Shure SRH1840 – Buyer’s Guide

Shure SRH1840


This is actually Shure’s first open-backed headphone, and it is impressive to say that they have hit a home run.

For the price, the sound quality is on point. You will hear sounds in recordings you never thought were there. It is a perfect companion to your mixing endeavors. These headphones have a warmer midrange and a bass that is not exaggerated. The sound is intensely realistic to listen to while you are wearing these.

The velour covered ear pads are comfortable, and the lightly padded headband is easily adjustable and also flexible enough to provide that extra level of comfort. At this price point, we would expect nothing less, and a comfortable pair of headphones means we get to listen to best sounding music for more extended periods of time. A win, win if you ask us.

Ear cups attach to the headband through aircraft-grade aluminum yokes which looks super sleek and provides fantastic durability.

At this price, you pretty much get exactly what you pay for. The SRH1840 are solid entry and a new from Shure and prove that they are just as good at making headphones(open-back) as they are with headphones(closed-back).



  • Extra comfortable with the flexible build
  • Lightweight
  • Natural and well-rounded sound
  • Comes with replacement ear pads and detachable cables



  • Headband padding a little thin


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