Bose QuietComfort 35 – The best noise canceling and wireless headphone

Bose QuietComfort 35


Aptly named the QuietComfort 35, these headphones excel in two things. Yep, you guessed it – comfort and noise isolation. Bose is known for producing industry-leading noise-canceling headphones and it is no surprise this pair has exceeded our expectations.

Let us start with the construction and comfort. The outer ear-cups are metal and complete the closed-back design while the frame and headband are thick and durable plastic. Alcantara provides a great deal of satisfaction and covers the headband along with the synthetic leather ear-cups.

One more plus is that these have a wireless mode which is the only differentiating factor between this product/model and its predecessor, the wired QuietComfort 25. And of course, a sound is better in the wired mode, but the wireless setting is a cool feature nonetheless. You will also get a generous twenty(20) hours of battery charge which is a lot enough and more than other similar priced models also.

We found sound reproduction to be spot on except for a bit of emphasis/insistence on the bass. Music from Drake or Frank Ocean sounds fantastically vivid, with vocals being distinguished from each other. Echo sound lively as well and showcase a level of clarity that we would expect at this valuable price range.

The best thing about this is, of course, the noise cancellation – and that is where the magic happens. Just wearing these provide a natural passive noise cancellation, but this is also taken to a whole new level when you power on this active noise cancellation feature. Once activated, it is like hitting mute on the outside world, and all that’s left is only you and your lovely music. Sure, sounds do still get through, but these are kept to a min – a drastic improvement over marketed headphones and similarly priced like the Turtle Beach Elite 800.

And it is not just us who think that this is truly the best when it comes to noise cancellation. When it comes to this feature lists from cnet, pcmag and lifewire, all rank the headphone at number 1.

The only thing does stand out like a sore thumb though. It is impossible to switch off the active noise cancellation when using these headphones in wireless mode (AKA Bluetooth). It is not a deal breaker, but it does mean that needless batter power is lost to something you might not want to even use.

If you really care about getting headphones that have the best noise cancellation effect, you can not look past the Bose QC 35, and hey, they also have a pretty good sound production as well and a wireless mode that is handy if you are moving about. Basically, if your first objective is to buy a pair of best headphones to use in public spaces, then this offering from Bose should be at the top of your list.



  • Extremely comfortable
  • Long battery life in wireless mode
  • Industry-leading noise cancellation
  • Solid sound production, especially in the wired mode
  • In-line microphone



  • Active noise cancellation turns on with Bluetooth automatically


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