AKG K240 – The best semi-open headphones under $100

AKG K240


There are a lot of good headphones under $100, so it took us a big deal of time to trim the group down to the one that stood out. Without a doubt, AKG K240 is the best pair of headphones you can put your hands on for under $100.

These headphones are semi-open technically, so they offer an increased level of sound isolation without compromising on sound quality. In other words, they punch a balance between open and closed-back designs to get the best of both.

So what did we think of them? Well, the sound quality is top notch for the price. The sound is well defined, flat and accurate with equalized lows, mids, and highs and deep bass. Still, there is some leakage but not as much as an utterly open-backed headphone.

In typical AKG fashion, the headphones use a shape-forming gimbal suspension design. The result is ear cups that sit comfortably on the ears rather than clamping down on them like other branded headphones. Besides being comfortable, they are also very durable, with the headband being made from steel. You could throw these around without any issue.

Truth be told, you would not be getting sound that is as good as the Sennheiser HD 800 or 600. However; at those high prices, AKG have struck a perfect balance of sound quality and price, and sound quality does suffer from diminishing returns. You can grab a pair for close to $50 on Amazon which is an absolute steal if you ask us.



  • Excellent sound production for under $100
  • A detachable cable which is great for portability
  • Gimbal suspension design for a non-clamping and super comfortable fit
  • Durable construction, hand-made in Brooklyn, New York



  • Low noise cancellation for a semi-open-backed design


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