AKG K702 – Buyer’s Guide

AKG K702


If you’re looking for a sound that takes ‘out of your head’ to the extreme, then the AKG K702 might be what you are looking for.

An Austrian company has patented Laminate Varimotion Diaphragms (LVD) in its ear cups which produce out-of-head imaging. This means the sound appears to be coming further away which is saying a lot considering the open-back design. And the result is spacious and an open sound stage with a low level of distortion.

The velour cushions combined with the metal and leather headband make for a comfortable experience of wearing, and we found no issues wearing these headphones for hours on end.

We chose 702 model over the 701 because it comes with a detachable cable (easier to replace if it brakes!) and also a more durable matte black finish. It is only a slightly more expensive, so we think it is definitely worth the investment.

The fact that these headphones do not fold up and the lack of a storage case is a bit disappointing. They are relatively large, so we can see why AKG did not design these to be portable? However; the detachable cable leaves us with our head scratching as this is the best compliment to a would-be portable design.

Despite its drawbacks, what you are really paying for is an exceptional audio quality that will reveal all the hidden mistakes and gems in your recordings. They are not the ‘funnest’ cans to listen to, but they achieve their expected purpose with flying colors.



  • Spacious and neutral sound
  • Very comfortable with velour cushions
  • Durable design and finish – handmade and tested in Austria
  • Detachable cable



  • No storage case
  • Does not fold


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