Samson SR850 – Best budget headphone for beginners (under $50)

Samson SR850


Similar to the AKG K240, the Samson is another budget-friendly headphone that punches well above its class.

We do apologize that this is another semi-open design; however, we could not leave it out of this list because it represents so much value.

Here the outside of the ear cups are mainly plastic and colored with shades of black. It is not flattering and leaves a lot to be desired, but at this price, it is something we would expect. The ear cups are pretty thick which provides plenty of comfort for a long session.

They actually look very similar to AKG models. In fact, many reviewers have even said that they are AKG clones. From the similar headband to the connection of the ear cups it is clear Samson has taken a lot of inspiration from the most established company.

These sound very solid with decent treble and full sounding bass. The main matter is a lack of depth which higher-end models have less of an issue with. Hence; if you’re an audio perfectionist, more expensive models like those offered by Beyerdynamic or Sennheiser will suit your taste. On the whole, these headphones provide relatively neutral sound with a bit of character and hence are well suited for a professional studio environment.

If you are just looking to crack open a new pair of headphones that are extremely budget friendly or you’re new to music production, the Samson SR850, along with the previously mentioned AKG K240, are the best picks.



  • Excellent sound value for the money
  • Self-adjusting headband
  • A comfortable headband and ear cups
  • Large 50 mm drivers for deep bass



  • Still leaks a lot of sounds – treat these as if they were open-backed
  • Cheap materials – plastic and vinyl – which is expected at this price
  • Non-detachable cable


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