Sony MDR-7506 – Best Studio Headphone

Sony MDR-7506


And now we have an entry from the brand Sony. Perhaps the only high competitor to the Sennheiser HD 280 in regards to value, since being introduced in 1991, the Sony MDR-7506 has stood the test of time.

Like Sennheiser, this pair of headphones has entered fabulous status by being producing great sound and affordability.

It is best to describe the sound as flat as it does not over or under-represent any aspects of the musical range. No portion is too soft or loud. Audiophiles will especially love this product as it makes the job of equalizing and mixing a lot easier as compared to others.

The construction is pretty stable as well. The ear cups are solid aluminum, and the adjustment arms and headband under the padding are metal. We found it has very less plastic than more expensive models and as such, it is also more durable. We can probably attribute this to the 26-year-old rugged design principles that Sony has stuck by.

Its construction is impressive and equally so is the comfortability. The race track style ear pads are also a great feature and provide the perfect mix of over-ear comfort and on-ear sound isolation. Couple this design with a relatively gentle clamping force, and we got only one pair of best headphones that can be worn for hours on end without any issue.

What is wrong with these headphones? Nothing much really. So if you want to be picky, the worst thing is the un-attachable cable and the plain design. Oh, and you might find ear pads to be lacking in durability, they can be replaced here easily.

You get more with the Sony MDR-7506 then you pay for. It is great budget-friendly headphones that many amateurs and professionals continue to use today.



  • Fantastic sound quality
  • Solid noise isolation
  • Comfortable and durable design
  • Good use of metal components
  • Racetrack style ear pads
  • Excellent value for the price



  • Ear pads lack durability
  • Plain looking
  • Fixed cable

For a majority of the people, three headphones that have already been listed are enough to satisfy your home multimedia thirst or studio recording. For other insatiable audiophiles, continue reading for more top rated headphones.


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