Best apple watch golf gps apps

There’s a host of top apple watch if you’re a golfer.

When the Apple Watch launched first a few years ago, we would never have suggested replacing or changing your trusty golf watch with an Apple Watch app. It was painfully slow to connect to your phone for a GPS signal, applications were clunky and unreliable, and it was an unpleasant experience.

Yes, these are not dedicated tools and so it can be a little slower to get a reading than on a “proper” golf watch – however, our testing has now found them to be reliable and functional. 

The following are the list of some best apple watch golf GPS apps.

Hole19best apple watch golf gps apps

One of our favorite golf app from Apple Watch, the original iPhone app from Hole 19, is a top-scoring social golfer site. You’ll be able to get distances to the front, back and middle of the course, and you’ll also be able to keep score on your watch – but we’re still fishing out the iPhone app to monitor putts and tee shot direction, which is easier to use when waiting for the next tee box.

When the hole data doesn’t turn over immediately, the Apple Watch software itself may be a bit of a faff to use, but you’ll quickly get used to how you need to tap.

Using Hole19 to get correct GPS distances to main hazards or for an overview of the hole in full. Hole19 lets you make the right choices in the course of your round. No need for an expensive golf rangefinder, download the free Hole19 Golf app.


The great range-finding Apple Watch feature, 18Birdies excels at shooting, with the ability to add strokes, hit/missed fairways, putts, chips, and greens, all from the wrist in regulation. Nevertheless, the view of the Watch data is slightly more cluttered with details than Hole 19, which does not match the fat fingers.

The iPhone app is well-designed and full of fun side games, bonuses, and guidance – there’s even a premium tier with advanced stats and club suggestions.


Shot Tracking and History: Have your shot registered and share it with friends! Measure the distance, start and end position, determine the shot form, quality, and power of the shot. Hit a thrilling shot? Share your favorite tracked shots to Facebook and the 18Birdies App!

Advanced Stats: Get more insight with new charts and custom filters into your game to better understand your success and how you measure up against the competition.

Tee Shot Planner: In your skillset, incorporating historical statistics and scores from other golfers who played the course before, tee shot planner is a best data-driven caddy that tells you where to shoot off the tee to get the lowest possible score on any hole.

Live Coach: Get quick answers on how to hit shots in the fairway, rough, or bunker from any form of lie. You can also learn what to expect when you have an uphill or downhill sloped shot whenever the ball is above or below your foot.

Strokes Gained Scoring: Tracking each shot you take to the course to get accurate statistics on the results compared to different sets with golfers (with varying levels of skill). See where you are by aim, or group (Off The Tee, Approaching The Green, Around The Green, and Putting) on an aim.

Golf GameBook

Golf GameBook is one of the best golf games in the world! Features include GPS Rangefinder, Golf Scorecard, Live Score, Golf Leaderboard, Golf Statistics, and more, making Golf GameBook the best free Golf App.

Golf Game Book’s software is based on community scores for those who live for the game. You can create real-time scoring tournaments – which isn’t exclusive to Golf GameBook – but you can also see the leaderboard on your Apple Watch, with stroke-play scores for up to four players at a glance.

There is also the normal feature of range-finding, so you can input data on hit/missed fairways, so putts taken. The app is nowhere smooth as Hole 19 or 18Birdies, but it’s worth checking out because of the group scoring aspect.

Fun Golf GPSFun Golf GPS

Fun Golf GPS doesn’t make the actual game of golf more entertaining, but it does add some snazzy visuals and scoring for up to four players onto your Apple Watch app. The app will make use of the GPS from your Apple Watch Series 2 or later, too, so it isn’t reliant on your phone.

Unlike the others on test, Fun Golf GPS offers a 2D visual of the green and surrounding bunkers/hazards (3D if you open your iPhone), which is super handy if you’re unfamiliar with the layout of the course.

You can get distances to the front, middle, and back, of course, and there is an instant shot tracking feature that tracks your drives – so you can save the good ones from later gloating.

  • Interactive scrolling hole layout with distance to any point on the globe, thanks to the digital crown.
  • High-contrast hole maps for better legibility.
  • Automatic hole-tracking based on position or score.
  • Comfortable score-keeping for up to 4 players.


Develop your game and master the course while enjoying a whole new Golfshot golfing experience. More than 2 million Golfshot group members rely on our Golf GPS devices to save time, money, and strokes. Get the best features of the Phone Wear Golf GPS right on your apple watch golf gps apps

The GolfShot platform has a lot more to offer than wrist-based distances, and in fact, it is one of the best tools to book tee times and work out handicaps. It does, however, lag the competition in terms of design, and we found it a little challenging to use.

The Apple Watch app itself offers a full description of the spot, which is exclusive to the device, and you can zoom in on the green – but it uses satellite imagery, which is not of the highest quality. We have much preferred the vivid description of Fun Golf GPS.

  • Distance to the center of the green.
  • Track and record each shot/club used.
  • In-depth statistics.
  • 3D hole and course flyover previews.
  • Stroke Play and Stableford scoring.
  • Search and book GolfNow tee times.
  • Save and share rounds with friends.

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