Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO – Professional Studio Headphone

Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO


Beyerdynamic is a German company that has been in the audio industry since 1924. Along with Shure, it is one of the oldest audio companies around. For Beyerdynamic, experience does equate to quality, and you will find a great pair of closed-back headphones in DT 770 PRO.

These are indeed not budget headphones but are still comfortably within reach of someone wanting to spend a little bit extra for better construction and sound quality.

Let’s begin with what it is made out of – it is pretty much a combination of metal and sturdy plastic. The ear pads are made from velour (material similar to velvet) while the spring steel headband is wrapped with leather. It results in a marvelous comfortable fit which is accomplished by a soft clamping force. Undeniably, these are one of the most comfortable headphones we have had the pleasure of wearing.

For this price, we expect great sound, and that is what we got. In our testing the treble, mid and bass were all rendered to a high-quality standard. The only thing about which we could complain is the marginally recessed mids. Overall, it is a more neutral and open sound amongst the most of bass heavy headphones that are included in closed back designs.

Regarding of noise confinement, we found some sounds like phone rings to go through whilst listening at a mid-level volume. It is not a big deal, but it is something worth mentioning in an otherwise fantastic set of headphones.

They are solid in terms of sound isolation and great for comfort, sound quality, and style. Our verdict-highly recommended!

An impedance of 32, 80 and 250-ohm is available for this model. If you don’t know about what impedance means, read Buyer’s guide.



  • Super comfortable ear pads with light but firm clamping force
  • Sturdy build and durable
  • Solid, well-rounded sound



  • Non-detachable cord
  • Moderate level of sound isolation
  • Mids are slightly recessed
  • Does not fold


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