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Discover the ultimate collection of DJ headphones that redefine sound precision and elevate your mixing game to new heights.

Are you on the hunt for the best DJ headphones to crank up your music gigs or rock those late-night parties? Look no further, because we’ve got your back. We get how crucial it is to score a pair of reliable headphones that perfectly match your DJing, music-making, or live-show needs. But with so many options flooding the market, singling out the top-notch DJ headphones like Sennheiser DJ headphones or Pioneer DJ headphones can feel like a bit of a challenge.

No worries, though! This detailed article is here to make things easier. We’ve rounded up a bunch of headphones that are tailor-made for professional DJs.

These headphones are famous for their spot-on sound quality, tough build, noise-blocking skills, and comfy design – they’re the real deal.

In the following lines, we’ve jotted down brief but all-encompassing descriptions and reviews of each product. Whether you’re a seasoned pro after the best DJ headphones of all time, or a newbie looking for the perfect starter pair, this info will help you make a smart call – it’s like finding the headphone gem that’s just right for you. 🎧

🎧 Best DJ Headphones of All Time 🎧

In the world of DJ headphones, the OneOdio Wired Over-Ear DJ Headphones stand out with their remarkable features and affordability. If you’re seeking the perfect blend of power and comfort, this option might just be the one for you.


  • Extremely budget-friendly price tag
  • Utilizes large drivers for enhanced audio experience
  • Backed by a substantial 2-year warranty period


  • Audio quality, while good, could be further improved

Best Features

  • 50 mm drivers for dynamic sound
  • Impressive 110 dB sensitivity
  • Comfortable cushioning over the ears for extended use
  • Innovative 90-degree swiveling ear cup design
  • Dual connectivity options for versatile use
  • Generous 8 feet long corded cables for ample freedom of movement

The OneOdio Wired Over-Ear Headphones introduce an affordable entry point into the world of professional DJ gear. These headphones come equipped with powerful 50 mm drivers that deliver an impactful bass output, while maintaining clarity in vocals and high notes.

To ensure both comfort and noise cancellation, the earpieces are equipped with soft padded cushions. The headphones also feature a lengthy 9.8 feet long coiled cord, guaranteeing effortless connectivity.

There are two connectivity options available: a 6.35 mm plug and a standard 3.5 mm plug. Both options are detachable, enhancing the convenience of use. For those who prefer single-sided audio monitoring, the headphones include 90-degree swiveling cups.

Performance: Delight in the robust bass and comfort that the OneOdio Studio headphones provide. The large 50-millimeter speaker unit drivers, combined with neodymium magnets, produce dynamic bass—a perfect companion for DJing, mixing, monitoring, or simply enjoying music.

Comfort and Flexibility: Designed for comfort and noise isolation, the soft padded ear cushions and adjustable headband ensure a snug fit during extended sessions. The headphones feature a DJ-style coiled cord that effortlessly extends from your audio source to your seat. Plus, both the 3.5 mm and 6.35 mm jacks are detachable, providing versatility for various devices.

Versatility and Portability: Enjoy single-ear monitoring with the 90-degree swiveling ear cups. The headphones’ foldable design enhances their portability, while also accommodating single-ear monitoring.

Why Choose OneOdio Studio Pro-10:

  • Sound: These over-ear DJ headphones boast dynamic bass, thanks to their 50 mm neodymium drivers. Ideal for DJing, mixing, and monitoring in studios and other applications where high-quality sound is paramount.
  • Comfort: Designed for extended wear, Studio Pro-10 ensures comfort even during long sessions.
  • Durability: Studio Pro-10’s sleek look is matched by its durability, making it an excellent choice for both the DJ booth and everyday use.
  • Flexibility: The foldable design ensures natural adjustments for various head sizes, while the detachable spring cable with 3.5 mm and 6.35 mm plugs caters to diverse needs.

The OneOdio Wired Over-Ear DJ Headphones epitomize an affordable gateway into the world of professional sound. With its powerful audio delivery and comfort-centric design, this option proves to be a compelling choice for both aspiring and seasoned DJs alike.

Numark HF125 DJ Headphones

Numark HF125 DJ Headphones

Ultra-Portable Professional DJ Headphones

In the world of DJing, the right headphones can make all the difference. If you’re in pursuit of both quality and affordability, look no further than the Numark HF125 DJ Headphones. As one of the best DJ headphones for budding enthusiasts, the HF125 brings a blend of features that promise to enhance your audio experience without breaking the bank.


  • Compact design for easy integration with your DJ setup
  • Lightweight construction ideal for extended sessions
  • Effective noise isolation for immersive focus


  • Some users might experience connector issues over time

Best Features

  • Most affordable DJ headphones
  • 40 mm drivers for enhanced sound output
  • Impressive 101 dB sound sensitivity
  • 6-foot long cord for flexible movement
  • ⅛ inch connector with a bundled ¼ inch adapter
  • Backed by a reassuring 2-year warranty

The Numark HF125 DJ headphones stand as a testament to the brand’s commitment to delivering exceptional audio gear without a hefty price tag. While these headphones fall into the category of being the best DJ headphones for beginners, they certainly don’t compromise on performance.

Sound Precision and Comfort in One Package Though available at a budget-friendly price, the Numark HF125 doesn’t skimp on sound quality. Equipped with 40 mm drivers, these headphones pack a punch, ensuring that every beat and note is delivered with precision. As you sculpt your mixes, the HF125’s 7 adjustable positioning settings allow you to tailor your listening experience to your unique preferences. Despite its compact size, this model prioritizes comfort, remaining lightweight even during long sessions. The padded headband and ear cushions not only add to your comfort but also prevent sweat build-up, letting you focus fully on your music.

Your Sonic Oasis – Isolation and Connectivity Amid the commotion of a lively event, the HF125 excels at noise isolation. It keeps the outside world at bay, letting you hear each sonic detail with crystal clarity. The 6-foot hard-wired cord features a ⅛ inch connector, and for expanded compatibility, Numark provides a ¼ inch TRS adapter, ensuring a hassle-free connection to various DJ mixers. The single-sided cord design minimizes tangles and potential disruptions, allowing you to stay locked into your creative flow.

Reliable Investment – Backed by Warranty Numark takes pride in its products’ durability and stands behind the HF125 with a generous 2-year warranty. This commitment assures you that your investment is safeguarded, providing peace of mind as you embark on your DJing journey.

In conclusion, the Numark HF125 DJ Headphones offer exceptional value to those entering the world of DJing or seeking a reliable backup set. With its blend of sound quality, comfort, and affordability, the HF125 asserts itself as an essential tool for any aspiring DJ’s kit. Whether you’re practicing in your bedroom or performing on stage, these headphones provide the audio clarity and comfort you need to craft your sound with confidence.

In the realm of DJ headphones, the Behringer HPX2000 stands out with its exceptional features and performance. Designed for both budding DJs and music enthusiasts, these headphones promise an immersive listening experience that captures every sonic detail. Let’s dive into the notable aspects of the HPX2000.


  • Exceptional high-resolution performance and superb sound reproduction.
  • Remarkably affordable price point.
  • Wide frequency response and high dynamic range for professional-grade audio.


  • Some users may experience fatigue during prolonged use.

Best Features

  • High-resolution cobalt capsules in rotating, reversible ear cups for detailed sound reproduction.
  • Equipped with 1/4 inch TRS converter for 1/8 inch TRS connection, ensuring versatile compatibility.
  • Rugged headband design with detachable cable, offering easy replacement.
  • Closed-back design for noise isolation; over-ear design for maximum comfort.

Phenomenal Sound: Unveiling the HPX2000, you’re inviting immersive auditory experiences into your world. Crafted with precision, these high-definition DJ headphones are equipped with 50mm speakers that deliver a broad frequency response and an expansive dynamic range. Whether you’re delving into the nuances of a mix or indulging in your favorite tracks, every sonic subtlety is at your fingertips. Moreover, the closed-back design excels in noise isolation, enabling you to be immersed in your music even in bustling surroundings.

Engineering Excellence: The HPX2000 comes with a host of features that enhance your auditory journey. From high-definition bass to super-transparent highs, the headphone captures the essence of your audio content. Its ultra-high dynamic range ensures a rich soundscape, while the high-efficiency cobalt capsule contributes to its remarkable performance. The package includes a 1/8″ connector along with a 1/4″ adapter, expanding its connectivity options. The single-sided cord is fashioned from oxygen-free copper wires, ensuring durability and tangle resistance.

Built to Accommodate: The rotating, reversible round-shaped ear cups of the HPX2000 not only provide comfort but also deliver sound fidelity. The ultra-rugged headband construction assures longevity, reflecting the quality of its construction. Crafted under the guidance of BEHRINGER Germany, these headphones exemplify precision engineering.

Unveil the Remarkable: A DJ demands a headphone that can accurately reproduce a wide frequency response and a high dynamic range, and the HPX2000 meets these demands with finesse. It’s tailored to provide the best performance without straining your budget.

Elevate Your Auditory Experience: Experience audio like never before with the HPX2000. Its two rotating, reversible ear cups encase high-resolution cobalt capsules, meticulously delivering every auditory nuance. The headphone’s cable is engineered from the finest oxygen-free copper wire, ensuring durability and minimizing tangling. The package also includes a 1/4″ TRS adapter for the 1/8″ TRS connector, making it adaptable to various devices, from MP3 players to mixing consoles.

The HPX2000 doesn’t compromise on quality, delivering exceptional sound reproduction at a price that won’t break the bank. Visit your nearest BEHRINGER dealer to witness the auditory marvel for yourself.

If you’re on the hunt for versatile and dynamic DJ headphones, the MAONO AU-MH601 is here to elevate your audio experience. With its multifunctional design and outstanding features, it’s a compelling choice for both aspiring and professional DJs alike.


  • Versatile applications
  • Essential adapters included
  • Compatibility with various devices


  • Frequent connections and disconnections required

Best Features

  • Multifunctional DJ headphone
  • 50 mm drivers
  • 116 dB sensitivity
  • Protein earmuffs on each ear cup
  • 90 degrees swivelling ear cup design
  • 2 headphone jacks
  • 1-year warranty

An Auditory Upgrade Awaits: When considering an upgrade for your auditory adventures, the MAONO AU-MH601 is a name that commands attention. It boasts 50 mm drivers with a spacious aperture, poised to elevate your auditory experience to new heights.

Superior Sound, Remarkable Comfort: The MAONO AU-MH601 prides itself on offering an outstanding auditory voyage with an extended sensitivity range of up to 116 dB and precise bass response. Notably, these DJ headphones embrace active noise cancellation, bestowing upon you an impeccable ambiance to focus solely on your musical craft.

Versatility Embodied: Setting itself apart, the AU-MH601 is a testament to ingenuity. Boasting an additional headphone jack, this pair of headphones beckons you to share your musical journey with friends and family. MAONO ensures seamless compatibility by bundling a 3.5 mm and a 6.35 mm adapter, opening doors to various devices such as desktop computers, laptops, and DJ mixers.

A Marriage of Comfort and Durability: With soft protein earmuffs cocooning each earcup, unwanted external noise is kept at bay while you revel in your soundscape. The lightweight yet sturdy ABS construction lends durability to the outer body. Moreover, the ergonomic design of the headband, crafted from a blend of PC and ABS, ensures both comfort and longevity.

Unveiling Single-Side Monitoring: The 90-degree swivel ear cups introduce a level of convenience for one-ear monitoring. The self-adjustable headband accommodates various head sizes, offering a personalized fit. The 9.8ft coil retractable and detachable headphone cable adds to the maneuverability.

A Closer Look at the Details:

  • High-Fidelity Sound: The powerful 50mm drivers deliver immersive sound, a delight for audiophiles seeking excellence.
  • Sharing Moments: Multiple headphone jacks enable you to share videos, music, and movies with friends and loved ones.
  • Studio Monitoring: Ideal for live streams, microphone use, and amplified instruments, effectively preventing music leakage.
  • Supreme Comfort: The ultra-soft protein earmuffs ensure comfortable, fatigue-free wearing, complemented by a lightweight and durable headband.
  • Comprehensive Package: The headphones come bundled with a detachable 9.8ft coiled cable, essential adapters, and an instruction manual, all backed by a 12-month warranty.

Elevate your auditory escapades with the MAONO AU-MH601, where innovation meets comfort, and where sound is an art form. 🎶

In the realm of premium DJ headphones, the Sennheiser Pro HD DJ Headphone emerges as a standout choice. Boasting a sensitivity of 120 dB and an impressive frequency range of 16 to 22000 Hz, these headphones are tailored for the discerning needs of professional DJs and music enthusiasts. Let’s delve into the features, advantages, and considerations of this exceptional offering.


  • Exceptional build quality and sound performance
  • Single-sided usage capability enhances convenience
  • Aluminum voice coils contribute to heightened sensitivity
  • Compact and lightweight design for portability
  • Rotatable earcups enable flexible audio monitoring


  • Relatively expensive, particularly for beginners entering the field

Best Features

  • Premium DJ headphones designed for professionals
  • Impressive 120 dB sensitivity for immersive sound
  • Wide 16 to 22000 Hz frequency range for accurate audio reproduction
  • 9-foot long cable with support for both 3.5 mm and 6.5 mm connections
  • Supraaural ear coupling ensures comfortable extended wear
  • 2 years warranty for added peace of mind

Sennheiser, a venerable name in the audio industry, has engineered these headphones with precision and finesse. The Sennheiser HD 25 Professional DJ Headphones, in particular, exemplify the brand’s commitment to excellence. Their compact build is enhanced by aluminum voice coils within the drivers, which not only ensures high sensitivity but also keeps the overall weight delightfully light. This lightness doesn’t compromise their performance; in fact, it enables the headphones to emit loud and clear output while expertly handling the rigors of low-end frequencies.

Remarkably portable and lightweight, the Sennheiser HD 25 makes an ideal companion for DJs on the move. The comfort factor comes into play, ensuring you can wear these headphones for extended durations without discomfort.

One of the standout features of the Sennheiser HD 25 is its detachable, single-sided cable. This design element promotes convenience, allowing you to use the cable only when needed. Additionally, the rotatable earcups provide the flexibility to employ a single ear cup for audio monitoring without any hindrance.

With a frequency response ranging from 16 Hz to 22000 Hz and a sensitivity of 120 dB, the Sennheiser HD 25 delivers an impressive sonic performance. The 5-foot cable, which supports both 3.5 mm and 6.5 mm connectors, provides ample reach and connectivity options. As a premium choice, these headphones are backed by a reassuring 2-year warranty, further substantiating their quality and durability.

Notably, the Sennheiser HD 25 is acclaimed for its ability to handle high sound pressure levels due to its lightweight aluminum voice coils. This trait, coupled with its robust construction, makes it an exceptional performer even in loud environments. Whether you’re an ENG professional, involved in sound reinforcement, studio monitoring, or audio equipment testing, these headphones prove their mettle admirably.

In addition to professionals, these headphones cater to the needs of DJs and sound engineers alike. With the capability for one-ear listening, they serve as indispensable tools for mobile monitoring. The closed-back design contributes to high attenuation of background noise, ensuring your focus remains on the sound you intend to capture or manipulate.

In summation, the Sennheiser Pro HD DJ Headphone garners its reputation as the “Industry Standard” for DJs, earning its rightful place in DJ booths worldwide. Its exceptional sound representation, durability, and thoughtful design cement it as an impeccable choice for those seeking top-tier DJ headphones.

When it comes to DJ headphones, the Pioneer DJ HDJ-X5-K stands out as a remarkable contender. Pioneer, a renowned name in the DJ industry, consistently delivers products that meet the demands of professionals and enthusiasts alike. This particular model, the HDJ-X5-K, brings a blend of exceptional features tailored for DJs seeking top-notch performance.


  • Superior audio quality
  • Coiled cable included
  • Great build quality and reliability


  • The warranty period should have been longer

Best Features

  • 40 mm drivers for exceptional audio quality
  • Sensitivity of 102 dB for precise sound reproduction
  • Wide frequency range of 5 to 30000 Hz
  • 32 ohms impedance for optimal performance
  • Closed dynamic drivers for immersive sound experience
  • Backed by a 1-year warranty for peace of mind

Outstanding Sound Quality One of the paramount factors for any DJ headphone is its sound quality, and Pioneer understands this well. The HDJ-X5-K boasts 40 mm drivers that provide remarkable audio clarity. With a sensitivity of 102 dB, these headphones ensure that your tracks are heard with precision even in bustling DJ booths or on the go.

Rigorous Testing and Durability Pioneer takes pride in the durability of its products, and the HDJ-X5-K is no exception. Rigorously tested for resilience against challenging conditions and heavy usage, these headphones are designed to accompany you through your demanding gigs without compromise.

Comfortable Fit for Prolonged Use Comfort during extended sessions is paramount for DJs, and the HDJ-X5-K is designed with this in mind. Its swivel mechanism allows you to wear the headphones in the manner that suits you best. The housing design not only enhances grip but also reduces pressure on your head, promoting comfort during prolonged use.

Sleek Design and Portability With a sleek and refined design, the HDJ-X5-K exhibits a professional aesthetic that complements your DJ setup. Available in black or silver, these headphones offer not only style but also functionality. The compact carry pouch ensures easy portability and safeguards your headphones during travel.

Accessories and Replacement Parts The package includes a 1.2-meter coiled cable and an L-type mini-jack, minimizing the chances of accidental disconnection during performances. Additionally, Pioneer provides replacement parts for the detachable cables and ear pads, making maintenance and renewal hassle-free.

In Conclusion Pioneer’s HDJ-X5-K DJ Headphone is a testament to their commitment to delivering exceptional audio experiences to DJs of all levels. With its superior sound quality, durability, and thoughtful design, this headphone model caters to the needs of professionals and beginners alike. While the warranty period could be extended, the HDJ-X5-K remains a solid choice for those seeking reliable performance and outstanding sound clarity during their DJ sets. Elevate your mixing endeavors with the Pioneer DJ HDJ-X5-K and experience a new dimension of sonic precision. 🎧

When it comes to the realm of headphones, the name Shure might not be instantly familiar. However, let us introduce you to this high-premium brand, renowned for crafting quality DJ headphones like the Shure SRH750DJ. This headphone choice is not only premium but is also tailored for DJs, offering high impedance and maximum power output.


  • Remarkable sound precision
  • Long attached cable for unrestricted movement
  • Comfortable, swivel ear cups for one-ear placement


  • Non-detachable cable limits versatility

Best Features

  • 40 mm drivers for enhanced frequency response
  • Neodymium magnet and 106 dB sensitivity
  • Closed-back, circumaural design for noise isolation
  • Lightweight at 291 grams
  • 5 to 30000 Hz wide frequency range
  • Oxygen-free copper 10-foot cable
  • 2-year warranty for added assurance

Enhanced Sound Precision 🎵 The Shure SRH750DJ comes equipped with 40 mm drivers meticulously tuned to deliver an enhanced frequency response, ensuring crystal-clear audio across all frequencies. This precision makes every note resonate with clarity, empowering you to create a harmonious auditory experience.

Immersive Comfort and Noise Isolation 🎧 Designed with a closed-back, circumaural form factor, the Shure SRH750DJ snugly envelopes your ears, creating an immersive listening space. The noise-isolating padding on the ear cups not only enhances comfort but also isolates you from external distractions, allowing you to immerse yourself fully in your craft.

Neodymium Magnet for Remarkable Sensitivity 🔊 The heart of the Shure SRH750DJ lies in its drivers, which are fueled by a neodymium magnet. This engineering marvel yields a remarkable sensitivity of 106 dB, making even subtle nuances audible. The expansive 5 to 30000 Hz frequency range ensures that no sonic detail goes unnoticed, whether it’s the thumping bass or the delicate highs.

Elegance in Design and Durability 💎 Despite its impressive specifications, the Shure SRH750DJ maintains a manageable weight of approximately 291 grams, ensuring comfort during prolonged sessions. The 10-foot oxygen-free copper cable not only grants you freedom of movement but also preserves audio fidelity. As a testament to its quality, Shure offers a substantial 2-year warranty.

Crafted for DJs with Precision and Excellence 🎧🎶 Built upon 87 years of pro audio mastery, the Shure SRH750DJ headphones stand as a testament to world-class audio performance, comfort, and durability. Its optimized impedance and power handling are a perfect match for high-output DJ mixers, ensuring a consistent and powerful sound output.

Unveiling the Art of Mixing 🎚️ Comfort takes center stage with padded ear cups that swivel 90 degrees, allowing effortless one-ear placement during mixing. The headphone’s replaceable cable and ear pads ensure enduring performance over time, a true companion on your DJ journey.

Immerse in Sonic Excellence 🎶 The Shure SRH750DJ boasts maximized power handling tailored for DJ mixers, offering an enhanced frequency response that captures bass depth and extended highs. With its closed-back design, this headphone envelops you in immersive sound, shutting out extraneous noise.

Quality That Withstands the Test of Time ⚙️ The SRH750DJ’s adjustable headband and swiveling ear cups align comfort with functionality. Legendary Shure quality ensures these headphones endure the rigors of everyday use, making them a dependable partner throughout your musical endeavors.

Everything You Need and More 🎧✨ Inside the package, you’ll find a wealth of accessories, including a threaded 1/4″ gold-plated adapter, dual-exit detachable cables, and an additional pair of ear pads. The zippered storage case keeps your headphones secure when on the go or not in use.

For the discerning DJ seeking precision, power, and comfort, the Shure SRH750DJ headphones are an embodiment of excellence. With their impeccable sound quality, comfortable design, and durable build, they stand as a testament to Shure’s commitment to delivering world-class audio solutions. Elevate your mixing experience with these remarkable headphones. 🎧🎵

If you’re seeking an affordable DJ headphone without compromising on quality, the 2CANZ Professional Wired DJ Headphones might just be the answer. These headphones come equipped with 50 mm drivers that deliver a powerful and precise audio experience, boasting a sensitivity of 110 dB. The package includes a generously lengthy 9-foot corded cable for convenience, and an additional 4-foot long 3.5 mm cable with a microphone for added versatility. Notably, these headphones cater to various audio setups, supporting both 3.5 mm and ¼ inch jack connections, allowing you to plug in with ease.


  • Shared listening is made possible through the extra port.
  • The inclusion of 2 cables provides flexibility for different scenarios.
  • A commendable level of versatility is offered at a budget-friendly price point.


  • Some users have reported that the driver quality could be improved.

Best Features

  • Affordable DJ headphone
  • 50 mm drivers for powerful audio
  • 110 dB sensitivity
  • 9-foot long corded cable for convenience
  • Additional 4-foot long 3.5 mm cable with microphone
  • Supports both 3.5 mm and ¼ inch jack
  • Versatile multiple jacks for various setups

2CANZ may not be as widely recognized as some other brands in the DJ headphone realm, but it brings forth an enticing option for those who are stepping into the world of DJs. The 2CANZ Over-Ear Professional Wired DJ Headphones present an enticing proposition, particularly for budget-conscious individuals.

Presenting another cost-effective choice with a substantial 50 mm driver configuration is the 2CANZ Professional Wired DJ Headphones. These headphones are tailored for DJs, boasting a sensitivity of 110 dB and adjustable earpads offering eight different settings. The ear cushions are crafted with plush Comfrasoft material, ensuring a comfortable and snug fit during extended usage.

The inclusion of an extra port fosters a shared listening experience among users. Propelled by Neodymium drivers, these headphones deliver a crystal-clear and dynamic sound that impeccably captures the nuances of low, mid, and high frequencies.

A distinct highlight of the 2CANZ Over-Ear Professional Wired DJ Headphones is the presence of two different sized jacks: a standard 3.5 mm jack and a professional-grade ¼ inch jack. Beyond enhancing compatibility, this feature enables the connection of multiple headphones to the same source, perfect for communal entertainment.

Premium Quality DJ Sound: Equipped with 50mm Neodymium Drivers, these headphones deliver precise audio reproduction across all frequencies. The result? A well-balanced sound profile that captures the intricate details of your music, whether you’re crafting beats or enjoying your favorite tracks.

Built for Comfort: The ergonomic design of these headphones takes your comfort seriously. The Comfrasoft padded ear cushions provide a luxurious feel while effectively isolating external noise. The custom-stitched and padded headband is thoughtfully engineered for a relaxed fit, complete with multiple adjustment points to suit your preferences. Additionally, the foldable earpads can swivel up to 90°, ensuring portability without sacrificing comfort.

Built for Versatility: At the heart of the 2CANZ design lies versatility. With both 3.5mm and 1/4″ headphone jacks incorporated into the headphones, you’re granted the flexibility to connect to a wide range of devices without hassle. This clever feature also enables shared listening experiences, allowing multiple headphones to be linked to the same source for shared enjoyment.

Package Contents: The package includes the 2ONE Model Premium Wired Over-Ear Headphones, which boast the features that make 2CANZ stand out. Alongside the headphones themselves, you’ll find a 9-foot coiled cable (3.5mm to 1/4″) that provides ample length for dynamic movement during your sessions. Additionally, the package includes a 4-foot 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable with a built-in microphone, enhancing the functionality of these headphones for diverse audio setups. Lastly, a comprehensive usage manual ensures you make the most of your investment.

Elevate your DJing experience with the 2CANZ Professional Wired DJ Headphones, designed to deliver impeccable sound quality and unparalleled comfort. Whether you’re a seasoned DJ or just embarking on your journey, these headphones offer the tools you need to make your sessions truly outstanding.

As our exploration continues, we spotlight the Audio-Technica ATH-PRO7X Headphones, a testament to premium quality in the world of DJ headphones. Equipped with 45 mm drivers, these headphones redefine auditory excellence. Their slightly larger aperture drivers distinguish them, delivering heightened sound detail and expressive bass output that stand out amidst premium contenders.


  • Outstanding drivers for superior quality
  • Impressive frequency range and impedance
  • Empowering audio output


  • Warranty duration should have been longer

Best Features

  • Experience the pinnacle of DJ headphones
  • 45 mm drivers for unrivaled sound
  • 100 dB for commanding audio presence
  • Comfortable ear cushioning for extended use
  • 90-degree swiveling ear cup design for flexibility
  • Supports both 3.5 mm and 6.3 mm connections
  • Backed by a 1-year warranty for peace of mind

Distinct from the alternatives in our lineup, the Audio-Technica ATH-PRO7X adopts an on-ear design, marrying aesthetics and lightweight construction. The accompanying cable is both coiled and detachable, stretching a substantial 3 meters. A straight 1.2-meter cable is also included, ensuring versatility.

The ear cushioning featured in Audio-Technica headphones is heralded by professionals for its dual advantage—supreme comfort without compromising audio fidelity. Boasting an impressive frequency response spanning from 5 to 35000 Hz, this model leaves an indelible mark. With a sensitivity of 100 dB and an impedance of 34 ohms, its performance is top-tier. The package includes a 3.5 mm stereo plug on the cable, accompanied by a 6.3 mm adapter—a true auditory companion that’s built to last, backed by a 1-year warranty.

45 mm large-aperture drivers: These drivers are the heart of the headphones, delivering impeccable and detailed sound reproduction that captures every nuance of your music.

Sleek on-ear design: The minimalist on-ear design not only exudes style but also ensures comfort during extended listening sessions.

Detachable locking cables: The package includes both a 1.2 m – 3.0 m (3.9′ – 9.8′) coiled cable and a 1.2 m (3.9′) straight cable, offering versatility and a secure connection for active DJ use.

Powerful audio handling: With a maximum input power of 2,000 mW, these headphones can handle even the most demanding audio levels, delivering distortion-free wide-range audio at any volume.

Premium, soft, and durable earpads: Experience hours of comfort while listening, thanks to the plush earpads that are built to last without compromising on audio quality.

The Audio-Technica ATH-PRO7X professional DJ headphones embody a perfect harmony between aesthetics, functionality, and high-fidelity sound reproduction.

Immerse yourself in a world of auditory precision with the Sennheiser HD 400S – a compact closed-back, around-ear headphone designed to elevate your music experience to new heights. Crafted with meticulous German engineering, these headphones guarantee impeccable audio clarity that lets you savor every intricate detail of your favorite tracks.


  • German engineered precision for audio clarity.
  • Convenient one-button smart remote.
  • Effective noise isolation design.
  • Lightweight and foldable for portability.
  • Durable construction for longevity.
  • Dynamic sound with extended bass.


  • Nothing to consider

Best Features

  • Strong bass response for vibrant audio.
  • Easy music and call control.
  • Comfortable noise reduction.
  • Compact and portable design.
  • Reliable build quality.
  • Balanced sound with German engineering.
  • Backed by Sennheiser’s legacy of excellence.

Exceptional Sound Clarity: With 32mm, 18-ohm transducers meticulously engineered in Germany, the HD 400S ensures a vibrant and balanced sound profile, complete with extended bass response that resonates powerfully.

Smart Remote Control: Seamlessly navigate your music journey with the one-button in-line smart remote. Effortlessly play, pause, and manage calls without the need to fumble for your phone – a convenient feature that keeps you immersed in your music.

Ambient Noise Reduction: The closed-back, around-ear design is not just about comfort – it’s engineered to isolate external noise. Ergonomically designed ear pads reduce ambient sounds, allowing you to be fully absorbed in your chosen tunes.

Portability at Its Best: Embrace the lightweight, foldable design that makes storage and transport hassle-free. Whether you’re on the move or packing them away, these headphones seamlessly adapt to your lifestyle.

Durability Meets Style: The Sennheiser HD 400S is not just about performance; it’s about durability too. Meticulous craftsmanship ensures a robust build that can keep up with your busy lifestyle, making it a reliable companion for your musical journey.

Unveil the Future of Audio with Sennheiser: With a heritage spanning 70 years, Sennheiser is dedicated to the pursuit of perfection in sound. It’s a passion embedded in our DNA, inspiring us to continually innovate and exceed expectations. The HD 400S exemplifies this commitment, setting new benchmarks in audio quality and performance.

Experience the HD 400S Difference: Elevate your listening encounters with the Sennheiser HD 400S. Revel in sound precision that transports you to the heart of your music. Let the one-button smart remote grant you seamless control, and allow the ergonomic design to cocoon you in an oasis of undisturbed sound.

Elevate your music experience with the Sennheiser HD 400S. Crafted with precision, it delivers impeccable sound, convenient control, and comfortable design. A true companion for audio enthusiasts, backed by Sennheiser’s legacy of excellence.

Your Ultimate DJ Headphones Buying Guide

Whether you’re a club DJ or a party-spinner, the right DJ headphones can be your sonic ally for those extended gigs. Elevate your musical journey with headphones that offer both comfort and precision. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you choose the perfect pair and keep the crowd grooving.

Powerful Sound

When selecting DJ headphones, prioritize those with a powerful sound profile. These headphones are engineered to emphasize robust bass and crystal-clear highs. This sonic balance is crucial, especially in a DJing context where you need to contend with external noise from the crowd and PA systems. A strong bass response is key, ensuring you can hear the low-end frequencies that resonate on the dance floor. To optimize your experience, aim for headphones that offer solid bass response, ideally reaching frequencies of 20Hz or lower.


DJing often involves long sessions, so the comfort of your headphones is paramount. Pay attention to features that contribute to comfort, such as the quality of the earpads, the design of the cables, and the flexibility of the headphone bands. Uncomfortable headphones can quickly become a hindrance during extended sessions and might impact your performance negatively. Opt for headphones with well-padded ear cushions that provide a snug fit and prevent fatigue and soreness. Additionally, consider headphones with swiveling and rotating ear cups, which allow you to take short breaks and easily set the headphones aside.

Build Quality

Durability should be a key factor when choosing DJ headphones. Since these headphones will likely see regular use, they should be able to withstand wear and tear. Poor construction and subpar materials can lead to premature breakdowns. To ensure your headphones stand the test of time, select models constructed with high-quality materials. Look for headphones made from strong polymers or aluminum, materials known for their durability and ability to endure the rigors of regular use.

Noise Isolation

Effective noise isolation is essential for DJs to immerse themselves in their mixes. Noise isolation refers to a headphone’s ability to block out external sounds, allowing you to concentrate on the music without distraction. Opt for headphones equipped with advanced noise isolation technology. These headphones utilize ergonomically designed ear pads that help minimize ambient noise, enabling you to focus more on your mix and less on extraneous distractions.


Long DJ sessions can lead to sweat accumulation around the ears, potentially leading to discomfort or even ear damage over time. To address this concern, choose headphones that feature moisture resistance or sweatproof technology. These features help prevent the buildup of moisture within the ear and promote adequate airflow, enhancing comfort and preventing potential health issues.


While aesthetics may not affect performance directly, your appearance while DJing can influence your stage presence. When you’re performing in front of an audience or cameras, your look matters. Many modern DJ headphone models come in a variety of colors and designs, allowing you to choose headphones that not only sound great but also complement your style and overall presentation.

Frequency Range

Though some headphones boast frequency ranges beyond the limits of human hearing (20Hz to 20kHz), it’s important to understand that these numbers provide little advantage. The human hearing range lies within these boundaries, making the rest of the range somewhat redundant. Additionally, manufacturers may use various techniques to achieve these specifications, which should be carefully evaluated to determine their actual impact on sound quality.


DJ headphones often endure extensive use, so durability is a crucial consideration. Headphones crafted from robust materials like aluminum and strong polymers are likely to have a longer lifespan. Look for headphones that are engineered to withstand accidental drops and impact without compromising their performance. Choosing headphones that can endure the demands of DJing will save you from frequent replacements and ensure consistent performance.

Jack and Cable

DJ headphones usually come with a 1/4″ jack, which matches the inputs found on most DJ controllers and mixers. Additionally, consider the type of cable provided. Coiled cables are favored by many DJs over straight cables due to their reduced likelihood of tangling with other equipment. Regardless of the cable type, pay attention to the cable length. An overly long cable can snag, while a too-short cable might get accidentally disconnected from its input jack.


DJing often involves traveling between gigs, making portability a valuable aspect of your headphones. While some models come with various features, they might be bulky and cumbersome to transport. Opt for headphones with a foldable design that allows for easy packing and transport. At the end of your performance, you can fold them up and stow them in your backpack’s pocket, streamlining your setup and making life on the move more manageable.


Before delving into the world of DJ headphones, establish your budget and identify your priorities. Take time to determine the features that are essential for your DJing needs. Once you’ve established your preferences, start your search with those criteria in mind. With advancements in technology, many headphones with trending features are available at affordable prices. Regardless of your budget, you can find a pair of headphones that align with your DJing aspirations. By knowing your requirements in advance, you can make an informed and satisfying purchase.

FAQs For Best DJ Headphones

What headphones do EDM DJs use?

EDM DJs frequently opt for the Sennheiser HD 400S, renowned for its exceptional audio clarity that ensures every detail of the music is heard, and the Pioneer HDJ-X10, which offers precision sound reproduction and impressive durability to withstand the demands of live performances.

What is the most important feature to look for in DJ headphones?

The most pivotal aspect when selecting DJ headphones is their ability to deliver studio-quality sound with a flat frequency response. This characteristic is essential for an accurate portrayal of all frequencies in your mix. Pay attention to details like the frequency response and driver size. A driver size of at least 40mm ensures proper bass response while maintaining the integrity of other frequencies.

Are studio headphones good for DJ?

Closed-back studio headphones can serve well for DJing. To enhance the DJ experience, consider models with swiveling ear cups or a flexible headband. These features facilitate monitoring your set with one ear while listening to the club mix with the other, an essential aspect of DJing.

Should I go for an open-back or closed-back DJ headphone design?

Closed-back headphones are generally the preferred choice for DJing. They offer superb noise isolation, effectively blocking external noise that could interfere with your mixing. Additionally, the closed-back design enhances sound clarity and bass response due to minimal sound leakage, which is not the case with open-back designs.

What must be the sensitivity of DJ headphones?

While opting for headphones with higher sensitivity can provide increased volume during performances, it’s crucial to exercise caution. Extremely high volumes can lead to hearing damage. Look for a sensitivity level that strikes a balance between delivering sufficient volume and protecting your hearing.

Are wireless headphones suitable for DJing?

Although wireless headphones offer convenience and portability, they may not be the optimal choice for DJing. Wired headphones are the preferred option as they provide lower latency and optimal sound clarity. Wireless headphones can introduce latency issues, potentially disrupting the timing of your mix.

Is on-ear or over-ear better for DJing?

Over-Ear headphones, such as the Sennheiser HD 400S, are favored by some DJs due to their ability to effectively block out background noise. This feature proves beneficial for monitoring incoming tracks in noisy club environments. However, it’s important to note that the over-ear design might result in warmer and less comfortable ears during extended DJ sessions.

Do you need noise-canceling headphones as a DJ?

Noise-canceling headphones are not a strict requirement for DJing. Headphones with effective noise isolation are sufficient to block out external sounds and allow you to focus on your mix. Noise-canceling headphones may come at a higher cost and are optional.

What should be the maximum input power rating of DJ headphones?

The maximum input power rating, typically around 3000mW, is indicative of the quality of sound you can expect. Higher input power ratings result in less distortion when listening to music at high volumes, a common scenario for DJs during performances.

What is the difference between DJ headphones and studio headphones?

DJ headphones are designed with durability and travel in mind, utilizing high-quality materials to withstand the demands of on-the-go performances. They tend to be sturdier and more suitable for frequent travel. In contrast, studio headphones may prioritize sound accuracy over durability, making them less travel-friendly and more delicate.

Do I need to consider the headphone’s impedance?

Impedance is a consideration when selecting DJ headphones. For optimal performance, aim for headphones with an impedance range of 16-32 ohms. Lower impedance headphones are easier to drive, resulting in louder volume and improved sound quality.

Should I look for the most expensive DJ headphones for the best sound quality?

While expensive headphones can deliver exceptional sound quality, it’s not necessary to opt for the most expensive models. Many mid-range headphones offer similar sound quality and durability. The key is to find headphones that are affordable and meet your specific music needs.

Do you need special headphones for DJing?

Yes, DJ headphones offer a noticeable improvement in audio quality compared to standard headphones. DJ headphones are designed to provide enhanced sound clarity, a crucial factor for DJs to accurately mix and assess tracks.