Top 5 Best Alienware Gaming Monitors (Next Level Gaming)

alienware gaming monitor

Whether you’re a professional computer gamer or a casual after-hours warrior, your hardware might be the turning point between victory and defeat. To make the most of the new first-person shooter (FPS), sports, racing, and other fast-acting games, you need not only a gaming PC with a powerful graphics card but also a display that can render the action without being exposed to a blurred  and other motion artifacts.

The Alienware Gaming Monitor is one of the most impressive gaming screens available, but you’ll pay a high premium for the stylish looks.

alienware gaming monitor

Introducing an all-new Alienware gaming monitor featuring the classic style you trust for an exciting, immersive gaming experience. Alienware accessories are designed to improve your gaming experience as you move further into the game If you’re only starting or filling out your arsenal.

Top 5 Alienware Gaming Monitors

Alienware 25 Gaming Monitor AW2518Hf

Alienware Gaming Monitor

Product Description

Alienware New 25 in. Gaming monitor packs high-performance gaming features into a captivating display screen iconic Alienware design, 240Hz refresh rate, 1ms response time, & AMD Free Sync technology for an effortless gaming experience.


  • The AW2518HF was designed for enthusiasts and delivered a futuristic style and precise form with solid stability.
  • Native refresh rate Lightning-fast 240Hz combined with a response time of 1ms provides buttery-smooth gameplay with virtually no input lag.
  • Compatibility- all Operating systems. AMD Free Sync removes choppy gameplay and broken frames at almost every framerate with smooth, artifact-free results.
  • Specific gaming OSD (on-screen display) design keeps your user experience in the gaming theme. Brightness: 400 nits. Needed AC voltage 120/230 V (50/60 Hertz).
  • Game comfortably in your zone with a height-adjustable stand, tilt, swivel, and pivot features. Refer to the PDF attached below in Technical Specification for Installation manual.

Responsive gameplay and rapid refresh

AMD FreeSync technology synchronizes the GPU and monitor, only showing full frames when the device can show them. This minimizes graphical irregularities such as tearing and artifacts from appearing on screen, enabling you to experience up to 240Hz native refresh rates for quick-fire, tear-free graphics that don’t need user adjustments.

As a result, you’ll lose yourself in smooth, responsive gameplay with an incredibly fast 1ms response time, and enjoy sharp, undistorted images.

As a result, with an incredibly fast response time of 1ms, you’ll lose yourself in smooth, sensitive gameplay, and enjoy clean, undistorted pictures.

Engineered to elevate your game

Built with quality materials in a sleek, easy-to-adjust build, the 25 “gaming monitor remains true to the standards of professional Alienware engineering gamers.

Consistent with Alienware’s classic look and feel of desktops and notebooks, an impressive silver and black chrome finish with Alienware logo and lighting makes this the ideal addition to completing your ecosystem.

Find your perfect viewing location for those marathon gaming sessions with tilt, pivot, swivel, and height-adjustable features and settle in comfortably.

Dynamic on-screen display

Live in a gaming mindset with a brand new gaming-centered menu and easy-to-use dashboard, plus customizable preset game modes and multi-screen setup guidance lines.

25 “240Hz refresh gaming monitor and 1-ms response time. Featuring AMD FreeSync technology for easily smooth gameplay, these features make mouse tracking, aiming, and flick shots much simpler for fast-paced action games such as first-person shooters, racing, sports, and real-time strategy games.


Exterior Design

Stand legs made of complete single die-cast metal to make a stand more sturdy and stable.

Concealed cables management solution to maintain the clean architecture of a structured gaming station.

Four-way maximum adjustability for long hours of gameplay offers greater comfort.


On-Screen Design

Specific gaming On-Screen-Design (OSD) to keep your user experience in the gaming theme.

Six preset modes (3 customizable) found on the monitor’s OSD enables the convenience of getting optimized game visuals without having to manually adjust screen settings every time you play your game.

Display Alignment: Helps ensure the perfect alignment of the video contents from a multi-display setup.


Key enhanced gaming features

Timer: The on-screen timer keeps track on repeated rises, respawns and other activities dependent on time.

FPS Counter: Display the latest frames per second during games play. The higher the pace, the smoother the movement appears. This knowledge can be used to determine the performance effect of various graphics settings and device settings so that the balance between visuals in the game and frame rates can be fine-tuned.


Display Alignment

It helps ensure that the video material from the multi-display system is precisely synchronized. To avoid any guesswork in a multi-display configuration, three lines appear on all four sides of the displays when triggered.


Final verdict

The Alienware 25 AW2518H is an outstanding gaming console, which works with the strengths of Alienware. This means you’re getting a beautifully built system that’s also filled with innovations to help enhance your play experience.

An excellent refresh rate and quick response time make this an excellent display if you enjoy playing online games where fast reflexes can turn the tide of a match, and games played on the Alienware AW2518H look gloriously smooth, with no sign of screen tearing.

The small size and weight of the Alienware AW2518H also mean this is a suitable monitor for e-sports players who want to bring their trusted gaming console onto the road with them.

  • Great design
  • Fast response time
  • Fast refresh rate
  • G-Sync and AMD Free Sync versions
  • 1080p

Alienware New AW2720HF 27

Alienware New AW2720HF 27

Product Description

The new, ultra-fast Alienware 27 Gaming monitor is released. Clocking in at a native refresh rate of 240Hz and a correct response time of 1ms (with extreme-mode Overdrive), this display lets you see faster. With the Alienware 27 Gaming monitor’s pace and image quality, conquer the gaming world with your sharp split-second reactions that allow you to be your opponent’s best with a flashy no-scope before they know you’re there.


  • A refresh rate of 240Hz is 4x faster than regular monitors and twice as fast as typical 120Hz gaming monitors. Multiple frames mean smaller gaps in visual input, which means the Gamer has a quicker reaction time. There is an 8.3 Millisecond difference between 120Hz frames, which is halved to 4.16ms between 240Hz frames.
  • AMD Radeon’s free Sync technology synchronizes the GPU and monitor, showing full frames only when they can be viewed on the monitor. This minimizes graphical irregularities such as tearing and artifacts from appearing on screen, allowing you to experience up to 240Hz native refresh rates for quick-fire, tear-free graphics that do not require user adjustments.
  • A wide-angle viewing range means color reproduction is consistent regardless of the viewing angle from which the image is viewed. The display is based on this, thanks to the IPS technology.
  • Convenient monitor controls are easily accessible on the right side of the display, with a new joystick to quickly and intuitively navigate menus. The individual buttons may be marked as shortcuts for the devices and settings desired by the player.
  • The real reaction time of 1ms cuts off the blur of motion. The pixels will turn rapidly and respond to the new image signal as it enters. It is an innovation for IPS displays, generally considered too sluggish for gaming.

Custom lighting with AlienFX

Upgrade your play experience with AlienFX — and utterly customizable lighting device built to get you closer to the worlds you’re playing in, with dynamic lighting effects explicitly connected to the actions in the game and full RGB values. The customizable lighting provided by the monitor combined with your other AlienFX-enabled devices allows you to customize your entire battle station to match your style.

An advantage from every angle

Real speed: Fresh, fast IPS gaming technology makes an exact response time of 1ms, not an artificial anti-blurring solution that affects brightness, adaptive sync, or the worlds you’re exploring.

No washout: Whether you play head-on or at an angle, with IPS (in-plane switching) technology, you can see all of the action.

True colors: You have a wide variety of colors in your arsenal with up to 99 percent sRGB color coverage.

Display and Performance

The Alienware AW2720HF sports a 27 inch IPS screen with 1920x 1080 resolution, 240Hz refresh rate, and 1ms enhanced response time. The backlight rated at 350 cd / m2, while the contrast remains at 1000:1 as with most IPS panels. This model isn’t a 1ms edition, so you’ll need big Overdrive at the expense of Overdrive to achieve that goal.

  • Excellent Design
  • Lightning-Fast Gaming Monitor
  • Strong Pixel Response Time
  • FreeSync/G-Sync Compatible
  • Factory calibration Needs Improvement
  • Weak Black Luminance and Uniformity

Alienware NEW Curved 34 Inch

Alienware NEW Curved 34 Inch

Product Description

Introducing new, interactive, curved gaming console Alienware 34. Featuring IPS Nano quality color, a curved screen, WQHD resolution along with quick response time, and a native refresh rate of 120Hz, this monitor provides a gaming experience that places you right in the game world. Monitor Coating-3H-hardness antiglare.


  • Witness breathtaking views incorporating immersive features
  • A curved 1900R, large 21: 9 monitor maximizes the field of view and provides a clear, even viewing experience
  • The picture is bright and detailed with a WQHD resolution (3440×1440), providing an immersive experience.
  • A 120Hz refresh rate with NVIDIA G-SYNC gives smooth buttery gameplay and realism.
  • G-sync technology synchronizes the GPU and monitor, showing full frames only when the computer can show them, eliminating graphical anomalies such as tearing and objects appearing on the device.
  • The refresh rate of 120Hz is critical for gamers, enabling them to see more quickly and respond to fast events earlier.
  • The Alienware 34 curved gaming display, which adopts IPS Nano color technology, exceeds the sRGB color spectrum and is now defined in DCI-P3, a cinematic, professional standard.

Get lost in the game

The full array: Adopting IPS Nano Color Technology, the Alienware 34 curved gaming display meets the sRGB color spectrum and is now displaying colors with the latest IPS Nano Color technology as it was developed by content developers with 98% DCI-P3 color coverage, which is a professional color gamut with a variety of colors higher than sRGB.

In a flash: With Overdrive and the 120Hz refresh rate, a true 2ms gray-to-gray response time allows quick, responsive gameplay with no artificial tricks needed. The refresh rate of 120Hz keeps up with the game, allowing you to experience every moment of the world in which you play.

Ready to roll: NVIDIA G-SYNC technology shows full frames only when they are displayed with the camera. This ensures that your screen frames stay in sync with your NVIDIA graphics card, so you can say goodbye to distortions— such as tearing and artifacts— and get used to smooth, vibrant photos.

See everything

Immerse yourself absolutely with a sweeping 1900R curved monitor that takes you deeper into the action, and a 21:9 aspect ratio that epics every point of view. The curved screen maximizes field of vision and reduces eye movement so you can remain focused on the game for longer.

Get real: An excellent 3440 X 1440 WQHD resolution offers 4.9 million pixels of bright, crystal-clear graphics— 1,79 times more clarity than a WFHD display. So you will see every blade of grass, every glint of steel, every drop of sweat more clearly, more profoundly and more abundantly than ever.

An advantage from every angle

Real speed: Fresh, fast Nano Color IPS gaming technology enables true response time of 2ms, not an artificial anti-blurring solution that affects brightness, adaptive sync, or the worlds you are exploring.

No washout: Whether you play head-on or at an angle, with IPS (in-plane switching) technology, you can see all of the action.

True colors: You have a wide variety of colors in your arsenal, with up to 98 percent DCI-P3 color coverage.

  • Beautiful image quality
  • Excellent design
  • Excellent response time
  • Expensive but worth buying
  • Needs more ports

Alienware 1900R 34.1 inch


Alienware 1900R 34.1 inch

Product Description

Alienware’s latest 34 “curved gaming monitor offers premium gaming features in an immersive 1900R curved display. Featuring iconic AlienFX lighting, WQHD resolution, 120Hz refresh rate (OC), & NVIDIA G-SYNC software for smooth gameplay responsiveness.


  • The 34 “Curved display with a ratio of 21: 9 and 1900 Radius maximizes your field of view. The latest AW3418DW offers the ultimate immersion into gaming
  • Quick 120 Hertz refresh rate (overclocked) combined with a response time of 4 milliseconds provides smooth buttery gameplay. Luminosity level: 300 candelas per square meter
  • This breakthrough monitor technology removes screen tearing and minimizes stutter monitor and input lag TO offer the smoothest, fastest, most impressive gaming and a strong competitive edge
  • The AW3418DW is built for the enthusiast and offers a futuristic style and precise shape with solid stability.
  • Customizable AlienFX (with four separate lighting zones) offers a personalized, dynamic look for your display to match your style and provide a deeper game immersion. Pixel-pitch: 0.2325 mm.

Tricked out and all in

Introducing all-new Alienware monitors that feature the iconic style that you trust for exhilarating, immersive gaming. Alienware accessories are designed to improve your gaming experience as you move further into the game, whether you’re starting your collection or rounding out your arsenal.

Looks that kill: A premium, polished silver grey finish, and state-of-the-art architecture show our commitment to elegant looks, unparalleled quality, and gaming.

Iconic design is in our blood

We concentrated on the specifics so you can focus on the screen: for enormous 34-inch screen space, your display features an ultra-thin 3-sided bezel.

Our special step-venting information aid in heat dissipation and efficiency maximization. And we added Triad lighting’s unearthly glow to complete the display, which looks better than it has to be.

Curve your enthusiasm: Take a full immersion with a sweeping 1900R curved infinity monitor that takes you deeper into the action, and a 21:9 aspect ratio that epics every point of view. The curved display maximizes your field of vision and decreases eye movement so that you can stay focused on the game for longer.

Designed to beat the competition

An on-screen display (OSD) offers a strategic advantage in gaming. Gain the versatility to select from the six-game modes offered — three factory preset game modes like FPS, RTS, and RPG and three customizable game modes that you can tailor to your tastes. The dashboards display your main functions status and preset modes, so they’re easy to monitor or alter.

Every seat is the Excellent seat in the home

The latest version of the swivel-hinge combination supports tilt, swivel, and height-adjustability so you can always have the best possible perspective wherever you feel most relaxed. Endless gaming is the ultimate comfort.

Plug and play

Multiple quick-access ports mean endless networking and simple configuration, so wherever you want it, your system is exactly how you want it.


The sleek and eye-catching designs that embrace gamer trends without being too over-the-top and garish are one of the critical aspects that Alienware products are known for (apart from their high prices) Yeah, colored Lights, metallic shades and sharp angles are all present and right. However, there’s also a’ mature’ style, we’ll say, which means it’s an attractive gaming display, without being offending anyone’s taste.

  • Fastest ultrawide monitor
  • Large, immersive screen
  • Nice design
  • Excellent features
  • Not a massive amount of ports

Alienware Keyboard and Mouse [Elite Level Gaming]

alienware keyboard and mouse

Alienware keyboards, mice, and displays do an admirable job of living up to the name and standard of the gaming PC series. Here we list down the top products for you. So, pick the right one from the list of best alienware keyboard and mouse for your gaming system. 

alienware keyboard and mouse

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Best Alienware Gaming Keyboard

1. Dell Alienware Pro Gaming Mechanical Keyboard AW768

Dell Alienware Pro Gaming Mechanical Keyboard AW768

By this level, everyone knows Alienware. Over the years, the Dell-owned business has made a name for itself to make costly, but beautiful, gamind7faf4g PCs such as the Alienware Aurora R9 and R10. Gaming PCs, of course, aren’t enough – so Alienware jumped into the peripheral market with items like the Alienware Pro Gaming Keyboard AW768.

Much as you’d expect from Alienware’s keyboard, it has an angular, futuristic look, and is packed with RGB lighting to the brim. However, what’s more, impressive here is what’s under the hood: Cherry MX Brown switches, a polling rate of 1 millisecond (ms), and a dedicated macro ring.

Alienware’s Pro Gaming Keyboard offers an un-compromised gaming experience. The mechanical keyboard features AlienFX with 13 RGB lighting zones, 15 programmable macro essential functions, and onboard memory, fusing highly adjustable controls and sophisticated applications with iconic style.


  • 16.8 M RGB color options for ambient lighting.
  • 3 Adjustable angles of the legs (palm rest optional).
  • Fifty million Primary Durable Period Life. Cable size: 6 feet.
  • The dimension of 19.6 x 6.8 x 1.4 Inches, 3.26 lbs of weight.


As we opened the box of Alienware Pro Gaming Keyboard for the first time, we could have sworn it was covered in a sleek, aluminum shell-it was certainly heavy enough. The entire thing, however, is made from plastic. But don’t go and assume that means it’s flimsy – there’s no giving to this keyboard, and it’s incredibly robust. In touch, it just doesn’t feel as good as it seems.

When we opened the Alienware Pro Gaming Keyboard box for the first time, we could have sworn that it was wrapped in a sleek, aluminum shell-it was substantial enough for sure. And the entire thing is made of plastic. Yet don’t go and say that means it’s flimsy – this keyboard has no give, and it’s amazingly sturdy. It just doesn’t feel as good in the touch as it seems.


Luckily, the Alienware AW768 is a very competent keyboard and is sure to please anyone looking for a comfortable gaming experience. 

Since it uses Cherry MX Brown switches, the keyboard is perfect for pretty much everything you try to do. In equal measure, gaming and productivity work sounds fantastic, and the noise is under control enough to do it at night without keeping the entire community awake.

Essentially, the best keyboard switches come down to personal preference, so Cherry MX Brown switches are perfect for beginners who don’t yet know what they’re looking for – just like the gaming PCs from Alienware.

It’s nice on paper too – the keyboard is sensitive and tactile with 45 g of actuating power, 2 mm actuating distance, and a 4 mm ride, even if it may edge on the shallow side for certain users.

Tricked out and all in

Introducing the all-new Alienware keyboard with the classic template you trust for exciting, immersive gameplay. Alienware accessories are designed to improve your gaming experience as you move further into the game, whether you are just want to start your collection or rounding out your arsenal.

Otherworldly beauty

The classic Alienware concept provides an additional layer of intimidating elegance with an AlienFX RGB backlight centered on the zone that adds an unearthly glow to your keys. AlienFX is designed to get you closer to the environments in which you play, with realistic lighting effects that are directly related to the action in the game. Allow static animations and take complete zonal control for a more tailor-made experience.

Increased control and accuracy

Anti-ghosting and N-key rollover on every key, and mechanical switches with fifty million keyboard life cycle, onboard memory facility and 15 programmable macro essential functions with on-the-fly recording ensure your keyboard lives longer while increasing your kill speed with increased keystroke speeds and accuracy.

Bring a competitive edge to every game

All gamers are built with mechanical brown switches in mind — from beginner to expert. We provide excellent tactile feedback with the low force of actuation and low noise of clicks. And digital keys means you have even more shortcuts — like a dedicated audio roller — at your fingertips.

Quick actuation and comfortable typing

On all buttons, mechanical switches and N-key rollover and ergonomic comfort will keep you gambling for longer. Amplify even more convenience with three customizable feet angles and optional magnetically fixed palm rest.

Final verdict

The Alienware Pro Gaming Keyboard AW768 is an excellent keyboard for the price. In essence, you’re getting the solid performance and appealing aesthetics for a hundred bucks, with just a few sacrifices in the quality of life.

  • Affordable
  • Cherry MX Brown switches
  • Looks great
  • Odd macro key placement
  • No dedicated media buttons
  • Plastic build

Best Alienware Gaming Mice

1. Alienware Advanced Gaming Mouse, AW558

Alienware Advanced Gaming Mouse, AW558

Alienware’s professional computer mouse provides modest value for a configurable gaming experience. The all-purpose mouse features variable DPI switching, nine programmable buttons, and AlienFX to offer an in-game tactical experience by fusing intelligent software with gaming-grade output.


  • 16.8M AlienFX RGB lighting DPI indicator
  • Three on-the-fly DPI settings
  • All programmable buttons
  • Iconic Alienware 16.8 M RGB Lighting with AlienFX
  • Optical sensor
  • Three on-the-fly DPI settings
  • 200-5000 DPI resolution
  • 100 IPS speed, 6. 20g acceleration
  • 1000 Hz (1ms) polling rate
  • Omron 10 million clicks
  • Nine all programmable buttons


The Alienware Advanced Gaming Mouse is a mouse with a lower profile design, and as a result, is a bit wider overall as well. Except for the gunmetal colored left and right mouse buttons and a scroll wheel, the mouse itself is mostly smooth black plastic.

With regards to architecture, the gaming mouse certainly takes from the angled design style of Alienware. Around the top of the screen, all mouse buttons point up to each other and point down to the center of the keyboard. The wordmark of Alienware lies around the outer edge of the right mouse button.

Precision perfected

Experience lightning-quick response speed and sensitivity control with settings of 5000 DPI, 100 IPS, 20 G, and three on-the-fly DPI, a feature that allows you to adjust your DPI setting at the heart of the action. So, thanks to the premium optical sensor, never miss your mark.

Built to last

Designed to get you through thousands of matches without breaking down or causing pain, the robust and comfortable Alienware Advanced Gaming Mouse. The extended grip offers thumb assistance, and Omron switches with high capacity ensure consistent performance up to 10 million clicks. So nine programmable buttons create a more customizable gaming environment.

AlienFX lighting effects

Improve your gaming experience with AlienFX – an RGB lighting device built to get you closer to the worlds in which you are playing with dynamic lighting effects directly linked to the action in the game.

Tricked out and all in

The all-new Alienware mice feature an iconic style that you trust for an exciting, immersive gaming experience. Alienware accessories are designed to improve your gaming experience as you move further into the game, whether you are starting your collection or rounding out your arsenal.

Dimensions and weight

1. Height: 130.1 mm (5.12in) 

2. width: 3.67 in (93.3 mm) 

3. Depth: 1.57 in (39.9 mm) (120 g) weight.

Gaming-grade performance

Alienware’s Professional Computer Mouse provides modest value for a configurable gaming experience. The all-purpose mouse features variable DPI switching, nine programmable buttons, and AlienFX for providing an in-game tactical experience by fusing intelligent software with gaming-grade output.


The AW558 comes with a respectable performance. Even during high action-oriented games, you can’t see any lag or delay in response. Mouse clicks and moves work pretty much as a gaming mouse might expect. One big glitch with the AW558 is that it comes with only 5000 DPI, which might sound natural for most of the gaming mouse on the market, but you can see the arrival of gaming mouse with higher D lately.

  • Lightweight best side buttons.
  • Wonderful mouse with nice built, feel look and functions.
  • Tricky to use its buttons.

2. Alienware Wired/Wireless Gaming Mouse AW610M

Alienware Wired Wireless Gaming Mouse AW610M

Alienware 610M- dark, custom-tuned high-performance 16, 000DPI sensor, high-endurance (rechargeable) battery life, customizable precision scroll wheel Alienware, signature ergonomic shape factor.


  • Wireless polling rate 1, 000Hz In both wired and wireless mode, ensuring no output losses.
  • Latest generation native PixArt 16, 000 DPI sensor for maximum precision.
  • Custom adjustable wheel switch, which allows switching between 12 and 24 steps per scroll wheel Revolution, giving greater precision and in-game control.
  • Set to customize 16. 8 M RGB lighting at AlienFX.
  • Tension pre-loaded on the key mouse buttons for a guided, clean, touch-click feel.
  • Alienware signature ergonomics is ideal for most hand sizes & Use types and is designed to provide comfort during long hours of gameplay.
  • Wireless polling rate 1, 000Hz In both wired and wireless mode, ensuring no loss of power.

Gaming on your terms

Keep connected: Your mouse does not lose any performance, whether or not you are wired, even when charging, with a 1,000Hz high-performance polling rate that lets you stay on top of the action.

Control the battlefield: Use the standard, adjustable scroll wheel in the middle of the war, allowing you to switch between twelve and 24 steps per scroll wheel revolution.

Customize your conquest

Power your way to victory: Play with confidence thanks to industry-leading energy efficiency. You will keep the battle going for weeks on end with up to 350 hours of gameplay on a single charge of the lithium-ion battery.

Attack with deadly precision: With the new generation custom Alienware native 16,000 DPI sensor travel easily and accurately.

Personalize your arsenal: Instantly turn up your games with seven buttons, which are entirely programmable thanks to the Alienware Command Center. Keep one step ahead of your opponents with pre-loaded tension on the mechanism of the main clicker for a smooth, crisp, tactile click feel.

Light it up: Fly your colors to the battlefield with AlienFX RGB that can be configured entirely, giving you 16.8 m color control via Alienware Command Center.

Level up your comfort

Play on end for hours with a sculpted, relaxed, edge-free build that embraces all types of claw or palm grip. The innovative ergonomic design offers enhanced comfort and palm cushioning, so you can remain centered throughout marathon sessions.

  • Strong sensor.
  • Perfect rated battery life.
  • Built-in dongle storage.
  • Not all buttons are programmable in Alienware software.
  • Limited configuration software.

3. Alienware Elite Gaming Mouse AW958-12

Alienware Elite Gaming Mouse AW958-12

Elite Gaming Mouse from Alienware leverages sophisticated ergonomic engineering to deliver an uncompromising gaming experience. Gamers can masterfully monitor their in-game experience with four variable weight adjustment levels, five configurable levels for DPI switching, AlienFX, and 13 programmable buttons.


  • 16.8M ALIENFX RGB lighting DPI indicator
  • Five on-the-fly DPI settings
  • All programmable buttons

Dimensions and weight

Height: 5.12in (130mm).

Width: 3.78in (96mm).

Depth: 1.59in (40.4mm).

Weight: .43lbs (197g).

The power to perform

Experience unparalleled response speed and sensitivity control with 12,000 DPIs, up to 50 G, 250 IPS, and five on-the-fly DPI settings, a function that enables you to adjust your DPI setting at the heart of the action. So, thanks to the premium optical sensor, never miss your mark.

The power to perform

Experience incredible quick response speed and sensitivity control with 12,000 DPI, up to 50 G, 250 IPS, and five on-the-fly DPI settings, a feature that lets you adjust your DPI setting at the heart of the action. So, thanks to the premium optical sensor, never miss your mark.

Tricked out and all in

The Alienware Elite Gaming Mouse was designed for maximum comfort, functionality, and durability using superior materials. It’s equipped with two interchangeable right wings, an extended thumb support grip, and Omron switches to ensure up to 50 million clicks of stable gameplay. This adjustable interface provides top- comfort and accuracy on all levels.

Customization comes standard

This attractive immersion comes with a keyboard. Experience more versatility in shape and feature with up to 13 programmable keys, onboard memory, interchangeable side grips (one with two keys and the other with 6), configurable weights (Four 5 grams), and customizable three multi-position palm rest.

Durable and comfortable

The Alienware Elite Gaming Mouse was made with superior materials to deliver maximum comfort, versatility, and durability. It is fitted with two interchangeable right wings, an extended thumb support grip, and Omron switches to ensure smooth gameplay with up to 50 million clicks. This dynamic GUI provides top-level comfort and precision on all levels.

  • Lots of programmable buttons.
  • Customizable sides.
  • Customizable weight.
  • Manual surface calibration is tricky.
  • Cumbersome macro programming.

If you have any question/suggestion about this topic, let me know about your thought in the comment box below. It will be appreciated.

Dell Alienware Desktop Computers – Elite Level Gaming

dell alienware desktop computers

There’s a reason the Dell Alienware Desktop Computers has long been our favorite gaming desktop — it is powerful and attractive, and most importantly, you can upgrade without the need for tools or much technical know-how. If you are looking for a future-proof gaming desktop that can be configured to handle 4K and VR, the Aurora is still at the top of its class. In this subject, we will review the Alienware top-notch gaming desktops Aurora R10 and Aurora R9 in detail. So let’s start.


dell alienware desktop computers

Alienware Aurora R10 Gaming Desktop


When Dell builds its Alienware gaming desktops, it typically opts for Intel processors — but not this time. AMD’s massive pace in the processor market in recent years has made Ryzen processors excellent for top-notch gaming. System builders have picked up on this, and AMD processors are appearing in many more desktop computers and laptops than they used to, including in the subject of today’s review, the Alienware Aurora R10 Ryzen Edition.


High-performance desktop with up to 16-core third-Generation AMD Ryzen™ overclockable processors designed for gamers who create.



The visually striking Alienware Aurora can be configured in a variety of ways, but this Alienware Aurora R10, Ryzen 9 3950X-equipped model, is a performance monster.


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Quick Spec

alienware aurora r10


  • AMD Ryzen 9 3950X processor in a unit delivers blistering performance.
  • It has a bold, modern case design.
  • High-refresh 1440p and 60fps 40K gaming.
  • A huge array of configuration options when ordering.
  • It has tool-less access to an efficient internal layout.


  • Expensive as configured.
  • Not everyone may love the of era


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Following a complete refresh of its gaming laptop line this year, Alienware has revamped its Aurora gaming computer in the same style. The Aurora R10 comes in a Ryzen Edition variant, and it is a performance beast as configured, thanks largely to its brand-new AMD Ryzen 9 3950X processor and the Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Ti graphics card. This combo is virtually unmatched in CPU-heavy tasks like video rendering and content creation but, while effective, offers diminishing returns on gaming. With its powerful performance and striking and efficient case design, we can happily recommend the Aurora R10. If you are not set on the look, though, competitors like the Velocity Micro Raptor Z55 and the Maingear Vybe offer similar advantages.


Bold Sci-Fi Styling

alienware aurora r10 styleAlienware did an excellent job nailing a futuristic, spaceship-like style that would not be out of place in the world of Mass Effect.


Lunar Light color is the only color scheme that Alienware offers with the vertical Alienware text LED-lit on the side. You can customize the backlit text on the Lunar Light model. It comes in a Dark Side of the Moon color which is a darker grey palette. The front LED ring is also customizable, with 16.8 million colors on both models.


So many desktops try for an overly aggressive design to look the same; it is nice to see a gaming desktop nail a specific and unique aesthetic vision. It is clear that some real thought went into it, in terms of both visual and engineering design, which I would not say of every power or gaming desktop I see these days. It matches the Alienware’s redesigned laptop styles, creating a unified modern look across the company’s Personal Computers. (You will see it, and you will know it is Alienware.) Again, even if it is not someone’s particular style (and it’s undoubtedly bold), I admire the effort and vision.

A Surprisingly Small Interior

alienware aurora r10 interiorThe Aurora R10 chassis is comparatively sized, and it could justify being bigger, considering the power inside. It measures 18.9 x 8.8 x 17 inches (HWD), so it is not too deep or tall, and it’s thinner in the front and widens out toward the back. You will see smaller desktops in this price and power tier. There are also larger desktops with traditional shapes, like the Velocity Micro Raptor Z55 and the Maingear Vybe mentioned earlier.


No need of a tool to get inside the shell, the left-side panel pulls away easily by lifting a rear lever. With space semi-limited, Alienware got a bit creative with the internals. We have seen this design before, but the power supply is placed on a swinging arm that locks into place. When locked in, it covers up access to all of the components and the motherboard, but unlocking two small switches allows you to swing the arm away from the motherboard to get full access to the other components. 


Its interior is simultaneously impressive in underwhelming to view. There is a lot of power packed inside, and the layout with the arm is clever. An Alienware-branded liquid cooler is also installed over the CPU, with a small 120mm radiator connected on the top panel. It’s a surprisingly small radiator, but it clearly works for this CPU.


On the bottom and top of the chassis, there are several inches of “empty” space that make it look like the components do not have to be packed so tightly. The side and top panels are used for ventilation, and the system runs pretty quietly, so this free space is necessary.

Ports & Extras

alienware aurora r10 portsAurora R10 has plenty of ports. Several are vertically aligned on the front panel, including a USB Type-C port, headphone jacks, and three USB 3.1 ports. Peripherals hanging out the front of this panel do look a little silly, so I would recommend plugging peripherals that may hang around for a while into the rear ports. There, you will find four USB 3.1 ports, six USB 2.0 ports, and a USB Type-C port, as well an array of the audio ins and outs, and an Ethernet jack.


On the software side, a quick review of the Alienware Command Center, which was rebuilt to be the standard control panel for Alienware products. It wraps all of the lighting options, audio settings, gaming software—game-specific profiles, system monitoring, component tuning, and even a game library and launcher—into a single program. Most usefully for gaming, you can also flip the PC’s thermal profile (five choices, from quiet to full speed), and you can set overclock profiles to give a boost to your graphics card. Alienware Command Center is one of the good, if not best, of these built-in manufacturer software packages.


The graphics options are mostly Nvidia, from GeForce GTX 1650 to dual GeForce RTX 2080 Ti cards. For AMD graphics, you can select a Radeon 5700 XT, a Radeon RX 5700, or the seldom-seen Radeon VII. The storage and memory options are standard for high-end desktops, with memory up to 64GB and myriad storage combinations of hard drive and SSD capacities up to 4TeraByte. In short, there are configurations for every budget, all set in the same tower.


Now it is time to circle back to that processor the 16-core, 32-thread AMD Ryzen 9 3950X. Even though it is expensive at $749, but it is a good value compared to the competition.


If you plan on just playing games with this system, though, the Ryzen 9 3950X is, in fact, overkill, in most cases. Alienware claims that this is the only OEM(Original Equipment Manufacturer) gaming desktop with the 3rd generation 16-core Ryzen processors. That is impressive, but part is that this chip is more of a workstation and not the best fit for a gaming desktop. Plenty of the less expensive options like the Ryzen 7 3700X will be more than enough for video gaming. Alienware packed this unit to impress, and it does, but if you are not going to use your gaming rig for media creation, gameplay streaming, animation work, or other demanding professional tasks, I would recommend a less expensive CPU.


Ports & Slotsnew alienware aurora r10 ports and slots

Front Ports

  • Type-A USB 3.1 Gen 1
  • Type-A USB 3.1 Gen 1 Ports with Powershare technology 
  • Type-C USB 3.1 Gen 1 
  • Microphone/Line In
  • Headphone/Line Out  

Rear Ports

  • SPDIF Digital Output (Coax)
  • SPDIF Digital Output (TOSLINK)
  • RJ-45 Killer E2600 Gigabit Ethernet
  • Type-A USB 2.0 Ports 
  • Type-C USB 3.1 Gen 2 with Powershare technology (up to 15W) 
  • Type-A USB 3.1 Gen 2 
  • Side Surround Output 
  • Microphone In 
  • Line Out 
  • Type-A USB 3.1 Gen 1 
  • Rear Surround Output
  • Center/Subwoofer Output
  • Line in

*IO ports subject to graphics card selected.


Dimensions & Weightalienware aurora r10 dimension and weight

  • Height: 18.9″ (481.6mm)
  • Width: 8.771″ (222.8mm)
  • Volume: 33.8 L
  • Length: 17″ (431.9mm)
  • Max Weight: 39.2 lb (17.8 kilogram)


Alienware continuously updates its Command Center. It’s the latest version that includes features desired explicitly by gamers with auto-tuned game profiles, a new responsive UserInterface, all-new AlienFX settings, and intuitive overclocking options.



For performance-optimized airflow, you can observe and edit your system’s thermal profiles. And to keep temperatures in ideal ranges, the rear and top vents of the Alienware Aurora work as exhaust by removing heat from the system. And the side and front vents simultaneously take in cool air to maintain system health and to enable high performance.



The new version of the Alienware Command Center includes an intuitive and easy overclocking control module that allows you to squeeze additional performance out of their memory and graphics quickly. Easily control your system’s performance by creating your own system overclocking profiles.



The latest AlienFX software and hardware supports full RGB values with up to 16.8 million colors. The user can easily manage its FX lighting zones, edit peripheral settings, and save new themes for each game.


There are no two ways about it: Alienware Aurora R10 is an absolute performance beast. The latest AMD silicon and the top-end GPU together make for a blistering gaming desktop. The Ryzen 9 3950X is not really an ideal-value gaming chip, though this configuration shows what both the desktop and CPU can do and certainly gets the point across. I would suggest most users go with the Ryzen 7 3700X processor for gaming, but the one we’ve is no doubt impressive.


For the rest of the system, I admire the design of Alienware—and it was deliberately designed at all. There is not much to fault, from a huge range of component options to its customizable lighting, moderate size, efficient interior configuration, and relatively quiet fans. It is somewhat difficult to compare this super-high-end model to the configurations most shoppers will end up with—it is no surprise that this is this fast at this price—but I like the desktop itself. And if you want to make a bit of a statement, the Alienware Aurora R10 gives you that premium feel and conversation piece, even if you order it with more modest components. It does not quite snag an Editors’ Choice, because some great boutique desktops can match the Alienware Aurora R10’s performance, but it does come with our recommendation if you are drawn to the look.


Available with MS-Windows 10 Pro or Windows 10 Home: Break down boundaries and immerse yourself in the gaming world with high-end graphics more realistic than ever before, thanks to the new API DirectX 12’s multi-thread scaling capabilities.


THE RYZEN EDITION HAS ARRIVEDalienware aurora r10 ryzen

Create and conquer: New Alienware Aurora Ryzen desktop gives you the power to explore and develop new worlds with up to 16-core third-generation AMD Ryzen processors. Designed for intelligent, efficient, and powerful gaming performance, AMD Ryzen processors are ideal for live-streaming gamers who record and play simultaneously. With AMD SenseMI Technology, the processor performance is automatically adapted to meet your application and gaming needs, while AMD GameCache reduces the memory latency for higher frame rates.


Higher bandwidth: The Alienware Aurora Ryzen Edition is the first machine by Alienware to feature PCI-Express 4.0 Technology, which doubles the bandwidth of graphics cards for enhanced overall gaming performance. Also, any component on the PCI-Express bus is given more bandwidth so you can experience top performance while streaming, creating, or recording.


Advanced memory technology: Your system delivers unwavering OC(overclocking) capabilities – thanks to HyperX FURY XMP DDR4 memory. Modules of HyperX memory are tested at speeds to ensure they are free from material and manufacturing defects, and preset timings, included on the memory modules, enable the highest performance possible on your system.


alienware aurora r10 engineeredA new era of engineering: The new Alienware Aurora features the Design of Legend Industrial with an improved airflow pattern. The Legend ID ensures that airflow moves more efficiently and fluidly to reduce CPU temperatures. Lower temperatures mean performance with higher overclocking and more stability, which results in higher FPS while gaming. Also, the Legend Industrial Design lowers temperatures by up to 8-percent at the voltage regulator heatsinks over its predecessor.


Gaming made timeless: The new Aurora is engineered with an innovative PSU swing-arm to enables a variety of benefits like expansion bays, tool-less graphics, and compact chassis size. It allows graphics cards to be positioned perfectly for purposeful airflow. It also ensured the swing-arm carries power supply, which allows for airflow through the side vent while reducing vibrations to the cards during shipping.


Added safety: To avoid any damage or injury, they created a stop-anywhere locking mechanism on the PSU swing-arm to ensure safety. It also prevents the swing-arm from swinging or falling while in use.


The future of design: The Legend Industrial Design is a return to Alienware’s roots, with a look that pushes Alienware Aurora into a new realm. The unique design helps enthusiastic gamers stand out from the crowd thanks to continuous, bold lighting and the iconic central loop of AlienFX. Additionally, hexagonal-shaped side venting and functional front airways boost intake efficiency and maximize air movement.


Legendary colors: Choose from two ultra-smooth, satin-finished colors: Lunar Light (with extra lighting zone) or Dark Side of the Moon.


Light it up: The new Aurora is compatible with over 180 games, the integrated AlienFX RGB lighting is designed to enhance immersive gaming.


Enhanced usability: By moving the ports to the front from the top of the system, the new Aurora gives users easier access, and you can easily identify which ports are already occupied by the surrounding lighting.


alienware aurora r10 performance

Push power further: The new Aurora Ryzen Edition is designed to fully support custom upgrades, including liquid-cooled CPU overclocking and dual graphics, so you can push your system to the utmost levels of power without worrying about overheating.


Have Killer connections: Never miss a beat with integrated networking solutions like Killer E2600 Ethernet LAN and optional Killer DoubleShot Pro technology that sends connection signals into turbo-boost when Killer LAN is enabled.


Superior speed & storage: You will experience incredibly fast load times with up to 4TeraByte of total storage space with a combo that features 7200RPM HDD, and PCIe NVMe SSDs. The Aurora Ryzen Edition desktop also offers different configurations with SSDs as the main bootable drive and a larger secondary drive to store all your games, media, and additional files.


Alienware Aurora R9 Gaming Desktop

Match your opponents shot-for-shot with this new Alienware Aurora R9. The SUPER graphics card of NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 meets the demands of high-end gaming and demanding tasks at high settings, while the 16GB of RAM and Intel Core i7 processor provide powerful performance. This Aurora gaming desktop has a 256GB SSD and 2TB hard drive, blending rapid load times with ample space for your gaming library.


The latest addition to the Alienware Aurora line is bold, sleek, and pleasantly unassuming – this is not a machine that feels the need to shout about its gaming performance. Many versions of the Aurora R9 are crammed with top components capable of impressive 4K and 1440p performance, although it is a worthwhile premium investment.


Many people think the best gaming computers, with their flashy RGB lighting and glass panels, are the peak of sophistication. But, mostly Alienware’s Aurora R9 politely disagrees. Besides, the company’s new desktop is more comparable to an Apple Mac than a standard Windows tower. 


Although its design is understated, and the range of components you can fill it with are not. This is a powerhouse that does not feel the need to overcompensate. 


Quick Spec

alienware aurora r9 gaming desktop


  • High-speed processor suitable for the most demanding tasks
  • Classy yet subtle design
  • A broad range of specifications available
  • High-End graphics card, suitable for latest 3D games at ultra settings
  • The perfect blend of form & function



  • Expensive
  • That design may not age welltech of era


The new Alienware Aurora features the Legend Industrial Design with an improved airflow pattern from the previous list of desktops. Its new chassis design ensures airflow moves more efficiently to reduce the temperatures of CPU while fans operate slower. Lower temperatures mean higher overclocking and more stable performance, which results in higher FPS while gaming.


As you would expect, every Aurora R9 has the same basic features; that almost a dozen USB ports(SuperSpeed) memorable chassis, and the usual connectivity gubbins like HDMI, DP, and more on the GeForce card. 


Usefully, audio/microphone jacks and three USB slots sit at the front for easy access. This case also has sliding locks on the rear for easy access, although you will need to unscrew the full case to get at the insides.


Operating System – Windows 10

Windows 10 brings back the Start Menu from Windows 7 and introduces some new features, like the Edge Web browser and much more.


Processor – 9th Gen Intel Core i7-9700K

Powerful eight-core, eight-way processing performance. Thanks to Intel Turbo Boost technology that delivers extra dynamic power when you need it while increasing energy efficiency when you do not.


Virtual Reality Ready

This desktop has the required specifications to run Virtual Reality software and hardware and is compatible with HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Windows Mixed Reality Ultra.


RAM – 16GB for intense multitasking and gaming

Reams of top-bandwidth DDR4 RAM let you smoothly run your big PC games and video-editing applications, as well as numerous high-end programs and browser tabs at the same time.


Storage – 2TB HDD and 256GB SSD for a blend of storage space and speed

SSD delivers faster data access and startup times, while the hard drive provides ample storage.


Graphics – NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 SUPER

It is driven by 8GB GDDR6 dedicated graphics memory to render high-quality images for high-quality videos and games quickly.


AlienFX – System lighting technology for custom lighting schemes

It also supports full RGB values with up to 16.8 million colors.


New Alienware Command Center

This desktop includes almost all the features desired explicitly by the gaming community like a new responsive UI, auto-tuned game profiles, intuitive overclocking options, and all-new AlienFX settings.


Six SuperSpeed 10 Gbps USB 3.1 ports

Ultrafast data connections enable you to transfer large files rapidly.


Four USB 3.1 ports maximize the latest high-speed devices

Boasts three USB 3.0 and five USB 2.0 ports to connect more peripherals and accessories. Also, the USB 3.1 and 3.0 ports are backward compatible with USB 2.0 devices (at 2.0 speeds).


Killer wired and wireless networking

Killer AX1650 wireless LAN connects to both wireless frequencies (802.11a/b/g/n/ac) for a faster signal. This killer Game Networking LAN also lets you plug into wired 10/100/1000 networks.


Bluetooth 5.0 interface synchronizes with compatible devices

Wirelessly transfer music, photos, and other media between the desktop and your Bluetooth-enabled cell phone or MP3 player, or connect Bluetooth wireless accessories.


Upgraded Chassis

Comes with a new chassis based on the Legend Industrial Design allows for efficient airflow to reduce CPU temperatures with whisper-quiet operation.

Lower temperatures mean higher overclocking and more stable performance, which results in higher FPS while gaming.


Innovative PSU Swing-Arm

The innovative Power Supply Unit swing-arm enables a variety of benefits like tool-less graphics, a compact chassis size, and a locking “stop-anywhere” mechanism.


Enhanced Accessibility

It was thoughtfully engineered for enhanced usability. With an easy-access side-entry panel and conveniently placed ports, including a USB 3.1 Gen 1 (Type-C) port, three USB 3.1 Gen 1 (Type A) ports, plus a mic plug-in and a headset all located in the front of the desktop, it is built for easy flexibility.


Gaming made timeless

The new Aurora is thoughtfully engineered with an innovative PSU(Power Supply Unit) swing-arm, which enables a number of benefits like expansion bays, compact chassis size, and tool-less graphics. It also allows graphics cards to be positioned perfectly for purposeful airflow. It also ensured the swing-arm carries the PSU (power supply), which allows for airflow through the side vent while reducing vibrations during shipping to the cards themselves.

Yes, these features make for pricey machines. And, you can at least be guaranteed that you are getting quality for your cash.




Alienware has always positioned itself as one of the top gaming brands, and the Aurora R9 supports that notion with a classy design. 


An elegantly simple matte case is comparable to old-school Macs with those bulbous curves, and its scooped-out front for better airflow creates it an eye-catching piece.


There is a lack of showy features that does not do an awful lot other than shout loudly – you will not find unusual angles, and distracting RGB light shows to make it look like a sci-fi hovercraft.


Instead, the R9 choose for a more subtle approach. The lit-up logos and a single hoop of light at the front are the only flourishes on display, and that’s refreshing. It is confident in its simplicity. 



Here is how Alienware Aurora fared in TechRadar’s benchmark tests:


  • 3DMark: Sky Diver: 43,632; 
  • Time Spy: 9,422
  • Fire Strike: 17,508; 
  • GeekBench 5: 7,064 (multi-core) and 1,255 (single-core)
  • Cinebench R20 Multi-core: 3,230 points
  • PCMark 8 Battery Life: 4 hours 46 minutes
  • PCMark 8 (Home Test): 4,602 points
  • Total War: Three Kingdoms (1080p, Low): 207.7 fps; (1080p, Ultra):  75.3 fps
  • Red Dead Redemption 2 (1080p, Low): 126 fps; (1080p, High): 79.8 fps



In everyday computing, the Alienware Aurora R9 handles like a dream. Even though we kept hurling weighty game downloads its way, but it still performed well while handling other tasks parallel to it. 


Because of the SSD, it also boots up exceptionally fast. This is a system that will make light of both routine tasks and more advanced pursuits like rendering and video editing.


But in terms of games, it’ll vary depending on the version of Alienware Aurora R9 you go for. For example, in 3DMark, it breezed through 1080p tests at an absurdly high fps without breaking a sweat. It also performed admirably in 1440p mode. Which is not to say it is not good at 4K gaming – it is. 


Even though it did not manage quite as well in 4K benchmarks, but it was still pretty good. That means it is not going to be outdated too soon (and even if you did plump for a less powerful system, there is no reason you can not buy new components to replace them down – the Aurora R9 can be easily opened up).


It is not going to break a sweat when handling the biggest games, either. This version of the Aurora R9 made short work of large, complex firefights in Division 2, hitting between 56-60 frames per second on average even when multiple foes were on-screen.


What is more, Total War: Warhammer 2 battles averaged 50 frames per second on maximum settings during in-game benchmarks, while large battles were gorgeous with bouncing off meticulously detailed armor and realistic rays of light warming elven towers. 


Pro-Level Victories


Weapon of choice: This new Alienware Aurora lives on as the official desktop of choice for Team Liquid, and now you can find it serving in the newly opened Alienware Training Facility in Europe.


Get schooled: Now, the Alienware Aurora is coming to the classroom thanks to an eSports EDU initiative that enables universities and colleges across the US to develop their own eSports programs using uncompromising gear.


Bring on the action: The Alienware and Alienware Aurora partner up with the RIOT Games to fuel stream-worthy, e-gaming events around the world.


Learn from the pros: Go and join the Alienware Academy on Alienware Arena community site and get personalized, data-driven lessons from the best players across the world to become a better competitive gamer.

Detailed Ports & Slots


Front Ports

  • 3 Type-A USB 3.1 Generation 1 Ports with Powershare technology
  • 1 Type-C™ USB 3.1 Generation 1 Port with Powershare technology 
  • 1 Headphone/Line Out
  • 1 Microphone/Line In

Rear Ports

  • 1 SPDIF Digital Output (Coax)
  • 1 SPDIF Digital Output (TOSLINK)
  • 1 RJ-45 Killer E2500 Gigabit Ethernet
  • 5 Type-A USB 2.0 Ports
  • 1 Full-Size DisplayPort 1.2 Output
  • 1 Type-C™ USB 3.1 Generation 2 with Powershare technology (up to 15W)
  • 1 Type-A USB 3.1 Gen 2
  • Side Surround Output
  • Microphone In
  • Line Out
  • 3 Type-A USB 3.1 Gen 1
  • Rear Surround Output
  • Center/Subwoofer Output
  • Line in

*IO ports subject to graphics card selected.

Dimenstions & Weight

  • Height: 18.9″ (481.6mm)
  • Width: 8.771″ (222.8mm)
  • Length: 17″ (431.9mm)
  • Volume: 33.8 L
  • Maximum Weight: 17.8 kilograms (39.2 lbs)

How to upgrade the Alienware Aurora Desktop


If you have got an Alienware Aurora desktop and you want to upgrade its specs, it is super simple to upgrade. Here is what you need to know.


The Alienware’s Aurora is a great gaming PC. There are many configurations to choose from when you buy one, but part of the fun of owning a gaming desktop is adding or upgrading existing components.


Getting inside and upgrading your Aurora is really easy. Here is a look at everything you can do and how you do it.


What components can you change?

Most of the parts can be swapped out if you should so wish:

  • RAM (add to or replace completely)
  • Graphics card
  • m.2 SSD boot drive
  • Stock cooler


How to open your Aurora desktop?

Before you can do any work on the desktop, first, you’ve to get inside. It is straightforward, but there’re some easy steps to follow:

  1. Undo the screw from the black handle on the rear.
  2. Then slide both latches upward direction.
  3. Pull the black handle outwards.
  4. Now pop off the side panel with the ventilation grilles in.
  5. Finally, swing out the power supply to reveal the internals of the desktop.


How to add extra RAM?


If you want to add more RAM to the existing one, assuming your desktop came with 8GB, you want to add another set of 8GB RAM as two sticks of 4GB or a single stick of 8GB. With four slots available, you can add four RAM sticks, and as RAM works best when used in matching pairs, So, you should always keep it this way.

  1. Open up the desktop as detailed above.
  2. If removing old RAM, then open the catches at the top and bottom of the existing RAM sticks.
  3. Carefully remove the RAM sticks.
  4. Now line up the new RAM over slots 2 and 4 or 1 and 3.
  5. Line up the RAM’s notch with the notch on the slots.
  6. Push the RAM stick gently until the catches click back into place.

If you want to verify that RAM is working correctly, then follow these steps if you don’t know:

  • Open the Setting app in Windows 10
  • Then go to system and then open about section
  • Now the number shown under RAM should match the amount you just installed


How to change the stock cooler?


While you are in this part of the PC, you could also swap out the cooler if you have the air-cooled version of the Aurora. It is by no means an essential since it is surprisingly quiet and keeps temperatures down. Swapping it out is fairly simple though:

  1. Remove the screws from the corners of the cooler.
  2. Carefully disconnect the power cable and remove it.
  3. You will likely need to add some thermal paste to your processor before placing the new one on.
  4. Put the new cooler and screw it in.

If you are getting a liquid cooler, you will need to remove the 120mm fan above the motherboard to fix the radiator. For this, you will also need to pull the top housing of the case off to give you max access.



How to add or change the graphics card?


If you want to add a new graphics card or swap out the one that’s already there. First, open up the Aurora desktop as detailed above. Then follow these steps:

  1. First of all, remove the black graphics card retaining clip.
  2. If you are adding a second graphics card, detach the bottom two metal plates right next to the PCIe slots.
  3. Pull out the existing graphics card carefully.
  4. Pop in the new card to the long PCIe slot, pushing them down carefully.
  5. At last, reinsert the black retaining clip.

Boot up your PC and make sure you have got the latest version of drivers. Head over to either the AMD or NVIDIA support sites to get the latest version for your particular graphics card.



How to change the m.2 SSD?


If you want to swap out the m.2 SSD(Solid State Drive) inside the Aurora desktop, then you are going to have to clone the drive, since it is the one Windows 10 is installed on. You will need to clone first before you replace the drive; otherwise, you are going to start from scratch with a new Windows.

There are different ways to clone the hard drive; you can clone by using Macrium Reflect (Check Out: Full Guide To Clone the Drive), Clonezilla, and Acronis

Once you have cloned the drive correctly, replacing it is fairly straightforward, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Aurora desktop as detailed above.
  2. Remove the black retaining clip.
  3. Now detach the graphics card from the motherboard.
  4. Usually, the m.2 SSD is located at the bottom right corner of the motherboard.
  5. Now unscrew the single retaining screw – the drive will pop up.
  6. Remove the drive carefully.
  7. Line up the new drive and push it into the slot gently.
  8. Screw in the retaining screw.
  9. At last, place the graphics card and retaining clip back in.

If you did it correctly as explained above, then Aurora it will be booting up from the new drive when you turn on your PC.


That’s all, it looks like a lot, but Dell has done a great job at making sure the Aurora is both accessible and upgraded.



Alienware Aurora Ryzen Edition and Aurora R9 are decent systems for gaming community, but not a spectacular one. They have an excellent CPU performance. But remember, these desktop are gaming computer and expensive too, and no doubt they have unremarkable gaming performance.



If you’ve any suggestion or any question related to this topic, feel free to comment below, we will be happy to help you out.