet lacks any clarity on the higher end. It’s not too messy in the price range, and it’s not comparable to other mics. Although a professional guitarist can get irked, most people won’t note that. It still outperforms the SM58, but it’s not that much better with the transient response. The upper midrange is quite swollen and is very harsh if it is pressed too hard, particularly on those harmonics of soprano that fall into a range.

Even, this microphone shouldn’t give you a one- feeling. Sennheiser e835 is outstanding when it comes to speech handling, and it has a relatively good balanced bottom end. Proximity influence is low, so skills rarely boom. It sounds more or less natural.

It also works very well for baritone singers, despite visibility. Some people won’t need the more expensive mics to sound decent, and that will prove to be an excellent buy as long as gain before feedback isn’t a concern. It is also accessible for tenors and soprano but can lack some clarity and become a little edgy in the upper midrange.

Build & durability

This microphone has a good construction quality, somewhat comparable to the more costly Sennheiser ones. Likewise, the expanded product warranty includes this. It uses a humbucking coil that eliminates electromagnetic radiation, and the capsule has a standard suspension that substantially minimizes noise in the handling. The architecture of the body is where things vary. For whatever explanation, 800 episodes, while having identical looks, are lighter than 900’s. The mesh grilles on e835 often look a little softer and would theoretically come off if repeatedly falling. I would encourage you to do it wisely because you do not want the warranty to be invalid.

Other Features

  • Smooth presence enhances while tonal reaction guarantees clarification and projection.
  • Minimal Proximity effect produces reliably stable bass end output when singing from capsule closer to or farther.
  • Cardio pick-up pattern offers good signal separation and denial of feedback, making it easier to achieve higher sound levels.
  • Steel architecture with an internal shock-mount system minimizes noise treatment.
  • Response frequency 40-16,000 Hz, 350 Ohms Impedance.

Sennheiser e945 Supercardioid Dynamic Handheld Mic

Sennheiser Wireless microphone

If you’re looking for something of a standard quality higher-end microphone, the Sennheiser e945 is a perfect option. It is a microphone that can respect seasoned singers even better when you hear everything, even the mistakes you make. It has a pure, warm, and very informative natural voice. A very good on really secure stage microphone.

Why Buy the Sennheiser e945?

The Sennheiser e945 is a professional look- and feel microphone. It was designed to be used by vocalists on stage, as its sound can easily be sliced through the mix. Its robust metal structure allows this microphone to cope with further on-scene violence. Since it’s a versatile Supercardioid microphone, you’ll find it brings even more emphasis on the source, in this case, the vocalist. It does an outstanding job not to let the stage sound get into the microphone’s sides.

This microphone is much lighter and more accurate than the famous Shure SM58. It adds less color to your voice and can sound fantastic even without depending heavily on EQ. Since it has a polar Supercardioid template, you’ll need to be more specific about how you sing and how you project your voice. This shouldn’t be a concern for you if you’re an accomplished athlete. It is also lovely to use as a handheld microphone, without creating as much noise to manage as you walk through it.

The microphone fits for female and tenor voices very well, making them sound fuller and more profound. Baritone singers will note that this microphone lets their voices have a clear and undistorted sound that is pure and strong to them. Bass singers may note, however, that their deeper voices can sound boomy due to the impact of proximity.


  • Steel building: sturdy and secure.
  • Capsule fitted with shock: reduced exposure to noise effect and handling.
  • The pickup pattern of super cardioid: separation from other on-stage signals.
  • Neodymium ferrous boron magnet: Maintains a stable microphone independent of temperature.
  • 10 Year contract.
  • Metalworking: Robust and efficient.
  • Shock-mounted capsule: High resistance to noise effects and handling.
  • The pickup pattern of super cardioid: separation from other on- signals.
  • Neodymium ferrous boron magnet: Keeps microphone secure whatever the environment.

Sennheiser Pro Audio (XSW 2-ME2-A)

Sennheiser Wireless microphone

The XS WIRELESS 2 VOCAL Package is an easy-to-use wireless device for singers and presenters featuring the renowned evolution microphone capsules from Sennheiser to work under pressure and catch every word.


High Performance – Even Better Price:

Based on the legacy of Sennheiser and deep expertise in designing wireless solutions for both experts and emerging musicians, two new product ranges have been created for those who want to go digital, as well as those who are ready for the next step.

Excellent Live Sound:

XS Wireless 2 is unique for live listening and features esteemed microphone capsules from Sennheiser’s development. As an artist, host, interviewer, entertainer, or instrumentalist, you can rely on XS Wireless’s secure broadcast and outstanding live performance. You just need to RAISE YOUR VOICE.

Reliable Transmission:

You’ve got to put up with much stuff on stage — so does the gear. XS Wireless 2 is built to last: transmitters and microphones are sweat-resistant and can endure even the worst on-stage tension of everyday use.

Unobtrusive clip-on microphone and portable bodypack transmitter for hands-free service.

Real Metal enclosure receiver with external antennas.

Fully tunable for up to 12 simultaneous channels over a wide range of UHF frequencies.

Automatic monitoring and synchronization of frequencies via remote channel for easy configuration.

Included Rackmount Pack.

Sennheiser e865 Lead Vocal Condenser Microphone

Sennheiser Wireless microphone

Great vocalists deserve to be heard because of the less than spectacular stage mic, not lost under a mix. That’s why Sennheiser designed the e865, an expensive handheld condenser microphone that takes a pro-studio sound and positions it on stage.

The e865 excels at catching the complexities of your vocal music with a high-quality capsule and favorable frequency response, whether you sing softly, loudly, or dynamically. While some stage condensers can be finicky in picking up unwelcome stage noise or sensitive to feedback, the healthy super-cardioid pattern of the e865 just picks up what’s before it — your vocals.

However, it’s made secure for successful gigging musicians seeking a mic that’s long-lasting, yet secure after the show. We know there can be a special bond between a singer and their microphone at Sweetwater, and the Sennheiser e865 could be the mic that you’ve been waiting for!


Smooth, studio-quality sound

When designing the e865, Sennheiser engineers attempted to bring the studio’s music on board. Unlike the cheaper handheld dynamic mics used in most venues, the e865 features a cleaner, stable top-end and dry, concentrated lows that flatter male and female voices. The e865 is also an excellent alternative for public speaking, live streaming, or podcasting, with a beautiful, never-muddy proximity influence.

Designed for the stage

The healthy super-cardioid pattern of the e865 is perfect on stage, catching what’s right in front of the capsule without picking up extraneous background noise or crosstalk, or generating sharp feedback that can throw a wrench into your performance. The e865 provides a clean, transparent, and strong signal even in the loudest settings, with all the information you’d expect from a condenser mic.

Built tough for rigorous use

Don’t let their elegant style profile deceive you — the e865 is a roadworthy workhorse, designed to be rigorously used night after night. The e865 will offer vocalists an extra boost of confidence to drive their performance over the edge with a pleasing weight and durable feel in hand. Then, for post-show cleaning, the durable sound inlet basket holds its own against mic drops and is quickly replaced, so it’s new for the next performance.

Other Features

  • Microphone portable condenser with pro-studio sound.
  • Super cardioid pattern only picks up your voice, not the unwelcome noise from the stage.
  • Smooth frequency reaction regulates transients and offers a rich and centered low end.
  • Excellent public speaking microphone, online streaming, and podcasting.
  • Sleek style on stage looks fantastic.
  • Roadworthy, workhorse mic designed to survive stringent use.
  • Fast to clean a portable basket with a sound inlet.

Sennheiser E 835 Dynamic Vocal Microphone Stand Cable Pouch Bundle

Sennheiser Wireless microphone

The Sennheiser e835 is a versatile, portable microphone, mainly used for vocals. It is a decent performer at excellent quality!

Like other cardioids, active microphones, this one absorbs noise very well and facilitates active rejection of feedback. The construction is exceptionally durable so that it will last you a long time, and it comes with a 10-year warranty, which will give you faith in the consistency of its design.

This microphone is also equipped with an integrated internal shock mount to balance and protect the capsule from high volume handling noise, and it has a consistent frequency pick-up pattern that preserves the signal strength when going on and off the axis during performance.

It has a mid-range and high-end lift, plus a bass roll-off that’s perfect for making vocals sound more natural and warm, plus it doesn’t need a lot of EQ’ing to make it look fantastic.

The low-end sounds are fantastic and sure too.

This kit was designed for the Sennheiser e 835 Versatile Handheld Microphone, so you will have everything you need straight out of the box for your next live or studio show! We have included (1) Tall Microphone Boom Stand and (1) 20-foot XLR microphone cable to link the e 835s to a computer or console for mixing.


  • Wired.
  • Rugged body of alloy.
  • Proper denial of feedback.
  • Capacity for handling high sound noise.
  • Shock-mounted capsule provides superb noise control.
  • Uniform reaction both on- and off-axis.
  • The cardioid pick-up pattern isolates other on-stage signals.
  • Hum Coil Insurance.
  • XLR-3 connector. 

Some Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you clean a Sennheiser microphone?

Keep the cable microphone and not the anti-kink jacket. Shake the capsule for the receiver to extract excess moisture. Bathe the capsule of mics in isopropyl alcohol to remove traces of the make-up and another soiling. Do not use a cloth or a bristle brush to clean the sound inlet for the microphone.

2. How do you use a Sennheiser microphone?

  • Batteries mount. 
  • Prepare your Screen. 
  • Link the Microphone to the Sender. 
  • The receiver is connected to the camera (As needed).
  • Link Receiver to Recorder or Monitor. 
  • Facilities Setup.
  • Match Transmitter and Receiver.
  • Pick Up Your Talent or Subject.

3. How do you maintain a microphone?

  • Clean the grille off your amplifier and clean it with water. Use a moderate odor remover detergent. Seek a toothbrush with loose bristles, if it is particularly gummed up. When washing it, you should keep the foam windscreen stuck to the grille.
  • Make careful to let the grill dry out before putting it back on the stand. Air-drying is best, but a low-heat hair dryer always works as soon as you have covered the inner foam windscreen. You are still using a high-heat environment causing the windshield to melt.
  • Place the microphone upside down and clean it carefully with a wet toothbrush, if the microphone doesn’t have a bright grille. Holding the device upside down prevents sweat leakage into the tank. You can clean the same way the foam which covers the diaphragm of your SM58.
  • When the microphone feels foul, rinse it softly with a damp toothbrush in a combined solution of water and mouthwash. Place the mic upside down once again as you do so. Always spray disinfectant or other cleaning agents at the head of the microphone, as this can penetrate the grill and destroy the receiver.
  • If somebody was using your microphone with a lipstick, you could notice lipstick smeared all over the grill. This stubborn material is built not to come off but to keep on. Fortunately, there are beauty pads intended to clear the lipstick without touching the lips.

4. How do I sync my Sennheiser wireless?

  • Control on the portable microphone and the audio receiver to which it is synced. 
  • Click the sync button and keep the mic pad on the left side, to the black section of the receiver panel.
  • Wait on the receiver panel for the check mark to come up. 
  • Verify that the microphone is compatible with the receiver.

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