Beyerdynamic DT 990 Professional – Buyer’s Guide

Beyerdynamic DT 990 Professional


Beyerdynamic has already made it onto the best closed-back headphones list with the DT 770 Por. Here it turns out they also make excellent open-back headphones as well.

DT 990 premium is a great sounding studio HiFi headphone that is a pleasure to wear. The best way of describing them is that they sound similar to the Sennheiser HD 600 headphone but are more bassy and even more comfortable. It is more or less a flat response that provides a rich and deep bass without exaggerating it.

At first glance, in most cases, the ear cups will completely envelop your ears without them even touching, and they are large as well. This results in an extremely comfortable wearing experience, perhaps one of the best we have seen in the sub $200 price bracket. The velour ear cups and leather-like headband provide more than enough cushion for long sessions of listening.

We were amazed to find the headband wholly made from metal in such price. The headband padding mentioned above is also detachable which is made for an easily replaceable component. The ear cups are mainly plastic which is the best thing as it helps reduce the overall weight of these reasonably large headphones. Overall, it is a solid looking piece of equipment and will be able to handle the scrapes and bumps of day to day use.

The DT 990 Premium is a perfect mixing companion and therefore great for critical listening. Its design is built to last, and you can expect your investment to keep paying dividends in coming years.

Like other models of Beyerdynamic, you can purchase these at different impedance levels – 32 and 250 ohm.



  • Extremely comfortable with ample cushion
  • Durable design with a completely metal headband
  • Excellent sound production with solid bass
  • Replaceable headband padding
  • Good value for the price



  • Large build
  • Non-detachable cord
  • Does not fold


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