Grado SR80e Prestige Series Headphone – Buyer’s Guide

Grado SR8oe


Another budget headphone enters this list in the form of Grado SR80e. If you aren’t put off by the primary packaging and no-frills approach to accessories that the company is renowned for, then these set of headphones have a lot to offer regarding sound quality.

But first, let us address the most exciting point. These are the only headphones we have mentioned that have an open-back, on-ear design. That is right; the ear cups actually sit on your ear. At first, it was a little bit itchy and unusual, but we eventually got used to it, and the natural ease of the foam took over. We found our ears did not get overheated and as a result sweating was not an issue which is all too common with leather style ear cups.

Its construction is mostly plastic, with metal being used a bit where needed. We found this, combined with the foam ear cups provided enough comfort efficiently because the headband is also synthetic leather.

These headphones sound fantastic for the price. It is best described by two words – crispy and clean. Each element of the sound spectrum, from the low’s to the high’s is accurately represented, and there is no bleeding of the sound elements into each other. Due to the design, the sound is a little bit more in your ears, and we agree with some reviewers who have reviewed that it can be a fatiguing listening experience.

Our own experience combined with the myriad of positive reviews online tells us that these headphones are one of the best soundings you can buy for under $100. Among the other affordable headphones we have listed, you can not really choose wrong with this pair, the AKG240 or the Samson SR850.



  • Solid and durable design
  • Good sound production across the frequency range
  • Excellent value for the price
  • Lay flat for portability
  • Comfortable and lightweight once you get used to it



  • Basic packaging with no storage case
  • On-ear ear cups takes getting used to
  • Non-detachable cable
  • Sound can get a little bit aggressive resulting in listening fatigue


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