All Terrain Hoverboards [Best Off Road Hoverboards]

All Terrain HoverboardsFor those who are willing to explore the outdoors in a new way, an off-road hoverboard is hard to ignore. Unlike conventional hoverboards that require a smooth, barrier-free pavement, an off-road balancing board is built to take on any form of terrain. The best of all terrain hoverboards provide pace, stability, and range when comfortably turning corners, scaling hills, and experiencing rocks and bumps.


In a short time, the renewables have come a long way, as you can see in this list of the best choices for board forms like budget purchase, heavy-duty, and of course, the best off-road overall. We’ll look closely at the specifications of each all-terrain Hoverboard, including its engine and battery, range and speed, construction, and any exciting features such as Bluetooth speakers and riding modes.


Whether you’re buying your first Hoverboard or you’re trying to refresh, there’s a board with all-terrain features you like out there – Check buying guide here.


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List Of All Terrain Hoverboards

1. TOMOLOO Hoverboard with Bluetooth Speaker

TOMOLOO Hoverboard with Bluetooth Speaker


TOMOLOO is the renowned maker of scooters worldwide and the pioneer in self-balancing bikes. With a worldwide exclusive Self-Balancing Architecture Patent, TOMOLOO is willing to work with the world’s most successful corporations, deliberately chosen to offer their customers first-class service. The Hoverboard TOMOLLO is a perfect gift idea which includes a worry-free after-sales commitment. The 300-watt silent motor has a gross weight power of 264 pounds, with a top speed of 12 mph and a trip of 12 miles.


TOMOLOO’s self-balancing scooters have the most advanced mainboard software, which ensures a safe riding experience for users. TOMOLOO provides both customer assistance and software maintenance service, leveraging the most strong vendors in the Mainboard network. Features beginner, standard and advanced modes, it features three ways to suit the style.





Self-balancing technology: it can remain level with the ground with or without a rider on it, making it comfortable and easy to ride for beginners and amateurs. 


Verified Safety: UL2272 Hoverboard certified and UL2271 battery certified, complies with all U.S. health requirements, and has high-temperature tolerance and fire resistance features. 


Speaker & RGB LED: stereo music sound and colored lighting. 


LED lights will change the color as the music changes in volume, giving you a colorful and free experience. It has NO APP function.


High-standard Quality: Qualified gyroscopes, acceleration sensors, and motherboard, provide you with a smooth and comfortable riding environment and help you get anywhere you want.




  • Has built-in speakers and Bluetooth.
  • Powerful sensitivity, brake on swift reaction.
  • Beautiful light, long live power.
  • Range of 7.5-mile.
  • 2-hour charge time.


  • Is not doing well on rugged ground.
  • App access isn’t user friendly at all.
  • Body scratches with ease.
  • Speakers ought to be on top so they can be heard.

2. HYPER GOGO Electric Self Balancing – Best All Terrain Hoverboard 

HYPER GOGO Off-Road, Electric Self Balancing All Terrain Hoverboard


The Hyper GoGo Off-Road Hoverboard is a reasonable choice if you’re looking for a platform to fit with off-roading younger people.


Since it doesn’t have wild top speeds, that means they can keep more comfortably under control. It would raise their risk of getting themselves hurt.


This also has a reasonably efficient engine, which can relatively quickly navigate rougher terrain.


It’s one of the most compact models we’ve tested, and it’s great for anyone with a small budget.





SAFETY GUARANTEE: HYPER GOGO 8.5 Inch hoverboard All TERRAIN OFF ROAD SUV WHEELS-Ultra good adaptability to the ground; increasing stability and maintaining smooth travel. Both hoverboards have passed rigorous electrical checks and follow UL2272 health requirements. Health to the customer is our highest priority.


Unique DESIGN: High intensity LED Illuminate your night and night journeys with bright and energy-efficient headlights on the front so you can fly, explore, and adventure even after sunsets. Hover Board is made of high-quality materials and is not easy to hack and fade.


Protection GUARANTEE: Super GOGO 8.5 Inch hoverboard All TERRAIN OFF ROAD SUV WHEELS-Ultra exceptional ground adaptability, improves stability, and keeps riding smooth. All hoverboards have undergone stringent electrical tests and are meeting the safety criteria of UL2272. Our highest priority is the health of consumers.


New DESIGN: High intensity LED Illuminate your night and night drives with bright and energy-efficient headlights on the front so that even after sunsets, you can drive, explore, and adventure. Hover Board is made of materials of high quality and is not easy to hack and fade.




  • UL has admitted to this.
  • They are ensuring health.
  • Additional functionality on this.
  • The wheel size is growing.
  • Excellent efficiency, extended service life batteries.
  • Comes in a carrying bag.


  • The wide wheels increase the size and weight, which can be challenging to bear.

3. Swagtron Swagboard Outlaw T6 – Off Road Hoverboard

Swagtron Swagboard Outlaw T6 Off-Road Hoverboard


All hoverboards are electric hoverboards that are to be powered and operated on batteries. Because of the excitement and thrill that children will feel when riding the hoverboards, they are incredibly famous every day.


The Swagtron Swagboard Outlaw T6 Off-Road Hoverboard is one of the leading and high performing brands of hoverboards. This model can be viewed as a revamped version of the Swagtron Swagboard Elite Hoverboard.


It has excellent features to this drug. Whether it’s all-terrain wheels or performance overall, this model has overpowering features that will undoubtedly inspire any customer.







This electric scooter features 10-inch inflatable rugged tires mounted on aluminum rims. These pneumatically inflating tires belong to their class – they will not be found on any other Swagtron T1, T3 to T5 models. In comparison to solid ones, the critical advantage is that they can withstand rough terrain in shock loads.


Air tires have been known for being able to withstand bumpy surfaces or in conditions where unexpected shock loads can be encountered.





A giant like this one needs quite a bit of strength to keep it going.


That’s why 350-watt motors power up this Hoverboard. Speed does not vary too much, but motors with more than 300 watts are usually recommended for off-road use and adult use. As such, when it comes to propelling you through all those potholes and bumps, the T6 doesn’t disappoint.


The only precaution you can need to take is to scooter across a deep puddle – this will submerge your scooter, causing water to leak into the wheels, which can wear out your battery.



Sentry Shield multilayer battery protection


To ensure that the battery lasts long enough amid the harsh conditions of off-road drives, the T6’s battery features SentryShield multi-layered battery protection, which effectively encapsulates the array in a damage-proof (fire-proof) aluminum shell. Patented to Swagway Systems (the registered company behind the Swagtron brand), this technology is probably one of the reasons Swagtron Hoverboards pass the UL Certification examination.





Concerning speed, most models give velocities from as low as 2 mph to as high as 10 mph. The T6 provides above average top speed (up to 12 mph) given the class. And as far as range is concerned, this self-balancing scooter is delivering an incredible 11 miles, which is a great feat anyway.



Weight Capacity


Choosing the right self-balancing scooter for your weight is always essential; otherwise, you may not be able to use it properly. Fortunately, it boasts being the first in the world to carry more than 380lbs, which is almost twice what any other self-balancing scooters are capable of. It’s one of the few self-balancing scooters perfect for riders of all shapes and sizes on the market.



LED lighting


A critical component of hoverboarding is to ensure that you are safe on the lane and that you can navigate safely even when there is low visibility (e.g., early morning and late evening). Featuring integrated energy dual lights that use LED technology to emit 6.5 feet of light in both directions, the Swagtron T6 provides one of the town’s safest rides. Now you don’t have to pay any additional costs to purchase special hoverboard shoes. These blinking LED lights made your trip as smooth as possible.



Built-in carrying handle


Occasionally, we all have to pick up and hold our hoverboards. But as you may have noticed with your other self-balancing scooters, one significant feature of most models is a conspicuously absent carrying handle.


The off-road Hoverboard Swagtron T6 features a short built-in carrying handle in the middle that makes it easy to grip and bring around when you don’t feel like riding or running out of energy. It should be noted that this feature is only available on models T6 and T3.



Bluetooth speakers


It is one of the latest Hoverboard’s most exciting apps, as it lets you play music directly from your smartphone. If the self-balancing scooter is switched on, the mode is enabled, giving you a “discoverable” signal that helps you to build a connection. You’ll just need to open your music player app afterward and start blasting your favorite tunes as you scoot your way forward. What’s more, you can even use your phone to monitor sound.



App control (Swagtron App)


What if you could use your scooter to enforce long-distance controls by phone? With the latest Swagtron Device, nothing is impossible.


You just need to get the app and import it from the Google Play or App Store. Once that is reached, you can connect by pressing the attach button to your Hoverboard.


You will have access to an interface to help you see parameters such as rpm, battery power level, and cumulative mileage tracking. You can also use device settings to enable the Hoverboard or even change the speed and sensitivity of the hoverboards.




  • Comfortable flying.
  • LED lights in dim light to drive.
  • Impressive length of 12 miles.
  • Improved load efficiency (the first Hoverboard in the world to accommodate more than 380lbs).
  • Could cross a variety of terrains (could quickly pass through mud).
  • Quick time charging.
  • Designed in handle for holding.
  • Fantastic safety features, e.g., LED lights and footpads against fall.
  • Over mean velocity (up to 12 mph).


  • Not waterproof, which is a little bit embarrassing.
  • Compared with other options on sale, it may be considered a little pricey.
  • Should not do the highest when off-road.

4. Gyroor Hoverboard Warrior – All Terrain Off-Road Hoverboard

Gyroor Hoverboard Warrior 8.5 inch All Terrain Off-Road Hoverboard


The Gyroor Fighter is the hard-hitting big brother ready to go. The Gyroor Fighter, claiming to be one of the world’s best hoverboards, does not disappoint with its 8.5-inch solid rubber tires and rugged aluminum build. Made of materials approved by UL, the Gyroor Warrior is not only sturdy and reliable, but it is also water-resistant, and even has a robust, attractive design. This is undoubtedly a viewable hoverboard.


The Gyroor Warrior is, of course, not just some common form of Hoverboard; it’s an off-road hoverboard. The Gyroor Warrior is designed to take you wherever, anywhere, on an adventure. It allows you to explore all kinds of terrain, from wet surfaces and pavements to dirt and grass; you name it, and this Hoverboard will take you to wherever you want.





Powerful Motors


The Gyroor Warrior is ready to go with two 350 Watt electric motors! This Hoverboard is capable of climbing angles of up to 30 degrees, which means you can comfortably ride over steep curves. The Gyroor Warrior sure packs a punch relative to its rivals in combination with its lightweight construction and has outstanding versatility for an off-road platform.



Speeds up to 9.95 Miles Per Hour


The Gyroor Warrior Hoverboard’s capabilities mean you can witness life in the fast lane. Well, what we mean is that this model provides excellent speed for an off-road hoverboard, especially when you consider the size. The Gyroor Warrior can handle a full load of 265 pounds and still delivers 9.95 miles an hour, whether you choose to ride out with your mates or go shopping. This we think is pretty good.



Advanced Technology and Fantastic Features


What we love about the Gyroor Warrior is the package of revolutionary and impressive features it brings to the market. This means you can pick a hoverboard with all the new items that you want, and more that you didn’t know you wanted.



Self-Balancing Technology


If you’re new to using hoverboards and need some help getting started, you’ll be pleased to hear that the Gyroor Warrior has the technology of self-balancing. You will keep your balance in the self-balancing mode and feel relaxed with your trip in less than a minute. This is a great feature for beginners and gives you the confidence to get out on your Hoverboard to explore.



App to Customise and Control your Board


The newest addition to those on the market hoverboards is the opportunity to configure it. Your mobile is used to allow customization. Indeed, the Hoverboard of the Gyroor Warrior follows suit and takes it on a notch. It will enable you to change the colorful LED lights that illuminate the ground through the Gyroor app, and not only does it look cool, it also allows you to see where you are going. You can personalize your Hoverboard from red to blue, just the way you want it to match your mood!


What’s more, you can change the pace of your off-road Hoverboard via the mobile app to make your trip more comfortable and keep track of how much energy you’ve left to trip, so you’re not caught out. You can also switch from adult to child mode so that everyone can jump on the Gyroor Warrior and have fun.



Bluetooth Speaker


Oving listening to music while on the go? Oh, you can now do it with the Bluetooth speaker found in your Hoverboard Gyroor Fighter. You can blast the new tunes when riding from the Pro 4.0 Bluetooth Speaker, which is attached and powered by your mobile app. If you’re commuting to work or just cycling around the area, this is a favorite feature that makes biking even more enjoyable. When it comes to hoverboards, Bluetooth speakers are trending, and you sure don’t forget the Gyroor Fighter.



Up to 9.5 Miles Per Charge


The Gyroor Warrior Hoverboard offers up to 9.5 miles of riding range per charge. While this isn’t as much as some other more expensive hoverboards offering 12 miles, for one fee, it’s still quite a reasonable distance. Plus, the Gyroor Warrior uses battery cells from LG / Samsung, which is one of the best you can get. The charging time is just 1.5 to 2 hours, which ensures that you will get back to riding in no time while other ones would take a lot longer.



Sturdy Weight


The Gyroor Warrior weighs in at 30.8 pounds, which is not the market’s lightest Hoverboard, but it’s not the heaviest either. You have to bear in mind that being one of the world’s strongest hoverboards comes with a price, and in this case, it makes carriage slightly more chunky and cumbersome. You have to balance the advantages of durable rubber tires and long-lasting building-practically.



Safety Concerns


When you’re on a hoverboard, you’re exposed outdoors, and with more and more children wanting to make fun of this cool gadget, safety is more important than ever. The good news is that the Gyroor Warrior Hoverboard is designed to enjoy all ages, and that means you have nothing to worry about when it comes to safety. You will now have peace of mind and focus on having fun!



UL 2272 Certified


The best thing about the Gyroor Warrior is that it was thoroughly tested before its release, and it passes both the electrical and safety checks to receive the certification UL 2272. You can know that you’re in safe hands with this certification from the global security science organization. It was checked for fire hazards and charging issues and was considered safe to use.




  • Velocities up to 9.95 MPH.
  • Has a range of driving up to 9.5 miles.
  • Strong dual motors.
  • Perfect for all ages.
  • They are tested thoroughly and extremely safe.
  • Pretty much value for money.


  • Over time the charging port could become loose.
  • Bluetooth may get disconnected.

5. TOMOLOO Hoverboard with LED Lights – Best Self Balancing Scooter

TOMOLOO Hoverboard with LED Lights Two-Wheel Self Balancing Scooter


Tomoloo is one of the leading names to be kept in mind as you plan to purchase a high market premium self-balance scooter as soon as you want to buy a hoverboard.


Well, if this company has all sorts of hoverboards with comprehensive to minimal features, it’s definitely for a good reason. Plus, the prices are also adequate to justify product credibility adequately.


This one TOMOLOO Hoverboard with LED Lights Two-Wheel Self Balancing Scooter is a great model to purchase because there are various high-end apps to ensure high standards of satisfaction.


One of these model’s greatest strengths is its unbeatable cost, while the features are all very selective and resourceful. 







The design is assured with impressive led lighting on both the frame and the pedals. This one has a better plan than the TOMOLOO Hoverboard with UL2272 Certified Self Balancing Electric Scooter Bluetooth Speaker.


Interestingly, the product’s wheel even has high-definition lights mounted on it that not only intensify the Hoverboard’s elegance but still help to illuminate the path while you navigate the Hoverboard.


This means the road would be visible even though the child is riding in the dark. The most basic method of mounting lighting on the frame is always to do so. This one is, of course, a hoverboard model to use.





It is a self-balancing scooter and comes with UL2272 safety certification, which ensures strong measures are taken to check the Hoverboard.


The hoverboard battery is very open to this. Overheating does not blow up. Even when your kid is riding back home, the Hoverboard won’t go fritz halfway.





This Hoverboard’s wheels are relatively standard and 6.5 inches in height. The great thing about the motor is, it’s packed with a vacuum. It means you can pick and ride any terrain of your choosing.


Additionally, you get a minimum 10-degree turning radius and a maximum 15-degree climbing angle. The Hoverboard would also give you the ability to carry out the tricks and moves, rather than just everyday surfing. The 17-pound lightweight will also provide full support in that process.





This is enabled by Bluetooth, helping to access several features, including playing children’s music while cycling.


You simply need to attach the Hoverboard on your mobile device to the Bluetooth and access the play music functions. It runs stereo-sound technology on V4.2. It is one of the most significant aspects of this product, and although the expense is relatively low, the company will provide amazing benefits.





A hoverboard’s output is directly tied to its battery. This one comes with a dual battery, which helps to generate a total speed of 12 km / h.

The power of the battery is 4Ah, which is high inefficiency. The pace matches a first-time driver pretty well. Overall it is a great product.




  • Different kinds of protections.
  • Unique lighting.
  • Lots of different colors of LEDs!.


  • Not that strong.
  • No mode of learning.


All-terrain hoverboard’s Buying Guide


Consider the following considerations before purchasing any all-terrain hoverboard; 



Wheel type


Many hoverboards have regular tires but should have the pneumatic form of all-terrain hoverboards. The wheel is meant to be knobbly, bouncy, and broader than standard models. It strengthens the surface touch and makes it suitable for raw ground.



Wheel Size


Although other hoverboards have 6.5-inch wheels, they will have 8.5-inch wheels on the all-terrain Hoverboard. Such a motor means that the Hoverboard can move without slipping over uneven ground, gaps, and cracks.



Shock system


All-terrain hoverboards navigate rugged, rocky terrain. Consequently, they feature smoother shock mechanisms to withstand noise, pressure, and impact. Such a shock mechanism fortifies the Hoverboard. As a consequence, the odds of failure resulting from a strong impression are reduced.





The hoverboards should be flexible on all-terrain. This means they will be able to move through mud, dirt, and grass. It can quickly move across other surfaces; dirt, puddles, clay, porous concrete, and flat asphalt.





All-terrain hoverboard tires would be able to endure any weather conditions and terrain. A rubber tire would best support you because it is a rubber.



Ground clearance


The best all-terrain Hoverboard will have an improved clearance from the deck. It is critical because it avoids hitting the ground on the lower side. The Hoverboard thus remains in perfect shape for a very long time to come. Furthermore, high ground clearance increases communication between pavement and wheels.

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