Beats Studio Wireless – Buyer’s Guide

Beats Studio Wireless


On this list, the last couple of entries have let us leaning towards more fun and accessible headphones rather than strictly analytical ones. Fittingly, we have rounded off this list with a similar type in the form of the Wireless Beats Studio.

Beats is the type of a brand that people who know nothing about headphones have heard of. Does their prevailing vibe condemn their products to a casual listening crowd whilst being scorned by snotty audiophiles? Not entirely so. The Wireless beats studio is one such model that has met and exceeded our expectations.

Firstly, the design is hi-end and incredibly sleek. The headband is a bit rigid and pretty thin, but luckily the ear cups are well-padded resulting in a comfortable experience. A headband is actually a textured rubber that lends itself well to stick to your head. Combine this with a lightweight of 260 g, and you can run with these on – a feat easier said than done when it comes to over-ear headphones.

This is a wireless model; the sound is pretty decent. It is renowned that Beats insistence the bass, and the studio wireless is no exception. It is a rich sound with the highs and mids being quite well-balanced.

Here active noise cancellation works well and does an excellent job of blocking out most moving noises. However; in wireless mode it is impossible to turn off, resulting in a battery life of only 12 hours. It is a disappointing quality since these headphones excel in being portable in every other aspect.

In spite of all, this is a pretty good offering from Beats studio who have succeeded in creating an attractive set of headphones that can move with you quickly. Being wireless, we do not expect them to sound as analytical as say the Audio-Technica’s ATH-50x or Focal Studio headphones, but they are definitely well suited to listeners who are looking for a piece of kit that is attractive and mobile. However; if you are looking for a better pair of wireless headphones, you are better off with the Bose QuietComfort 35.



  • Sleek and attractive design
  • ANC works solidly
  • Comfortable fit
  • Folds for extra portability
  • Solid sound production with emphasis on bass
  • Available in multiple colors



  • Slightly expensive
  • Only 12 hours battery life
  • Can’t disable noise cancellation even in wireless mode


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