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Kiwi Ears Dolce

Unraveling the Enigma of Audio Excellence with the Kiwi Ears Dolce


  • The lower frequencies find a harmonious equilibrium, abstaining from overwhelming the auditory panorama.
  • Bass notes resonate with a natural tightness, preserving a respectful distance from higher frequencies.
  • The emphasis on upper-mid frequencies injects vitality and resonance, elevating vocals and snap.
  • The higher frequencies sparkle with a brilliance that avoids straying into the realm of discomfort.


  • The soundstage, though satisfactory, reveals its constraints when juxtaposed against pricier models.
  • The retreat of the lower-mids impacts the overall body and depth of the sonic profile.

Venturing into the Soundscape: Exploring the Kiwi Ears Dolce In-Depth

In the dynamic universe of audio enthusiasts, the Kiwi Ears brand has etched its mark with a resonance that speaks of superior quality. A captivating presence at CanJam NYC put the spotlight on the Kiwi Ears Dolce – a model that has left many intrigued. Now, the stage is set to uncover the truth: Can the Dolce, priced at a mere $25, genuinely deliver an auditory experience that can rival its more illustrious counterparts? Or does our yearning for excellence exceed the boundaries of reality?

What’s in the Box?

The journey with the Dolce commences with an exploration of its packaging, revealing a carefully curated selection:

  • The Kiwi Ears Dolce In-Ear Monitor
  • A Trio of Silicone Tips in Varied Sizes
  • A Quality Control Card, Ensuring Precision and Excellence

Driver1 Dynamic
Frequency RangeUnspecified
Impedance16 Ohms
Sensitivity102 dB
Cable Interface0.78mm-2 Pin
Earphone MaterialMedical grade resin
Plug Type3.5mm Stereo Cable

Design Symphony and Aesthetic Reverie

The Dolce’s design narrative blends utilitarian grace with an undertone of allure. A transparent resin shell, harmoniously fused with a matte blue faceplate, creates an ensemble that exudes an air of refined sophistication. The commitment to comfort is palpable, ensuring fatigue-free usage even during extended listening sessions. The craftsmanship mirrors its price point judiciously, maintaining the equilibrium between aesthetics and functionality.

Beneath the Melodic Veil: Anatomy and Auditory Landscape

Kiwi Ears Dolce

The Dolce employs a classic ideology at its core – a lone 10mm dynamic driver. Sometimes, the brilliance lies in simplicity, and the Dolce’s choice is a testament to this notion. The cable, meticulously crafted from OCC copper, utilizes a 2-pin connection culminating in a 3.5mm termination. While it may not boast the sturdiest build, its virtue lies in its replaceability, a canvas upon which enthusiasts can paint their audio aspirations.

A Sonic Canvas: Expanding Horizons

The Dolce’s prowess shines brightly within its budgetary realm, yet a certain limitation becomes evident when it comes to the soundstage. It projects a canvas that is both commendable and confined, a distinction that becomes more pronounced when juxtaposed against higher-tier models such as the Quartet and Quintet. Instrumental precision remains intact, yet the spatial depth might lack the resonance of its costlier counterparts.

Unveiling Dolce’s Visual Serenade

Beyond its auditory magic, the Dolce narrates a tale of visual allure. A gradient panel, transitioning from a bewitching blue to a profound black, evokes an enchanting twilight sky. This ombre faceplate transforms the Dolce into more than an auditory tool – it’s a visual masterpiece that beckons attention.

Harmonizing Sound, Unleashing Excellence

Harmonizing Sound, Unleashing Excellence

The Dolce’s acoustic orchestration aims for harmony and authenticity. Every sonic element is meticulously balanced, resulting in a symphony that resonates harmoniously. From the commanding bass to the evocative vocals and the gleaming highs, the Dolce seeks to replicate your cherished music faithfully. Its equilibrium and innate tonality enrich every facet of the auditory spectrum, offering an experience that’s both captivating and memorable.

Embarking on Kiwi Ears’ Sonic Odyssey

Fuelled by the pursuit of unparalleled audio, Kiwi Ears embarks on a journey of innovation. The fusion of advanced technology with finesse in tuning sets our In-Ear Monitors apart. Catering to musicians and studio virtuosos, our aspiration is to transform your musical encounters into a mesmerizing odyssey of auditory wonder. At Kiwi Ears, we eschew mediocrity with fervor, ushering in a new era of sonic brilliance.

The Ultimate Verdict

In the grand symphony of sonic tuning, the Dolce emerges as an unexpected virtuoso. It even outshines the pricier Quintet in terms of tuning preferences. While it might not boast an expansive soundstage or unprecedented transparency, its sonic signature remains pristine, vibrant, and captivating. An extraordinary gem that emanates remarkable value within its price bracket, the Dolce shatters the preconceived notions of budget-bound audio brilliance.


What is the difference between Kiwi Ears Cadenza and Dolce?

The Kiwi Ears Cadenza and Dolce embrace distinct sound signatures. The Dolce boasts a captivating V-shaped sound, characterized by an invigorating, energetic treble, a prominent forward midrange, and a substantial bass presence. In contrast, the Cadenza follows a balanced sonic profile. It offers a darker treble, delivering natural and rich vocals, and is accompanied by a warm bass presence. While the Dolce energizes with its vibrant spectrum, the Cadenza embodies a balanced, more subdued tonality.

What is the difference between Kiwi Ears Cadenza and Blon BL 03?

When comparing the Kiwi Ears Cadenza and the BLON BL-03, distinctions in bass and tonality emerge. In contrast to the BLON BL-03’s fuller and thicker bass response, the Cadenza presents a comparatively leaner bass profile. The BL-03’s pronounced bass gives it a distinct nimbleness, while the Cadenza’s bass takes on a more restrained quality. Additionally, the Cadenza’s upper midrange maintains a clearer tonal integrity due to its lesser midbass thickness. As a result, the Cadenza offers a refined and uncolored upper midrange, setting it apart from the BLON BL-03’s richer and weightier bass-oriented tonality.